What Are You Waiting For? By Jeshua Ben Joseph Through Judith Coates

What Are You Waiting For? By Jeshua Ben Joseph Through Judith Coates

by Judith Coates

June 16, 2009, Comments(3)


6 June 2009

Beloved and holy and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of the one Source, Child of Light, divine. That is who you are. Take it deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means.

I am the one known as Jeshua ben Joseph, Jesus you have called me, and it is in great joy that I come to abide with you this evening in your timing as you have chosen once again to call me forth. Always in great joy, for that is your true nature.

When you have felt happy about something, when you have felt a freedom, when you have known the expansiveness of true joy, you have touched that place of divinity and brought that into this human experience, this human experience that knows all too well the heaviness of the world. But from time to time you allow yourself the laughter, you allow yourself the spontaneous feeling of expansiveness when you meet a friend, when there is something good that happens that you did not expect, and it happens and brings joy from deep within the belly; you can feel it rising up and you feel yourself expanding in that light. That is your true nature.

So laugh often and loud and free, because that is your divinity coming forth into this human experience. Allow others to feel your laughter, for it is a gift that you give to others, to take yourself lightly and to take them lightly, as well. For oftentimes, as you have experienced, they will present to you all of the troubles that they see—all of the troubles of the world, all of the troubles of the individual life that they are experiencing—and that is what they are focusing upon, and it brings them down.

If you will say, “I understand; I know where you’re coming from, but how about if we look at it a different way or if we pretend that we can laugh at some of it and stand back from it.” That is a gift that you give to them; not to be laughing at them, but to get them to the place where they can laugh with you and perhaps take themselves a bit lighter and go through life a bit lighter.

Human life, for a long, long, long time, has enmeshed itself, entrenched itself into very dense perspective, and that is what you have been born into in this lifetime. The parents, well-meaning as they were, gave unto you their perspective of how life was, and it was not always easy for them. For those of you who have had the experience of being parents in this lifetime, it was not always easy to have the infant and wonder, “What do I do with this new life? What do I do now with this one? Where is the instruction booklet?” But then you learn; you grow together with the small one.

So you have been born into a world that believes in duality and focuses upon the heaviness of what possibly might go wrong, what probably will go wrong as the world sees it. So you have made collectively for yourself much of reinforcement of friends who will tell you that everything is going wrong in the world and it is going to all crumble, and some of you have rejoiced in that, because you have realized that you want something new, therefore the old has to transform.

Your news media is very experienced at bringing you the worst that possibly could be, and sometimes a little bit of good news just so they won’t be criticized as being one-sided. But they are heavily weighted to bring you the heavy-weighted material. There is experience that is going on in the world that is seemingly of tragedy and inhumanity, and it does not take too much looking in order to find it, but there is also the light and the lightheartedness if you want to and will allow yourself to look for it. It is there.

Many of you here in this room this evening and within the sound of my voice have had the experience of finding joy with another one or with a book or with your own revelations within you, a feeling of peace that will descend upon you for almost no reason, seemingly no reason at all, and you just feel happy.

And then you have said to ego, “Well, why do I feel happy? There must be something wrong here. What’s wrong that I’m feeling good? Oh, oh.” Because you have trained yourself throughout many lifetimes to be on guard, to try to armor yourself against what possible hurt could come your way. So you have become experts at armoring, and every once in awhile when there is a chink in the armor and a little bit of light comes through and you feel a bit of joy and peace, you have wondered, because it feels strange sometimes, “Where did this come from? Can I really trust it? Is it going to stay?”

Oftentimes by the time you have asked those questions, it has started to fade a bit. So I advise you, as a suggestion, that whenever you feel some joy in your heart, you feel free, and you say, “Wow, this is really great!” stay in that state. Feel appreciation for your life, for everything that is good in your life.

You can find things in your life that perhaps could be a bit better, but if you focus upon those, always you will be in a place of wanting to change, make better, and you will be ignoring that which truly is harmonious and good in your life. So focus on the good. Focus on your power, the divine power, the power of choice, for in every moment you have power. No one can take it from you.

You have power of choice as to where you will abide; whether you’re going to stay in a place of, “Woe is me; look at all of the challenges that I have; look at all of the possible things that could go wrong,” or, “Wow, this is really great. Look what I am manifesting for myself. Look what I am bringing forth of goodness in my life.”

