How The Third Eye Works

How The Third Eye Works

by AKuna Kumara Higher Consciousness

November 29, 2008, Comments(10)
Personal Development

In looking around the sight it was noted that many people have questions about the Third Eye and it opening. So hopefully this info will help your understanding a bit. The 3rd Eye is a chakra, different from others in that we are more conscious of it when activated, but none the less a chakra and the one for inner spiritual visualization. But we first must remember that all in this life reality is but a reflection of our inner spiritual self.  It' what we mean by As above - So below =a Reflection..

The third eye physical area as it has manifested in our form is where physical sight turns right side up (the physical eye views upside down and turns the image right side up when it is processed through the Pineal Gland for our viewing). A sign of this as a reflection from within is that we sort of think upside down too, by thinking the physical is the true reality and the essence of spirit an extension of it...when realistically it is the opposite (the essence energy is the true us and the human manifestation only a reflection of our thought) and what is meant by We are spirit having a human experience. The Pineal Gland is also where the inner vision takes place or is processed, and  much like a hologram it then creates our mental vision of this focus or reality.


The light of unified universal consciousness moves through the chakra system in the following manner to produce inner spiritual sight. It enters the Crown down through the physical Hypothalamus to the Pineal Gland (which physically looks like an eye) and to the inside of the Cerebellum, then to the spinal cord. At the outside/bottom of the Cerebellum is another little known chakra called the"Mouth of God". It is a soft spot so to speak through which energy can also enter. This is a chakra of great importance and should be protected by being aware of it, (or asking for it to be protected form all that does not work for the greater good of all that is) since this is where other consciousness can enter without our being consciously aware, in other words it's where  psychic attack occurs and where out thinking can become influenced against our free will. {mine was spiritually sealed by Sananda and several energy workers have seen it as a plate with unrecognizable script on it, it can only be removed by Sananda} The third eye is our spiritual processing center for seeing and hearing higher consciousness.


The Third Eye is our point of awareness, where we process energy of consciousness. It directly connects to the Essence we call our Soul or Higher Consciousness. Physically it's the size of a pea and it commonly shrinks with age......not because of aging but because when you don't use it you loose it physically. So if we exercise the Pineal by meditation, imagination, creation, and expanding our awareness, and maintaining a clear balanced energetic chakra and meridian system, we will regain and maintain telepathic or psychic along with other abilities which is simply the process of a properly working open path  for the Unified Consciousness of the our true self as part of Oneness to flow. When this center remains openly active, it leaves an unhampered path for us to expand awareness (we ascend faster).   Of course enlightenment is dependent on how we integrate that awareness, so it's an advantage to do inner child or visionary work to find where any existing block may be and remove them, because balance plays an important roll in the process of our raising frequency.

Petra: I Always

AKuna Kumara

December 1, 2008, 4:45 pm
Petra: I always define/discern things for myself,channeling
is one of those since I started in the early 80's. Not only do I sense, but recognize, the energy of certain spiritual essences, I feel physical sensation. When I meet with the collective of higher consciousness I feel myself in the middle surrounded by a large group, there is no question in my mind as it's completely different than my higher self communication in that I feel as if I'm levitating somewhat since my frequency has risen to a resonance way beyond what I function in as the human. I'm told it's different for everyone as our energy is individual and this is what actually connects during this process. Over the years my sensations and manner of connecting has changed to become a more integrated part of my human form, which I'm told is how it should develop in all humans as our frequency raises and we connect more easily with higher and higher aspects of essence. I'd love for someone to do a in-depth study of it so we could really gain a more valid view of the evolving process as our bodies transform into light-body of the highest aspect of 5th dimension reality. But then we are here to be the individual experience so there is never any set rules as we now have come to understand. Guess in the end at best we could gain some more astute guidelines to base our personal discernment upon? What I see as a future for what we call Channeling today, will be our higher self communication of tomorrow as we are ever expanding consciousness. So yesterday the crystal child frequency was being channeled by non crystals, and today the child has been born into the species and shares that frequency as the human experience.
I believe we're sharing the same concept simply relating
it differently to reach the all. As One ~ aKuna

Channeled Or Not


December 1, 2008, 12:29 am
sometimes its hard to say channeled or not, we are all bringing in more of ourselves and so bringing in more of our higher consiousness, this information might feel like its  coming from another part of us when we have not integrated the higher consiousness fully.

so what do we call it.

the fun thing though is when someone posts a message as saying coming from a crystal child no one reacts saying why post it here and not in a blog.


Mike: Hackles Down Please!

