To Serve Or Not To Serve

To Serve Or Not To Serve

by Kadmon888

June 9, 2009, Comments(3)


Tension is caused by opposing desires. An individual may desire to get involved with social and community activities. He hopes to gain public prominance, which in turn may offer financial advantages. Or he gains a self-flattering image of being a generous contributor of his intelligence and knowledge.

But by psychological law, these desires must be opposed by another set of wishes. Many times when called upon to serve he would rather stay at home and watch television or go out and play golf.

Tension results. He is painfully trapped between opposing desires. He is like a desperate man stranded on a lonely island who thrills at the sight of approaching ships - until he sees their pirates.

Only an understanding of vanity-pleasing desire can end his tension. He could start by seeing that he is not really caught between demanding people and his own private wishes. He is trapped only by his own misunderstanding of what he needs for a contended life.

These preceeding words where written by Vernon Linwood Howard (1918 - 1992) in 1974. He was an American spiritual teacher, author and philosopher.

With a couple of tweeks here and there (I don't play golf) this tension applys to my life at the moment. Does it matter if I give some of my time in service ? Is charity, service and the giving of relif only ways of increasing my spiritual credits ? I do know the answers to theses questions. Down or up, maybe I'll say sideways to the R.A.O.K. (Random Acts Of Kindness) that were so in vogue a number of years ago, are these better if we never tell others of our philanthropy or altruism. Do I puncture some supernatural current if I boast of letting someone with just a Newspaper, in front of me, in the local corner shop? Does some escrow of mine become depleted if I tell a friend I opened a door for an elderly gentleman ? Again, I don't need answers, my angels are letting me know as I type.

I still laugh.

Love, light and laughter Kadmon888



June 22, 2009, 6:43 am
i like this reverie of answered questioning you are having here in laughter's light dear friend....
by the way, thanks for all the daoors you have ever opened...i hope you enjoy opening them too !

A Pearl Of Wisdom


June 11, 2009, 9:28 pm
Dear Ewa,

I noticed the pearl of wisdom in what you say. Thankyou.

Love, light and laughter Adam x

Just Be Self-full;)


June 9, 2009, 12:25 am
Light Being "under construction"
And once you filled your own cup of bliss..(just like in your avatar;)..share it if you feel like it and if it gives you pleasure to do so:)
Ewa x


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