You can look around the room in this evening and see all of the friends that you have attracted to yourselves who are most ready to give you a hug, a word of encouragement if you need it, or to be with you in the spontaneous laughter of how silly life can be from time to time—small feet, small mouth, small ear—and you can laugh at everything, although sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge, but you can laugh at it. It’s an experience, and it gives you opportunity to see how blessed you are; opportunity to choose.

Your power lies in the power of choice. Everything every moment is a choice as to how you will feel, how you will perceive things, how you will want things to be in the next moment or so. You are powerful. The world will say unto you that there is much to be guarded against, much that you have to watch out for. But in every moment you have the power of choice, the power so say “No” to whatever might come and threaten your peace; to say “No, I’m not going to stay in that place of heaviness, that place that feels like it is a casket. I’m going to arise up and live this life in the way I would like it to be, even if it seems like it’s a fairy tale and I can’t really live it that way.”

You can, because a lifetime is made of choices, one by one by one. And truly, each choice, when you choose either to be down or you choose to be up, leads to the next choice and makes the next choice easier. So if you keep choosing to be in joy, guess what the next choice is going to be. It’s going to be much easier to live in joy.

If you make the choice to look upon all the things that are seemingly going wrong, then guess what the next choice is going to be as a default. You have that in your computer language, that there is a default mechanism that goes back to what has been the usual, the established, the default. But if your default area, your usual that has been always to look for what you have to defend yourself against or what “they” might say that would be harmful to you or what choice “they” might make that would upset what you wanted to do, then the next choice is going to take you to that perspective first.

But you don’t have to stay there. That is your divine power, because you don’t have to stay in that space. You can choose to move out of it easily. And each time you choose to know your power and to live in gratitude and appreciation for all of the blessings that you do have in your life, guess what? You live more and more in that space of gratitude and appreciation, and it does appreciate; it grows, and it is much easier each time.

So just a suggestion that you might want to practice is to try that, see how it feels. You have much that you know you can feel is going on in your life; many changes that are going on in your life; many anticipated changes going on in your life; many changes you have come through just recently.

The world at large, the collective, is undergoing much of a shift in perspective, in changes, and there is—as it is foretold—going to be even more building upon these changes and shifts that have already been made visible. You have a leader whom you have chosen who speaks from the heart and wants to focus upon what can be; not what has been, and not the possibility of the usual default of having to settle everything by force, but to be able to have transparency, honesty, and dialogue. And so, with this new energy that you brought forth, you as a collective people, you said, “We want change.” You rose up and you demanded change, and it is happening.

You have now much that is coming out of the change that you voiced and supported, much of change where there are organizations, groups of people springing up to focus their light upon the inequities that have been in the old paradigm. Every day you will find news of a new focal point where there can be new energy brought to bear, new light on situations that have been swept under the rug for a long, long time.

There is much power that you individually and collectively are taking back. For a long time you felt yourself to be under the thumb of authorities, religious/philosophical authorities, the church fathers, others of the ones who had more of the golden coins. You felt yourself to be under their thumb, because they seemingly had more worldly power and you were not awakened as you are coming to be now as to your own power and your own collective power as you group together.

You are awakening, finally, once again, because truly the awakening happens in a cycle of time. There is—what I have called other times when I have spoken with you—a harvesting that happens, where the seeds are planted and you go through lifetimes, individually and collectively, where the seeds do germinate and there is new thinking.

You have what is called in your most recent history the Renaissance where ones began to be curious as to their own power and their creativity, and you had a Golden Age time where the creativity flowered. And then, as the cycle goes, the ones who were enlightened—and you have had ages of enlightenment—those ones allowed themselves to ascend into higher vibration and oftentimes even took the physical into a higher vibration.

All of you so gathered, all of you within the sound of my voice have done this. You have harvested yourself in other ages and other time periods. And then you have had opportunity in between lives to look to see what the brothers and sisters were doing, and you said, “Hey, I know that it can be better. Let me go one more time—yes, you did, you asked, you volunteered—one more time and bring my Light into the human experience.”

And so here you are. You have said, “I will take upon myself the cloak of forgetfulness to a certain degree; not completely, because there will be a stirring within me that will know that there is something more. There will be an intuitive speaking within my soul, even within my mind, that will tell me that it is time to move forward, that it is time to even physically move the dwelling place and go somewhere else to be in association with ones who are calling me to be there.”

