Shadow People

Shadow People

by Amanda13

May 22, 2009, Comments(12)

Hi everyone^^
I have a problem. I'd like some advice, some guidance. My good friend, I'll call her Luna, has been seeing shadows. They come out of her mirror. There are skulls on the floor that get sucked through the carpet. Her boyfriend wants to put her in a mental hospital, though I would do everything to keep that from happening. I know that these things are real, as many people have such accounts. They touch her and say things. So I taught her to shield herself. Well, that worked for a time, but today, they circled her for two hours in her room. During daylight. And they wouldn't let her leave, and they kept grabbing her.
I had another friend, who's had such experiences, talk to her and she's calming down a bit.
Tonight, I was talking to one of my sisters about it and she said she's had things start happening after I taught HER how to shield, but she'd tell me about it tomorrow.
So not only are my friends and family having difficulties with this stuff, but it seems to get worse after I teach them to shield. It worries me. I'm afraid that I'm doing something terribly wrong and bringing my loved ones to the attentions of the negative.
If anyone has any idea how to fix this, or work through this, please comment.


Tell Her To Lay Off The Meth.


September 5, 2010, 2:54 am
Tell her to lay off the meth. I mean that.



March 2, 2010, 2:42 pm
the above link is the source of the information that follows:

The Shadow is always the same gender as the individual. The Shadow is considered to be a collection of inferiorities, undeveloped, and regressive aspects of the personality. They are primarily of an emotional nature and have a kind of autonomy, displaying an obsessive or more accurately a possessive quality.
These aspects are generally associated with projections. Projection is defined as "the situation in which one unconsciously invests another person (or object) with notions or characteristics of one's own.

The Dark Side of the Psyche

'parts of yourself {psyche} that you have not previously brought into consciousness'

The first step is taken towards self-realization {individuation} when you meet your 'shadow'. This is so called because it is the 'dark' side of your psyche, the parts of yourself that you have not previously brought into the light of consciousness. It is, for this reason, the 'primitive' (undeveloped or underdeveloped) side of your personality. It is also the 'negative' side of your personality, insofar as it is the opposite of whatever you have hitherto regarded as making a positive contribution to your well being.

In My Experience With Shadow


February 26, 2010, 10:11 pm
In my experience with Shadow Creatures,...or should I say in my experience so far in this life my encounters with Shadow Creatures, although brief, have occurred in parallel with my realization of who and what I really In other words, when we step onto our spiritual paths at first we have quite shaky knees and need to gather our bearings a little. Inevitably we must walk our path and in order to do so we must begin to discover new things about ourselves. The universe unfolds as we do. It is as strange thing, but quite often we are the very last ones to know certain things about ourself. All our friends and loved ones recognize these little things about us before we do and they just accept them as they accept us, but they do not always tell us about these things. By learning to realize these things about ourselves and to discover the meanings buried at the roots of these things we will begin to know ourselves better and to see these Shadow Creatures,....which are actually aspects of ourselves that we are still denying. I have come to see this as part of our awakening process and when I was having regular visits from the Shadow Folks I was really in a state of fear,....and mostly a fear of the unknown...of my own crazy ass nature. This fear started to really get in my way so instead of burying it I mustered the courage to say "i am tired of being full of fear, it's just not worth it. Either go back to sleep or face the Fear." And when I first faced the fear i felt like i was going to die and i surrendered to my inevitable death. And I then learned a valuable lesson about fear....that once we have the courage to face our fears and to move thru them they disappear instantly. FEAR---> False Emotions Appearing Real. And the Shadow people then disappear as well.
Anyway, just a personal story of Me Myself and my Shadows. We truly are scary to ourselves at first.

Negative Entities Are Actually Weak


August 11, 2009, 12:34 am
Negative entities are actually quite weak & have to obey our instructions. She can tell them to scram. We can move past using shielding techniques directly to ordering them to leave.
It is our mistaken belief that they are more powerful than us that attracts them & gives them power over us.

4D Energy & Entities/ Energy Protection Techniques-

Angelblade, Pay No Attention


August 8, 2009, 9:26 pm
Angelblade, pay no attention to anything Resonator has to say. This person's negativity is showing on all sides. I've had to cleanse my house of demons also, and the ceremonies I performed to do so were ones of love, but ALSO of dispersal. I cast them out USING Love. Strange dichotomy, but they work together.

