[Activation Codes] Lemuria Rising: Galactic Detox Key And Lemurian Temple Complex Over The Philippines.

[Activation Codes] Lemuria Rising: Galactic Detox Key And Lemurian Temple Complex Over The Philippines.

by Velanthas

February 6, 2009, Comments(10)
Ancient and Lost Civilizations, Planet Earth, Ascension

Namaste, dearest brothers and sisters. Below is the post on Children of Mu on http://lemuriarising.ning.com about the reactivation of the Lemurian temples, and my responses to the original post, including the galactic Lemurian activator code to assist the process of unlocking the pristine codes from Lemuria and the etheric temple in the Philippines that I was guided to build with my galactic oversoul and two crystalline dragons on February 3. The crystalline network of Lemurian temples is being activated. The etheric temple complex in Japan is about to come online. The Philippine one was activated on February 3. Many other temples will be constructed/activated.

May this help with your conscious recognition of the work we are doing together in the ethers. As you have been feeling, these are powerful energies at work here. To this unfolding in this now in love, joy, ease and grace!

For Mu!

Love and gratitude,

By Muahna
From http://lemuriarising.ning.com/forum/topics/pacific-in-february

and so it is that many lemurians find themselves drawn to the Great Pacific Ocean in the early days of the month of february 2009 - either in the physcial or in spirit.... the Ocean is activating, and what child of Mu does not have codes and more for the waters that once lapped peaceably on our beloved island....

i woke last night, unable to sleep, to put pen to paper, describing what is happening. some of you out there are more directly involved, finding yourselves drawn to these islands in the sun.....

here is what i wrote.....

The Whales congregate around the islands. There are thousands of them, family after family in relay stations in the outerlying waters. They send the sonar along the chain as they have done for eons. This time it is different. They feel it, they call the Elders and all the kindred. A new song is being birthed. The humans are joining them in their joy. The song goes out westward, it follows the sea-mountain range. The Guardian hears it, and she anchors the sonar into solid rock.

The Motherstone vibrates, subatomic murmurs curse through its veins of obsidian and sparks fly off, but only those with vision see it. There is only one Old One left who knows of these things. Silently he hums the Ancestor's tunes and waits. And waits.

All around the Great Ocean the Archipelago Nations waver. Little islands of dust, the hidden ones emerge from pristine blue. They are being called now, from deep in the heart of Gaia they step up from rocky outposts to sandy islands, islands in the sun.

A chain of diamonds caresses the Pacific. The energetic pulse of old MU is born in dragon-breath, born again in the Heart of the Mother. Around the Ring of Fire volcanoes smoulder,- stern Guardians, sending smoke signals to the children of the Motherland. Torrential rain covers the Solomon Islands. North East Australia has triple the average rainfall for the month of January.

Redoubt rumbles, Asama sends smoke over Tokyo. Are they warning us of something? Only of the joy to come, the exquisite birth pains of the New. The Mother is in labour, and all over Earth her children come to her aid.

Hawaii gently wavers, searching for the correct sonar, and settling into the wave The Two are there, they will cross the high seas when the time is right.

In New Zealand the Old One – another one – waits. Along comes the gril with roses in her hair. She points the way to the Ancient path, it's a new path, she goes direct to source. The Old One follos, they have found the stone tablets, the prophecies have been fulfilled.

Ha'wai'ii waits, Ha' wai' ii slumbers. The Two drink coffee and reminisce about old times. In a Mexican cave an old man claps his hand. He smiles at his Ancestors and is reborn.

Mt Galeras rumbles, underground fissures connect ancient patterns, lines of qi not joined since the Motherland went down in a tempestuous storm. As the little islands in the Archipelago Nations awake, people are called out to set foot on earth. Yes, it is as this, they take off their shoes in the night and day, they feel the slow vibrations arising through the earth, imprinting their bare feet with certain knowledge. Some start moving with unsteady step, till the ancient dance overcomes them and they are ecstatic, trane-like, stomping on the ground in cosmic joy.

From Australia one flies into the Phillipines, from Turtle Island another swims to Maui. The Cook Islands shake with familial turmoil till the Ancient One comes with his soothing calls. The Solomons wait, await their Queen.They look at each other impatiently, when she still doesn't come. The Japanese nail their treasures to the wall, they have seen it all before, and they know this one is not serious. Just a little shake in the earth's plates nothing to panic about. They gather in Manila and sing in Tahiti. Maori display fierce tattoos with huge grins from ear to ear. Their time is coming, they can feel it in their bones. Even the birds partake in this madness: seagulls gather in conflagration, ignoring chips and tasty morsels from tourists to stand one-;egged at the waterline, gazing to the sky.

Its true, I saw it with my own eyes and was mesmerized, and have a witness who saw it with me, if anyone cares to ask. Flocks of sea-birds flap this way and that, first north, then south, whole flocks turning and turning within the sky-space of a human foot, confused, their radar is scrambled.

And the whales. The whales over the last months have been so close to the coast line, playing in the warm waters. The came to play with the humans a while, they knew whaat was about to happen. They gather their tribe.

Over the next few days the Sonar will escalate. The underground plates will move but not shake, for is is so that the Children of Mu heard the Mother and answered her call with long-forgotten songs. Hark! The new stargrids form Long lines of Light from sacred stone to stars, a dance of infinite grace. The stargazers report whole constellations moved, stars not in the right place, the heavens have shifted west.

And so it is that the grids shone again, alive again with light and love, and the Children of Mu smile and play in the breeze.

The Motherland will be birthed joy, not pain. The Motherland of MU will rise again.