AKuna Kumara

November 30, 2008, 4:29 pm
Mike: hackles down please! I'm not disagreeing with you. I
said clearly it was 'my mistake to mention' the reminder my
spiritual guidance shared with me when relating the message to me. It was for my benefit no one else, and meant to remind me only of how dense the energy was in the 80's and how the frequency has increased in resonance since my birth many years earlier. I attempted to share with you why a protection was necessary in the lower resonance - it is 25years after the fact but none the less shows the difference in the frequency then and now.
The ascension process of up-grading from the 4thD to 5thD Octave frequency is an ongoing process of evolution that far exceeds man. I'm not seeking thanks or recognition, if I were I'd identify myself publicly by my human persona not my universal tone. I'm not looking for confrontation or debate either, but here only to share awareness in a desire to progress human enlightenment regardless of a less than
perfect expression of it.

No Need To Thank Me For My Part In Being Oneness


November 30, 2008, 3:43 pm
To Quote

"Isn't it nice that those few light worker, like myself back then, worked with that low level resonance to protect You our children and cleared a path through it so you could bring in the final phases of 5thD ascension."

Are you suggesting without your help in this energy work, our whole reality and time line would be different. If we are to go into the 5thD ascention in 2012, this had been prophesised by Mayans and other cultures long before you were doing your thing. What I am saying is that we are all working with energy all the time by even just existing. As you say, everyone is a part of Oneness and all parts are required to make an engine work. The odd insignificant gasket is just as important as the pistons. no part is more or less important to our over all being. To me, this is my understanding, so I don't buy into elitist beliefs.

If you have been working amazing things and this is not just your story or reality, in my reality, this would still make you no more or less important to the Oneness than the serial killer to use an extreme example. If you are looking for thanks, I learnt as a child that the only way of giving worth any value was to give unconditionally with no need for recognition from anyone. You do not need to thank me for being part of Oneness. We are all a part of Oneness whether we like it or not. I do not need thanks for my part.

Love Mike xxxx :)

Cesar: This Is Channeled

AKuna Kumara

November 30, 2008, 2:45 pm
Cesar: this is channeled from my Higher Consciousness where all channeled messages come from just as it shows in the Channeler section.
aKuna Kumara is the short version of my tone it is
not my human name.
Thank You for being part of Oneness ~ aKuna

JackpotLady We All Perceive

AKuna Kumara

November 30, 2008, 1:43 pm
JackpotLady we all perceive our reality and our own level of
awareness..obviously you have no personal awareness of your
third eye....there were many things done and believed when
humanity resonated at a much lesser frequency, your story of
it being opened by a piece of wood shows just how dense the
awareness was when that occurred. The third eye functions in
the higher plane or the etheric energy bodies so it's opening
can not actually occur in the physical body, most lightworkers
should by now be aware that all occurring in the physical is a
reflection of the spiritual plane(like the twisted light refraction of a hologram)
It is only reflected in the physical - these physical glands are where the projection takes place as the universal light enters the physical manifestation of our body. It is why we
phrase As above So below....
~ aKuna

Mike This So Like People To

AKuna Kumara

November 30, 2008, 1:30 pm
Mike this so like people to judge what they don't understand.- this sealing occurred in the 80's when the planet housed much lower level 4th dimensional frequency which I was working to transform. Isn't it nice that those few light worker, like myself back then, worked with that low level resonance to protect You our children and cleared a path through it so you could bring in the final phases of 5thD ascension.
No it's no longer necessary to be sealed and it was my ignorance to have mentioned that without telling the whole story which no longer serves any purpose in these higher
frequencies. My mistake for not adding my own comment to clarify this since it was mentioned- This message was presented from my awareness where it's not necessary to keep repeating that we now know we can stand in our own
power as equal facets of Source Oneness.
It is wise to be aware of this chakra point as it can be
compromised by energies of opposing agenda even in this
higher aspect of 4thD frequency which mass consciousness
is presently holding...
Thank You for being part of Oneness ~ aKuna

I Don't Think Any One Person Can Really Tell Us


November 29, 2008, 10:06 pm
what the third eye is or even where it really is. I read a book once called "The Third Eye" and it was about the Dalai Llama, and they described it as mid-forehead and they forced it open using a piece of a certain kind of wood and immediately the person who had it done saw all kinds of auras. I think this is some one person's wishful ways, and I don't think too much of the implied version presented. The book was way more believable to me.

"mine Was Spiritually Sealed


November 29, 2008, 5:31 pm
"mine was spiritually sealed by Sananda and several energy workers have seen it as a plate with unrecognizable script on it, it can only be removed by Sananda".

I had a good laugh when I read this and thought of a Hollywood film script.

Seriously though, is this not a classic case of giving your power away?

My truth is that we all have the power within to tune out or let go of negative entities etc. We are all Gods or a part of the one whole unity if we did but know it. We all have the power to love and be of light which are pretty powerful 'tools' at our disposal. We don't need to be saved or chakras protected by anyone if we just choose to 'be' of love and light. To my way of thinking this is implying that if we don't have someone/thing like Sananda to work their magic we are vunerable to such entities which is buying into fear!

Mike xxxx :)

Dear Sister, May I Ask Why


November 29, 2008, 4:04 pm
Dear sister, may i ask why you posted this on channel section?
Peace & love.


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