"I Have To Disagree With


July 9, 2009, 10:16 pm
"I have to disagree with what resonator is saying"
So love is not the answer? Funny, you were trying to make that point but you seem to stand divided, kind of a "half love" scenario. Oh, it's OK to love some things, but definitely NOT OK to love things you'd be instinctively afraid of.
"Nothing good will come out of embracing them, but rather learning what to do to disperse them."
And a ritualistic hatred spews again from your mouth. Perhaps I am not the one spreading darkness over these things. These demons are a message from God, and with their life they have visibility. You would destroy the light from God's eyes, and this is why Judgment will fall hard upon you.

Do Not Be Deceived.


July 9, 2009, 5:09 pm
I would have to disagree with what resonator is saying. Thoughts and negative emotions do affect of attracting negative entities because they feed off that energy. I
doubt the shadows are sending a message to the forums but rather targetting people who are close to you. Resonator simply may have said that because of his disagreement with MY perspective. So you shouldn't suffer to be mislead from our conflict.
Dark entities are calculated intelligent beings, if one where to get involve to help another lets say, who is being harassed by these enitities, the neg. entities will then go after that person who helped. In your case, the neg. entities know your spiritual abilities to work with ir, so they may be attacking those close to you for that reason. Hence that everyone whom you've taught to shield is for some reason harrased by them?
And NO, your friend does not need to become darkness. Light can exist without dakrness and that is why they are fearful of her. Darkness deceives light to believing that they need them so they can continue to exist. We may learn from the esperience of being exposed with them, lets say how to deal with them and keep them out of our life, but in terms of becoming darkness and needing it is a deception.
It is not a blessing the demons are after her but rather they are harassing her for their own gain. Nothing good will come out of embracing them, but rather learning what to do to disperse them.
Love, Light, and Justice

So Much Blindness Here


May 23, 2009, 12:00 am
My god.
Well, for starters, thoughts don't normally do this unless they want to send a message. She's your friend, and you post here. Therefore, knowing your response by how much you care for your friend, and the nature of this forum, here we are at the root of the problem.
These shadows are trying to sending one of us a message, here on this board. Your friend needs to understand that setting the spirit free is not just ascending. It is not ascension entirely, and there are times I wish none of this was necessary. People can be so quick to jump to the light, without realizing what it is. It looks nice, though!
Your friend needs to taste the darkness. They are playing on her fear, and it's because of the light that shadows are fearful to her. She does not want shadow, even though these things are a part of life. She must accept that she can be darkness just the same as they are.
Tell her that she has been blessed by demons. It is now her time to shine, and she should not be afraid. She bears my blessing. Love is all she needs in her heart.

Shadow People =elementals/ 2D


May 22, 2009, 8:37 pm
Amanda, I will try to help though admit I am only just learning about this. From my understanding, the shadow people or entities come from the 2D. They serve a purpose in our incarnations to show us our own shadow selves. Many who begin awakening are soon confronted by the elementals in order to clear their karma and heal. Perhaps the sheilding was not such a great idea because these shadows are showing up to teach Luna and help her heal in areas she needs. Maybe a better couse of action would be to observe any fear that they trigger and try to communicate with them. Ask them what they are trying to show and once that has been shown, honor them for their presence and release them. My understanding is what they really want is to be released back to Gaia (our mother earth). Heed their lessons and messages without fear and with love and then release them.

(Most of this I learned from a book by Barbara Hand Clow)

I hope this will bring healing to you and your friend. Love, light and blessings to you both.

Shadow People =elementals/ 2D


May 22, 2009, 8:37 pm
sorry double post

Do Not Give Yourself To Worry


May 22, 2009, 12:20 pm

The negative entities/evil spirits are not illusions but indeed are real. Negative entities feed on the negative energies of a person that devolops from negative thoughts and emotions. So the more a person has negative thoughts such as fear, anger, depression, jealousy, etc. the more the person attracts entities such as those. And the entities begin feeding on them. And they will continue to provoke the person to keep feeding on them. So to avoid this we must all stay positive in our thoughts and feelings.

I recomend to teach your friend to use purple light in her energy shielding. Purple light bounces away lower energies, entities, and earth bound spirits. And to always lift her spirits up which I'm sure you've have.

Pray always to the divine and they should assist you.

