A Humble Invitation To All LightWorkers Of This World

A Humble Invitation To All LightWorkers Of This World

by sensipeter

March 10, 2009, Comments(1)
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Dear brothers and sisters,

At the end of 2008 we have started a thread: “2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way”


The main objectives of this thread is to achieve synchronisation of the consciousness of humanity with Gaia i.e the consciousness of our Planet, to activate healing energies with the intention of regenerating the DNA of life and to prepare ourselves and our planet for the arrival of the Nexus 2012 Event; being a Superwave of energetic waves that will arrive from the galactic center.

For more info please also see:




In summary, this is an attempt to synchronise as many people as possible, particularly those already participating in spiritual groups in the world that are performing meditations. This single meditative stream of consciousness, carries enough psionic power to influence the basic structure of the Matrix for the benefit of humanity. Collated from the research of many respected scientists, but mostly from the respected Dr. Masaru Emoto, we now know and have factual evidence, that human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, ideas and music, affect the molecular structure of water.


This indicates that our thoughts influence matter and the stronger our thoughts become - the stronger becomes the impact of the molecular structure of the Matrix. If the thoughts of a single human being can do this to a water molecule, can you imagine what impact on the fractal structure of the Matrix will have if millions of people from all over the world come together into a meditative Oneness.

Hence, meditating on the same positive objective and transmitting the same intention leading to a shift in reality for the better.

In our world today we are witnessing many evil agendas resulting in a negative direction. It has become obvious that we cannot trust our governments anymore, as they are just following the private agendas of the Elite, and do not care about us and our planet Earth. That is why we all have to understand the true nature of our existence, that we are in fact consciousness inside a physical body and that we can influence our environment. The impact of a planetary meditation will profoundly resonate a direct and clean positive shift in our reality.

“...It is our intention to avert any possible catastrophic scenarios that may have been set in motion. We are convinced that these possible catastrophic events can be prevented or mitigated with the power of our consciousness...”

This is because the fractal structure of the Matrix can be modified with the power of our thoughts only if they are pure enough, if they are strong enough, and if they are focused to do such a change.

This is the ultimate message that the ETs who are delivering knowledge and information via crop formations are telling us. It is up to us if we will take their messages more seriously or we will discredit them. The result of that decision will affect us all.

In this fashion we’ve begun the 1 hour long synchronized planetary meditation from our homes every Saturday 8 PM GMT. Every participant starts the global meditation according to the Time Zone of their respective location in accordance to the 8 PM GMT. Please refer to the link below for more detail.


Every time we use different music which serves to stimulate our state of consciousness, it also provides a stable connection between everyone and generates a positive emotional charge. Once the positive emotional charge is generated we can direct it externally from our bodies with the intention to lift the vibrational state of our planet.

Thus, causing a healing process of our Earth at the same time. In other words, the end result would be to balance the everyday emotional charge of millions of people that influence our current state of reality. The meditation methods will be changing as we’re progressing and growing in numbers. At this moment we are using only a basic meditation method:


We are frequently updating the music file prior to up and coming global meditational events. For updates please check:


Also one of the key objectives at this stage is to locate as many spiritual groups on every continent and to humbly ask if the group will synchronise with us. Any assistance in this direction will be greatly appreciated. For information or assistance in this direction please contact: [email protected] with the subject line: nexus 2012

However, all this is preparation for global meditations to take place at sacred sites that will start on May 9th 2009. The idea is to generate as many people as possible at ancient sacred sites (the acupuncture points of our planet). http://www.healingexperiment.com/thegrid.html

This creates a stronger interaction between us and the energies that flow across our planet. Today it is well known that these energies are stronger on some places. In fact the most ancient sacred sites were built on these exact locations where the magnetic energies intercept and are most powerful. We will use geo-music for every location on the planet, as every planetary energy point resonates its very own frequency. For more info on this subject please see the Nexus thread on the Avalon forum.

Much is appreciated if you would understand and see our vision, that this is necessary to be done and that the net result is achievable. If we believe that it is possible and we want this change we will do it with resounding success. The more that participate the more powerful the intention becomes.

We feel that the time for conflict is over and that we have to move towards a new paradigm in our evolution as a race. If we look around we can see that everything is changing in great speed. Our Sun and the entire solar system are changing rapidly on every level. Humanity is changing. We are awakening from a long and deep sleep and are starting to see the bigger picture i.e. that we are only a spark of life of infinite manifestations in the Universe.

We will leave you with a message extracted from a video providing much wisdom:

http://www.healingexperiment.com/index.html. the video can also be seen on the link below:


Collective Consciousness

Momentum has pulled you here; let’s make a profound change globally,

The first small step is with-in,

Value yourself,

It all starts with you,

Step forward and take our hands,

Thoughts lead to knowledge and knowledge influences thought,

Let’s connect with millions to strengthen our energy and reflect outward,

Consciousness is Reality...Reality is Consciousness...This is the power of Intentional Creation,

The events in our Lives and of the World is feedback to our Conscious Thoughts,

Are you open to Empowering Possibilities?

Your Spirit partnered with others, for the collective strength of numbers,

Collectively and as a United Force,

We can reshape Reality, and transform our lives with Intentional Creation,

Coming from mother Earth, benefiting us all,

Starting from within, reflecting outward,

Do you want to Co-create conditions of abundance, fulfilment and happiness?

What do you want to Heal?

Let’s use the power of our Consciousness, to choose our Destiny...

Will you consider joining us and helping us in the building process of a new and better Reality?

Everyone who feels that we should do this, please contact [email protected].

Let’s transform this planet from a place of terror, guns, politics and destruction to a place of Light.

Are you with us?

Peace and Harmony with all Creation,


Anyone Who Has Joined In


March 11, 2009, 12:48 am



Anyone who has joined in any group meditation sharing Loving, Pure Intent through the guidance of Source, has Experienced Directly the affect it has on the Collective Group Consciousness as well as Themselves.

I Encourage Everyone reading this to join in this powerful Meditation of ACTION ! It UNIFIES all the work Groups do Separately.

AS A UNITY of the MANY, we can readily shift the Frequency, the Vibration and the Energy of this Planet and all Life!

 Each of you have this ability to empower change.Seems too simple, but Spiritual Truths usually are :)

The old paradigm is " Divide and Conquer" and let others lead us. We have Allowed this mentality to drive our civilization.

NOW it is time to take our Power back, and become RESPONSible in action and in UNITY . 

CHOOSE to Become the Driving Higher Energy of the People from around the World that Unite and Act to CREATE and Manifest this Change !

This Is What we have been working towards and waiting for..and it is Here and Now.


Watch this ...all the way to the end....  " Its brilliant!"  and short    :)   titled "u @ 50"  The Lost Generation:





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