Change Your Music To The Universal Frequency 432 HZ + Samples!

Change Your Music To The Universal Frequency 432 HZ + Samples!

by sensipeter

November 29, 2008, Comments(1)

432hz - Whats your say?

We are Music!


432Hz quality Music on a basis tone of A=432Hz is more transparent, more marked, clearer,

gives an obvious musical picture and the Overtones and undertones moves more freely and can

multiply themselves more. Music based on 440Hz represents emotions and locks up the head.

By lowering the pitch 440Hz - 8Hz to 432Hz, the music changes.

Which first was painful to the ear changes into a beautiful, warm music whereby relaxation is natural.

Overtones are decisive for the sound, this holds for instruments as well as the human voice.

The piano tuned in A= 440Hz creates an artificial clarity and strengthens the high stress levels of today.

The instruments on which Mozart and Verdi composed their masterpieces were in 432Hz -is the same as C=256Hz- pitched.

The original Stadivarius violin was developed to resonate at 432Hz.



Thanks !! My Life Is All


November 29, 2008, 7:12 pm
Thanks !! My life is all about being "in" the presence of the best frequencies at all times. 432 Hz does feel great. If i'm not naturally in a "great vibe place", i evoke/invoke frequencies i love, and put up shields to block out adverse ones :))

And i found this following your link -- very good

And, of course, the Solfeggios are wonderful :)

BTW, i don't recall whether i mentioned this to you yet, the numbers 17 and 33965815, have wonderful associated vibes. Your Higher Self can "get" them for you if you ask :)


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