Saturn/Uranus ~ *FREE* Tele-Class

Saturn/Uranus ~ *FREE* Tele-Class

by KellyMBeard

February 6, 2009

Saturn in Virgo Oppose Uranus in Pisces
February 5, 2009 ~ ACT 2 (of 5)
Radical Shift of Our Fundamental Structures
(Within and Without)

Special *FREE* Tele-Class
Tuesday, February 10, 2009
@ 9:00-10:00pm

(Eastern Time)

(2 of 5) ~ This is a Collective Activation that will *ping* us 5 times over a 2-year period (2009-2010) and it made me think of the "5-Act Structure" of a theatrical performance. Our initiation was Nov 4th and we have two more in 2009, February and September. There are many breakdowns and descriptions of the ... 5-Act Structure ... here's the "Kelly version":

ACT 1 ~ Introduction to the players and establishment of points and possibilities, as well as the time & place
~ Astrologically: INITIATION
~ November 4, 2008

ACT 2 ~ Events accelerate, momentum builds, complications and complexities are revealed
~ Astrologically: TEST of what you've learned so far
~ February 5, 2009

ACT 3 ~ Climax of action, choices, critical mass & crossroads
~ Astrologically: INTEGRATION, assessment and compromise
~ September 15, 2009

ACT 4 ~ Descent, fear (false evidence appearing real), test of faith and reversal of fortunes
~ Astrologically: TEST of the quality of integration
~ April 26, 2010

ACT 5 ~ Resolution, transmutation and awakening to a new level of understanding
~ Astrologically: COMPLETION ... in preparation for initiation of a new kind
~ July 26, 2010

*This aspect is ONGOING for the next 2yrs.

This is the BIGGIE ... of the month, of the year, of four DECADES! Saturn in Virgo Oppose Uranus in Pisces, which is going to have FIVE exact hits (3 is 'normal') over the next 2 years, anchoring then next 40+ years. These are two energies that get together like this every (approx) 42 years (half of the Uranus 84yr cycle) and they shake up our fundamental foundations and structures to bring in new life, new energy, new ideas and new directions. Needless to say this energy strongly affects the collective, the global community which is developing as we speak. But it also affects individuals strongly catalyzing major, life-changing shifts. This is a time of ‘radically shifting’ (Uranus) your fundamental foundations (Saturn) in a push-pull dance (think: Tango). Watch extremes in either direction, too rigid/withholding or too radical/too outgoing. The point of this energy, individually and collectively, is to break you out of any stagnation that is suffocating your growth and expansion on any level, mundane (job, marriage, long-term patterns or habits) and/or higher levels (consciousness). You will likely have an ‘aha’ moment (or several) during the next two years as this aspect is activating all of us five times, over the course of 2008-2010. Access Uranus, open your mind and spirit up to your infinite ability to expand your awareness enough to connect with and magnetize to you that stroke of brilliance, that genius idea that is all your own and which would serve humanity in some way. This is a long term cycle that takes time to truly integrate. What happens initially, is you will be blocked on some level, leading you to question your entire life, and eventually work your way around to CREATIVE SOLUTIONS to very old challenges. Don’t waste this opportunity to allow change to happen within and around you ... it is time. Honor it, go with the evolutionary flow, and consciously co-create. If you KNOW certain patterns are holding you back, then consciously commit to releasing them. If you are not happy in the work you are doing, if it is just for a paycheck and not heart-centered work, then consciously commit to figuring out what you REALLY want to contribute to society, how you - just being YOU - could best serve humanity, your community but most of all your own being. You owe your Self not to blow this chance for an inner revolution - use the energy available and release what you can, adjust what you can, integrate what you can and BE - WHAT YOU CAN (BE)! Your true potential awaits your (re) commitment.

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