And so you have moved the physical body. You have been told by the inner knowing of yourself that you were needed in a certain area. Even when separated ego is saying to you, “But it doesn’t make sense. I have everything set here where I am right now. It doesn’t make sense to pull up and leave and go somewhere else. What? You mean pack up things and go meet new people and start all over again?,” yet the nudging would not stop until finally you packed everything up, or a little bit, and you moved.

Then you found ones of like mind and you found that, yes, you were to be in a new place associating with new people, and you found a purpose that you didn’t know, but you sort of suspected had to be there. You follow what your inner guidance tells you. Sometimes you dig in the feet and you say, “No, I’m not going to do that,” but what you have dug your feet into is usually gravel, and it doesn’t allow the feet to stay, and you find yourself moving anyway as you have agreed that you will do.

So you have harvested—ascended; I use the word harvested as the same as ascension—you have taken what you have experienced in lifetimes and you have understood that you have moved to higher vibration, higher understanding of yourself and who you are and who others are and why things are happening.

Now, you have had foretold that in a certain number of years, very few now, in a certain time called 2012, there’s going to be all of a sudden another harvesting, another age of enlightenment, another time when there’s going to be peace and harmony, all good upon the Earth.

This is true for some. It is true for those who are in their soul knowing that plan. Others will still be working through their stuff, because that is what they have decreed that they will experience. My question to you in this evening is, “What Are You Waiting For?” Why are you waiting for 2012? Why not have it on the morrow? If you have it in your plan to know peace and love and to project out that vision, why wait?

If you have an idea of what you want to see manifest, but there are all these reasons that you cannot have it yet, everything else is dependent upon someone else or something else coming together, why wait? Are you waiting for a savior to come and make everything right? Well, the savior is already here. The savior is sitting in the back row…and the front row…and the side row. You are your own savior.

I am not going to come down as has been foretold in some of your religious/philosophical teachings in a chariot of white light and I’m going to say, “You and you and you and you, come with me. The rest of you, you have more work to do.” That is not going to happen that way.

You are your own savior as you make choice to be your own savior, as you make choice to say, “Hey, I’m much more than I ever thought I was. I thought I was just human.” Well, that’s part of you, and it is a blessed part of you, the human experience, but it is not all of who you are. It is but the tip of the iceberg.

The part that you are coming to understand and coming to see is the part that is beneath the waters, beneath the obvious. It is the part of you that grows with the choice to become awake, to become enlivened. Why wait?

You can wait if you want to. You can wait until 2012, the same as ones looked to the turning of the age, the new millennium known as your 2000, and there were many prophecies made before that that it was either going to be a Golden Age or everything was going to fall apart. Computers wouldn’t work any longer. Your dishwashers, your washing machines, your vehicles wouldn’t work any longer. All your technical things would just be done. There’d be a glitch in everything.

But what happened? 2001 came and the vehicles were still running. The washing machines were still chugging away. So in 2012, for some people they are going to feel that that is their birth year, their awakening year. But why wait? Why not 2009, right now? What are you waiting for?

Are you waiting until all of the collective gets its act together? Well, that may take a little longer. It may take quite a bit longer, because there are still ones who want a human experience and want to know completion with every nuance of the human experience, and that may take them some more lifetimes. But does that mean that you have to hang around and suffer with them?

You have a quotation from one of your musicals, “So you had a bad week? Why should I suffer?” All of you are familiar with that musical, The Fiddler on the Roof. It is a good saying, where the one who is asking for the handout, the beggar, gets only a small coin from the man, and the man says, “Well, it’s all I can give to you this week. I had a bad week. The sales weren’t very good.” And the beggar says, “So you had a bad week? Why should I suffer?” In other words, it’s not my fault you had a bad week.

You can apply that to so much as you look upon the brothers and sisters. You want for them the best of life. You want for them to know joy and to know their power of choice. But you also sometimes have to say, either in words or mentally to them, “So you’re having a tough time? Why should I suffer?” because you don’t have to get down in the pit with them and suffer.