Love, Light, and Justice

"started After They


May 22, 2009, 9:42 am



"started after they had learned shielding.." Well, it is said to a point of a cliche ..which itself can cause anxiety .."if you're in fear it will manifest" another words, once a person starts praciticing shielding or something else of that nature, "it", the reason for the shielding is now in their belief system, you know. ..but some may never experience these things no matter what kind of practices they do or what they believe..


Don't think that you did something wrong, or; now because of you people are now experiencing these things could be just a sensitive bunch and this was comming all along. You acted with good intentions and with a good heart, so there is no use for blame. These things happen becauce of the "astral people's" will to make 3D persons experience these things, and we just have to counter act/live with it. ..why this is happening in general can only be speculated.


The positive thing in all this is; that now you guys have proof/confirmation of life's multidimensionality; that our lives don't end in physical death, right! So, no need to fear dying anymore..


A little basics of the astral-phenomena:


What people are seeing with their 3rd eye is known as "astral light" ..the images and forms we are seeing are only  "mental projections" by some otherdimensional being.. the same way we can "design" a certain picture in our minds before we draw that image on a paper, the same way these images/forms are product of someones mind and NOT the forms of these entities ..even if seemingly alive entities would start appearing, it still would be a "mentally created form" projected into a 3D persons mind.

The same thing could be seen as like a "blue screen" used in modern hollywood movies; the actors play their parts infront of a blank screen, and the details, surroundings and even some characters are digitally added later ..the "astral visions" are a similar thing; the end product (the visions and all that comes with it) is sort of "illusory" ..not the easiest thing to explain, so i hope you get my point.


With this ability to produce/project this false "panoramic images/forms" the otherdimensional beings or "astral beings" can manipulate us 3D persons into believing in many types of mythical creatures ..gods, angels, demons, aliens, animals you name it ...and the same goes for "worlds" or planes of existence .."they" can show a 3D person a very convincing "hell-world", when in reality that place might not even exist, but now that 3D person could be manipulate in his/her actions because of fear of that "hell-world" if he/she starts believing it's real, which is only a imaginary creation molded with the "astral light". 

It is very easy to fall for these "astral tricks" and be convinced that the, say, "angel" you just met is an actual winged angel, when in reality that "part" could be played/acted by a dis-incarnate human beings teenagers making prank calls, you know ..this just seems more real with all the extra sensory perception (ESP) sensations ..but surelly this is a serious problem and can be quite consuming at it's worst for us 3D people.


I see this all happening within our planet Earth's sphere that consist of many layers = Earth is multidimensional planet ..some may feel it could involve other planets and races/spieces as well each of his own.




Now, putting someone into a mental institution is not the answer to this "problem", and neither is medication, cause with some psychotropic drugs these "hallusinations" can come on even stronger and people might go into a psychotic state ..for some people with mental illnesses the drugs can work, for some they could worsen the situation.


Trying to understand the true nature of this phenomena, and acting upon it with  a calm and rational mind could prove to be more helpful.

-first, try to dissolve any/some of the "thought consepts" of what you think is might be behind these experiences. Because we, on this 3D plane can't know for 100% what is behind all this, it's better not to convince one's self with possible false believes with some pseudo-theories.


- if these shielding practises don't seem to work, at some point you could just stop these practises and start trying to ignore the "astral people" and their doings all together. What the "astral people" want is you to stay focused on them and on their doings ..get frustrated, anxious, depressed, scared etc. "They" want people to re-act or counter act to their provocations, and people should not, but start ignoring "them". ..this is what starts dissolving them out of your "field".


If you wanna try this method, you have to get your mind under some control and stop following the thoughts running wild in your head. Like the astrals can make you see these hallucinations, "they" can also plant thoughts and emotions is your head/field, which is more common than people thing, and usually are not aware of it at all.


If you google: emptiness meditation you'll find plenty of info of this practice. Here are few links to get you started:


- Also it would be a smart move to try to live as healthy life as possible while these things are troubling you. consuming alcohol and drugs can make you more open to this harrasment, so it's better to avoid them. Healthy food, enough sleep and exercising strenghtens the mind and helps you to stay more focused on a positive mind set, to take the right  and rational action.


Hope you'll find something useful in this. It's not the most easiest subjects to explain to people and i'm not a scholarly expert, but i also have similar experiences like you guys, so these are not just "empty" words ...but are also "soaked" with my belief system/view on this subject, so it's not water tight..


Peace. Hope you get it sorted.



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