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November 10, 2008, Comments(4)
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~Making A Difference~

Our precious planet is currently experiencing growing pains as she approaches the turning point of her existence. Everything within the microcosm and macrocosm are undergoing change. During this transitional period, it can be a difficult and challenging time. Souls everywhere are experiencing the transition, and those who aren't comfortable with change are finding that they are strongly resisting the energies that are presently trying to cleanse and purify the spirit of our planet.

This is the time when those who choose to remain in the light will have to lead the way. This is a critical time as we are being led into the light of our own power so that we might recognize who we truly are---eternal spirits that exist beyond the programming of our limiting belief systems. These limiting paradigms have been fueled by the lower ego.

As change occurs around us, those feeling resistant to change are likely to fall into their own internal traps of fear and resistance. This creates turmoil and negativity that serves to weaken the collective consciousness. As we notice the self-imposed limitations that plague our loved ones or even ourselves, may we strive to raise the illusionary veils that bring discord and a lack of peace to our world. May we reach deep within our hearts and re-MEMBER our true mission and true soul purpose. May we step outside of our self constructed boxes and shatter every single belief system that fuels inhibition and and sustains limitation and fear. This shattering will serve to open and awaken our heart chakra with clarity and fullness just as our lower and upper chakras simultaneously undergo a symphonic healing that will open us up to energies like we've never known or experienced before.

We are all connected and our individual energy affects the whole. Our role as bringers of the light is to hold our light by remaining awake, aware, connected and at peace. We can do this through silence, meditation and listening to the stillness within our hearts. It is only within this stillness that we will remember, awaken and embrace the totality of our multi-dimensional selves. Only then can we truly begin to fully take command over our mental and emotional bodies.

As we begin to take a proactive approach towards life, we manifest a different energy pattern that is joy-full, harmonious, and filled with love and light. When we choose to create
in this manner we empower ourselves in beautiful new ways. We're no longer the victims of circumstances, but the conscious creators of our world! We shine the light of our unlimited spirits outward into the collective consciousness and stir the memories of fellow awakeners seeking the very same eternal wisdom of the light.

In order for us to create this precious energy that is in full alignment with our Divine Light, we must be able to see your own eternal, ever-present, pure Light first. When we are in states of fear and resistance we cannot see our Light clearly or create anything other than what we are focusing on in that moment. So, it is important that we consistently practice seeing our Light clearly so that we will recognize and embrace our creative power and creative genius that knows no limits. By choosing to focus on ourselves we are not being selfish- we are paving the way for positive changes as well as providing a service to others so that they can see a more empowered and enlightened viewpoint and example! In this way, we will have provided a pathway to elevate our own consciousness as well as that of the collective. It is a win-win situation for everyone! The polarities fall away and a multiplicity of possibilities remain, for there is only light and love.

It only takes the consistent dedication of light-filled souls to change the course of world events. With conscious focus, awareness and love, we can make more of a difference than we begin to realize. Now is the time to prepare ourselves, connect, listen, learn, participate, and share what we know. Now is the time to bravely shine our light into the world and saturate the areas of darkness with the purity and grace of our loving energy.

May we stand firmly in the light of our eternal spirits and observe and know precisely when to act as catalysts to shatter the illusion of limitation, fear and separation. It is not our duty to convert those who are not ready, for this only serves to fight a losing battle. May we just "BE," live our truth and speak our truth- and then everything around us will naturally and perfectly fall into divine place.

May we continue to take full responsibility for ourselves, owning every aspect of our truth and moving through and cutting through every illusion that distracts us from our truth. May we listen to our own hearts and be guided by our internal core. For there is only one very powerful truth that exists, and it exists inside of us, that core part of us that is pure, eternal and perfect.

We CAN make a difference. We already are! May we continue to live our truth and peel away the layers of mass illusion so that ONENESS will prevail.

Stay Inspired, as always, with all my love and light,

Cheers To Creating Clean,


November 12, 2008, 11:11 pm
Cheers to creating clean, clear, sparkling pools- together anything is possible. xoxoxo

 Much love and light to you always. ~NAMASTE~  Cari


Dearest Michele,
Thank You


November 12, 2008, 11:10 pm
Dearest Michele,
Thank you for your comment and your love. I'm grateful to have connected with you here.

 Much love and light to you always. ~NAMASTE~  Cari


Clear Water To A Muddy Pool


November 11, 2008, 12:07 am
Well said, dear Cari. Many good reminders here, that each of us can bring light and love more and more into a world, so much of which is still held in the grip of fear and the illusion of separateness. The more clear water we bring to a muddy pool, the less muddy the pool becomes.
Love you always

...and So Critical Mass Is


November 10, 2008, 6:23 pm
...and so critical mass is achieved!!! Much Love michele


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