Meditation: The Glass Staircase

Meditation: The Glass Staircase

by LadyDreamWolf

May 3, 2009, Comments(3)
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Glass staircase meditation.

As with all meditations, there are versions and versions. This is one I like to use:

Make yourself comfortable, either lying down, or seated in a chair. Take time to breathe in and out deeply.
Relax your body, starting from the toes, visualizing relaxation creeping through every part of your body until it reaches the top of your head.

Take a minute or 2 to stay in this relaxed state, breathing deeply.

Now visualize a beautiful glass staircase. It’s a circular staircase, and as you walk up the steps, different colours will radiate through the stairs, and into you.

Step onto the first stair. A beautiful ruby red now permeates the stair, and you breathe this colour in, until you too are filled with this beautiful red colour.

Walk on up a few steps, and see a new colour radiating through the stairs, its orange. And again, as you tread onto this colour, you breathe it in, and you too are a beautiful orange colour.

The orange colour is turning gold, then yellow, as you move on up the stairs. You are now breathing in yellow light, and it’s filling every pore of you.

See the yellow light ahead of you turning into a lime colour, then into a beautiful jade green. As you step onto the stairs with that jade green, you and your aura also become part of that green.

Take some time to look behind you...see the colours at the base of the stairs, changing as they reach to where you are now. Red into orange, into yellow, into green.

As you move on, note that the green now has streaks of pink in it.

See the green change now into a beautiful blue. Walk on up the stairs, until you are surrounded with that blue, and it fills you. Breathe it in.

Now move on forward and up, and see that you are treading on a stair that is radiating a beautiful indigo blue... feel it permeate your body...feel yourself breathe it in.

Now you are reaching the last stair... it’s a deep purple. And again, that colour fills you.

Again, look back at the spiral staircase, and see how the colours are all there, mingling into one another.

At the top of this staircase, there is a treasure chest. Walk on over to it.
Lift the lid....
Now, think of all your negative thoughts, and fears...
Breathe them out into that treasure chest. The chest is bottomless, and those negativities are sucked through, and away from you.

Close the chest. See that next to the chest is a beautiful golden key.
Take the key...walk ahead, and see a door.
Unlock that door.
Enter the room.

To the right, you will notice a control panel. There is a lever there; it’s the control switch to your psychic powers. Walk on over there, and turn it on.

Now walk over to the left of the room. There is a window. It has shutters on it. That window is representative of your 3rd eye. Open the shutters fully, and feel the room being flooded with white light.
This is a wonderful place to go to before you do any psychic work.

At the far wall, there is a table and chairs. You can sit there, and wait for your Guides to come, to give you help and messages if you wish.

When you are ready to leave your room, don't forget to switch that psychic control key onto "standby".
And when you are ready to leave that room, lock it, and place the key next to the treasure chest.

Do some deep breathing for a while, as you feel yourself come back to normal.

I Will Be Trying This Out


May 5, 2009, 2:05 pm
I will be trying this out tonight. Blessings.



May 4, 2009, 6:12 pm
Fantastic, I look forward to doing this meditation, thanks so much for sharing, it is really lovely.
Love and Light
Gillian xxxxx



May 4, 2009, 4:48 am
thank you for the wonderful visual meditation ~ I can't wait to try it out this evening.


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