Controlling The Spin Of The Electron (Elder Brothers)

Controlling The Spin Of The Electron (Elder Brothers)

by Carolyn Evers

March 22, 2009, Comments(3)

Perhaps once in a lifetime there comes an obligation for the soul to connect to memory. If there is not a general ray of memory that is sent to Earth then there will be the individual ray. This is not recognized as a motivating course in an individual’s soul as it has not been recorded as such in religious dogma. This knowledge has been working on a personal basis without fanfare and without documentation.

The early church recognized its visionaries or mystics and these mystics demonstrated abilities that were held by very few people.
There is recorded in the lives of the saints that they had the ability to be in two locations at once. Since they were held to be a saint this was not considered unusual for them. These mystics could heal by touch alone and they could seemingly heal in a manner that was considered miraculous.
In the Eastern tradition, there are yogis who seemingly create, or bring through the bend of manifestation, objects such as flowers, jewelry and the like. They also have been known to bi-locate, or be in two places at the same time.

Whether from the Eastern tradition or the Western tradition, all these individuals have in common a singular ability, which is to hear a sound during meditation. Some have called it a wind, others the roar of the ocean, or perhaps thunder. It has been known differently among different traditions, but it is the control of the electron.
We have discussed the spin of the electron and how on each side of the veil, that is called life and death, the electron exists but under slightly different rules. It is the call of soul for the ego to work with this electron spin because, once mastered, one steps through the threshold of ability, the likes of which is not usually found on Earth.
Controlling the spin of the electron was common knowledge in Atlantis before its Fall and this ability is being offered again to those who would desire to advance in spiritual attainment. As in the miracles of old there must be practice and a determination to follow this path of spiritual attainment. One must be dedicated to the world of spiritual ability.
Being able to slow down the spin of the electron enables one to move quickly towards manifestation or what we call bringing energy through the bend of matter. This is what we would call a master ability. It is what some call being able to control time and space.

This control of time and space is what allowed the mystics of old to demonstrate the abilities that were documented as supernatural abilities. The church fathers recognized that these abilities were beyond the nature of the human.
However, we would like to state that our observation of this nature is not what we would call supernatural, rather belonging to the nature of the human, but refined. This was ability that had been stripped from the human until once again they would climb up the ladder of knowledge and claim the new body that some call the Adam Kadmon. It is no mistake that this word Adam was used to describe this new blueprint for the human body, rather the word was a distortion of the word atom.
It is the natural estate of a son of God to be able to control manifestation. Controlling manifestation is the ability to be able to control the electron and create with mind power alone. This is what we call the knowledge of controlling the electron spin.

There is a rule in creation that was handed down to the souls when they came forth from Source that all souls were to be treated with love in all their transactions with one another. Those who have been lost in their journey back towards Source must be helped in a manner that would be in their own best interest. This is the Edict of our Maker.
Once it has been proven that the soul is dedicated to this edict, they are then given the gifts of their Maker and manifestation through the control of the electron is one of the many gifts that will be opened up to them. This ability is the next gift that is available once your cells in the physical are transmuted to the light structure. Many have discussed the fact that the carbon-based cell is changing to a light-bearing structure known as crystalline.

We tell you this to give you a vision of what is in your future. These gifts are not given without struggle on your part. Once the ego that represents the higher guidance of soul realizes that one must live harmlessly and demonstrate love towards all, then they must struggle to float on the breeze of energy that manifests the ability to follow the line of vibration towards Source.
This is the vibration that was cut at the fall of the soul in Atlantis. The fall was the complete evaporation of a vibrational level that is found once again after the soul crosses over to our dimension at death. We have described this band of energy before. It is the band of energy that we exist upon in the higher dimensions. What we are saying is that this band of energy previously existed on Earth and humans existed in that band of energy united in body and soul.

What some call ascension is but a reclaiming of what was available to you in the past. We are giving you this description and knowledge to plant in your conscious mind an acceptance of this ability. Presently some feel this concept of ascension is something miraculous, and perhaps unattainable. We want to tell you otherwise. This is not only an attainable state, but yours as a natural ability to live on a higher energy band with the body and soul united.

The highest part of you understands this and has been urging you to this estate through your dreams; however the ego that is your personality and your biology has been denying the language in these dreams. You dismiss this truth as something fanciful. Therefore we send these messages coaxing you back to memory.
We understand the conscious and unconscious mind. It is difficult, almost impossible, for humans to achieve something that they do not believe in. There must be belief first and then acceptance of truth.
We belong to a teaching contingent that has come to Earth from another planet. We come from Sirius B and we are considered your parents, you our progeny. Currently we are demonstrating craft in your skies so that you can be aware that we are with you. We wish to add that it is not necessary for us to use spacecraft; it is our way to allow your senses to take notice of a phenomenon that announces our return.
Note that we say return. We lived with you and freely moved within your circles of government and were known as the gods of old. We came forth from what you call Mt. Olympus and set up the teaching temples and the early mystery schools. We can materialize and dematerialize at will.

Many believe that spacecraft are necessary as a means for our coming within your circles, so we use that means to honor your belief. For those who understand that spacecraft are not necessary, we will materialize within your circles of government in the near future after the Earth changes.
Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodish, Adonai, Adonai Tsebayoth.

Your Elder Brothers
Note: This is from Viva Papa found at

Demystifying Ascension


March 23, 2009, 7:14 am
Quote: “Presently some feel this concept of ascension is something miraculous, and perhaps unattainable. We want to tell you otherwise. This is not only an attainable state, but yours as a natural ability to live on a higher energy band with the body and soul united.”
The more ascension is demystified, the better. We are much better served by our main focus being on raising our frequency & aligning our energies to be in sync w/ higher dimensional awareness than looking at ascension as artificially elevating us.
Increasingly for those actively raising their frequency abilities currently termed ESP or psychic will become commonplace.



The First Three Paragraphs


March 23, 2009, 1:07 am
The first three paragraphs are like a setup to accept someone with low level occult power or sleight-of-hand tricks as someone special. The Lord knows we don't need any more Sathya Sai Baba's,we need only Shirdi Sai Baba's.
The following is a excerpt from Viva Papa's book about being the spirit of the previous Pope.
The plan was simple.
I was to come and offer my services as a leader of the Roman Catholic Church.
I had to come when I did because of Communism and its forces had to be stopped so that pinpointed an entry date for me.
Communism is still very popular in Italy.It could be that great religious figures are now appearing with the intent of putting an end to Capitalism. Viva la Socialism ! so that all may be fed...spiritualy and organically.

Very Interesting.... Hels To


March 22, 2009, 10:40 pm
Very interesting.... hels to to understand what i do and perhaps how....

BE the LOVE that YOU ARE!!


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