Reply by Velanthas on 3 February 2009 at 10:54pm

The White Dragons and I worked with my galactic oversoul to install a crystalline temple here over the Philippines. The pain in my spine which started during the weekend ceased as soon as we finished toning and installing the structure. I am very happy to see the various rays of light you have all woven into our tapestry as we update the matrix for the land from the Elohim template. Thank you so much for our Oneness, divine brothers and sisters!

Reply by Velanthas 3 hours ago

I received this galactic key Friday last week (January 30) as I became conscious of the energies building up to the task of raising this etheric temple complex this past Wednesday (February 3) with the help of my galactic oversoul Ahura Bassani and a pair of crystalline white dragons. This complex as I understand it is one that is specifically for the Philippine archipelago. We isolated it with a crystalline platinum golden dome of light and linked it to the Elohim templates for the New Earth.

Lemurian Crystal Temple - Philippines
Since Thursday, this etheric temple complex has been linked to other similar temples all over the Pacific. The energies going through are tremendous. I have had to increase my water intake and eat more than my usual 5 meals a day to accommodate it. My sleep patterns are still very light, but I know that this is part of the task of grounding this temple complex. I AM grateful to be linked to you all as we ground the perfect codes from the Elohim template into the here and now.

Reply by Velanthas 1 hour ago
Thank you, too, for helping me become conscious of this task, Muahna! And here is the green star herself, as you spoke of in your email. We are weaving her song into the network of temple complexes all throughout the Pacific. Chinese and Taiwanese astronomers discovered the green comet—the New Earth energies already at work bringing peace to those who were enemies! A crystalline canopy is now being added to the network of temples. I'm going to spend the weekend working in/with the temple here.

Oh, such joy without words!

Reply by Velanthas 1 hour ago
We'll keep you posted on the answers we receive, especially the links to the other temples. I'm only seeing one other so far, the one over Japan. It is also getting a new crystalline dome/canopy as the one in the Philippines is.

Reply by Velanthas 47 minutes ago
We have raised a central crystalline temple at the centre of all the etheric temples. The capstone is being hoisted up from beneath the oceans where our beloved dolphin kin have kept it safely tucked away for this mountain. As we circle the chain of temples, I will be able to identify them by (3D) name more easily.

We are pulsing platinum pink violet light through all the temples and galactic codes are pouring in as we stabilise this complex. It has been a week in 3D time since we began this work consciously, but there is only the now as we join your hearts in singing the temples into being.

My main site. http://velanthas.webs.com/
My transpersonal blog. http://velanthas.webs.com/apps/blog/

Turtle Island Temple


June 5, 2009, 1:08 am
Dear Velanthas, I must let you know of the event that happened on May 25th - the 7 Universal Gates have been opened, and all of the Dragons have entered this 3D. All sizes and colours. Such joy....there are many downloads involved with this, we have received up to 6 and the 7th is still to come....wonderful experience - I will write a blog on this event. Also, by reading this post of yours, I believe that I have received a similar Galactic Key many years ago, but did not recognize it for what it was. I will draw it out and try to place it on here too within my blog. I am to work with the Dragons and with Na'agar to set up an etheric crystalline temple over this part of Turtle Island - thank you for opening my mind on what I need to do. I have been told that many Dragons are with me now, so I realize this is the time for my part. The Galactic Codes are pouring in, and yes, platinum pink violet light. I will begin this task as soon as possible....as I am being guided by my Dragon friends and my Dragon oversoul....much love and blessings, my sister and friend.

Whitedovesings444 (:Dale/Dove)Ahdalena

Just Tears Of Joy


February 12, 2009, 8:59 pm
Right here Right NOW! I AM OM , ONG , HU ,AMEN ,LOVE

MU will rise again,and we will finaly be home.

AUM AMMA Jia jia Gaia MA

OOOOOMMMMMmmmmm LOVE is.......MU!

The Dates Coincide Perfectly


February 6, 2009, 9:13 pm
The dates coincide perfectly with me as to the different energies I experienced at that time. Thank you for sharing this info and being who you are Dear One!

Love as always, kathy

~Horses lend us the wings we lack~

Birthed In Joy


February 6, 2009, 8:17 pm
Beloved Sister,
"Birthed in Joy. Not in pain!"
I love you.
With deep gratitude for all that you work towards, and all that you are, I dance in the eternal vastness within you.
((feel what I send))


Kah Sa Bennu Benei Elohim

February 6, 2009, 4:14 pm
E; Om.
E; Om.
E; Om

Hari Om
Hari Om


Believe & Achieve


February 6, 2009, 2:47 pm
Dear diVine sister, in love and spirit I thank You for this magnificent co~creation and showing it also! Yes, mushaba force. Thank You Elizabeth!


What Perfection...speaking


February 6, 2009, 2:25 pm
what Perfection...speaking to and through our Hearts . Joy returns. Gratitude and Love for your sharing, Annie

Pink-Violet = Mushaba Force

Elizabeth Feisst

February 6, 2009, 2:24 pm
Pink-Violet = Mushaba Force

Hi Dearest Sister.

Elizabeth Feisst

February 6, 2009, 2:17 pm
Hi dearest sister.
Thanks for the link to Lemuria @ ning... just joined..

So much happening presently..........lots of fluctuating yet all is well....to Lemuria and irs qualities of gentleness we come.
Love you

On The Galactic Key.


February 6, 2009, 2:17 pm
Muahna and another sister, Evie, worked out how the key functions (from a private email):


so we have the top part of the key drawing out toxins in a very clever and safe way, and the bottom part assisting to restore pristine galactic codes.

~I believe!

Velanthas online


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