Is April Going To End The Separation From Galactic Brothers And Sisters??

Is April Going To End The Separation From Galactic Brothers And Sisters??

by Flying Hawk

March 23, 2009, Comments(3)
Extraterrestrials & UFO's

I have done excellent Talk on Mayan Calendars and 2012 on Saturday 21st March in The Theosophical Hall in Nottingham where we discussed also the Galactic  Neighbours / Alliens.

The next day on Sunday 22nd Macrh I went to Derby with my son in the morning by car. On the way back at about 11.10 Am I had experienced pretty intense multidimesional situation. While driving the car I was high  in the sky above the clouds and was looking into the eyes of the most beautiful being made of shining light. I heard that being asking me:

''Who are you?''

I knew I have to reveal my sacred identity so I replied:

''I am the Guardian of the Mother Earth''

''We are from Pleiandian and Sirian star systems and we are seeking your permision to land on your planet very soon.''

The whole communication was direct from my heart to the  heart of that beautiful being. I could not see if it was a male or female, it was irrelevant. That being was pure being of Oneness not separated at all.

I did not have to ask whay they want to land. The vibration of the being was pure radiant love.

''You are welcome to land on our planet and you are welcome to assist human beings, yet you are not allowed to use human energy for yoour own needs.'' I replied

I got filled with such a radiant joy as that being said ''Thank you Brother of Light'' and disappeared.  I found myself back in a car driving.

My son asked me ''Whats up dad?''

''We are gonna meet our Galactic Brothers and neighbours in the next month, son, I think'' I said.

Could they take Gordon brown away? Asked my son

I looked at the clocks and it was 11.13Am  so it took me 2 min to invite the loving beings of pure light to land soon.

Have a very happy time brothers and sisters and if you meet them just ask if they come out of love and you will know who you speak with.

Wow.... With Love and Smile

Robert Hawk






That Reminds Me Of A Message


March 31, 2009, 1:24 am
That reminds me of a message I got once a couple of years ago while I was meditating. It was a reference to stars. I heard "We don't know what they are. "
That is prompting me to write a blog about it. :)

Rob I Saw A Big Light In The Sky On Same Day!


March 29, 2009, 11:16 pm
Light Being "under construction"
I was driving to my friends house and there was unusually lots of traffic so i got stuck and was almost stationary. I saw this big light above the trees adn wondered what it was cose it wasnt dark yet : afternoon , and i could see it shine so bright.And after looking at it for about a minuteI saw it start to move upwards in streight line and vanish.
I thought wow!..
I feel Pleidians are my ancestors especially the Goddess planet Erra .
Hope to see them here soon!
Thanks for sharing and hopefully we ll touch base in London also.
Ewa xx



March 23, 2009, 9:57 pm
Beautiful, I love that Blog,from a friend of the Pleiadians.


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