Hello From Maryland

Hello From Maryland

by floydian100

December 14, 2008, Comments(3)
Present yourself

Hello everyone my name is James.I was online last evening and typed the words lightworkers and here I am lol.Its been most of my life I have been different than most(always knew I was here to help others on there journey,however to be used?).Over the many years I have refined and obtained new gifts and tools to accomplish my job and am always asking to use me in anyway humanly possible for the greater need of the people on earth.Lately have been used for some reason to ease people with severe marital problems?the funny thing is that the one main thing I need to work on myself is how to function in one myself lol(I am single but do have issues when in relationships as far as being 100% there lol.What I mean in a nutshell is my head is always in outerspace and I somehow cant get grounded?But thats not why im here lol).Thanks in advance for all the support and love.To give you some more background on the things I enjoy(I feel the need to give you a better picture of who you are talking with),I am a music lover and write and record material hopefully to be picked up by a publisher someday lol(if not it sure eases my mind and soul).The Arts,Antiques,Black and White photography and really anything with some age to it lol(my soul seems to like older Houses,personal objects and the such).I do understand the need to live in the now but I like to be around those things when I can.Hopefully I can be of some help on this site(I am here for some reason lol)and feel free to say hi.

Hello, Floydian


December 15, 2008, 4:08 am
I'm new here too. I share some of your interests (photography, music) but more as consumer than producer and also like old houses, antiques and such, though i've reached an age I don't "collect" those thngs any more. In fact, I seriously need to lighten the load. But that's another subject. Glad you joined.


Wow! I Could See Myself


December 14, 2008, 10:02 pm
Wow! I could see myself living in that house for sure lol.Thanks for saying hi.



December 14, 2008, 8:47 pm
Hi James! Nice to meet you. You are very much welcome and I am sure that you have much to teach and share. In love, light and trust, Your friend, CrystalClear

Se hela bilden.



A beautiful old house in Mitchell, Indiana. Built in 1889. 


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