If you go down in the pit with them and play their game, where are you at that point? You are down in the pit. Does that help them rise up? No. It only adds more credence to what they have thought to be true, that life is meant to be suffering. Better you should stay up out of the pit, and if they choose to be in the pit for awhile or they choose to play games, let them play their games, but what is that to you?

Choose thou where you will be. Choose thou me. There is a quotation in your Scriptures that runs something like that, which means choose for good, for happiness, for appreciation of all the blessings in your life, and not to be down in the pit. Or if you find yourself falling into the pit once in awhile, you’ve got your divine ladder; climb back up out of it. Scramble quickly to the top.

What are you waiting for? “Well, I don’t have enough of the golden coins. I have this vision of what I want to do; I have a trip that I would love to make to a foreign land and see if there are brothers and sisters there who are of like mind, but I don’t have the golden coins for that.” And you never will, if you are going to wait for all of that to come together.

Start with what you have; start putting it away—it’s called saving. What else would you want to do? What do you have planned that you want to do? “Well, I’m not as young as I used to be. I don’t think I can actually do this project. Maybe ten years ago I could have, but now I think it’s passed me by.” Well, as long as you take breath into the body, you can do anything you want to do, no matter how many years the calendar says you have had. As long as you are breathing, you can do, go, accomplish whatever you are desiring to do.

“Well, I can’t do it because my family wouldn’t like it if I did this. They wouldn’t understand, and they would criticize me.” What is that to you? They’re going to criticize you anyway. You’ve discerned that already in your experience.

The biological…oftentimes you choose biological family in order to sandpaper some of the rough edges off of yourself. You’ve wondered sometimes, “Why did I choose to be born into that family, this family that doesn’t understand me. I feel much more in a family when I’m with ones of like mind, but my biological family, they don’t understand me. They don’t care. And if they do start to ask me what I’m doing, then they have all sorts of questions and criticism about it.”

Well, as I have said, you often choose your biological family for the sandpapering. So you can look at them and you can say, “Boy, thanks, you really did a good job of sandpapering. Yeah, I didn’t realize I had that rough spot, but you’ve really polished it, and sometimes it hurt, but now it’s been polished, and now I have found my true family, the ones of like mind, the ones I can rejoice with.”

That is your family, your family gathered here in this evening. That is why you come. You think you come to hear my wise words. Well, they are wise words, but truly you come to be with family and to receive the upliftment of the hugs and the laughter and the revelations that ones have had in the past few weeks since you last met. That is why you come together.

That is why you want to make trek sometimes to visit friends who are of like mind, because they are your family, and you have come back, reincarnated many lifetimes at the same time so that you could be with them and find them again. You have even said that to ones when you have met them. You feel that they are family and you feel at home with them. You have said, “Boy, I’m really glad we found each other. Hey, it’s great that we have found each other once again.” Because you are family, and you have been through many lifetimes together, so rejoice in that.

Allow yourself to feel happy that you do have family that understands you. Biological family oftentimes does not understand you. That is not their job. Their mission is to sandpaper. Their mission is not to understand you; not even to encourage you; not even to be there for you, except to sandpaper. Their mission, their primary mission, is to sandpaper. And if you find ones of biological family who are of like mind, count yourself most blessed, because it is a bit rare. Usually it is their job to sandpaper. If you look at the biological family with that understanding, it makes it easier to allow them to do their thing, and you thank them for what they are doing.

What are other excuses why you can’t do? What are you waiting for? “Well, I’m waiting for a group to come together that will have the collective energy so that we can work as a group and form a community. I want to be able to be in a community where ones are of like mind, and I want to live close enough so that I can be in communication with them.”

But truly, you already have that. Your technology allows you with the telephone, with the internet, and with the mind to be connected all of the time. And as you are able to throw off some of the limitation of lack of golden coins, you are able to make trek to be together, as you have a gathering coming up in a couple weeks time where you will be meeting ones of like mind and spending days together, five days of renewing the connection of lifetimes.

“Well, I don’t have the golden coins.” You do. Anything—and you have proved this to yourself—anything that you truly want to do, you have the power to do. You’ve already done miracles in your life. You can look back over the life and you can see that you have done miracles that you thought, “Well, that will never happen. That can’t be. I’m not going to travel to a foreign land.” And then you did.

“I’m not going to be able to go back to school and learn a new trade. I’m too old for that.” No, the brain keeps functioning as long as you’re breathing. Even if you decide to take a rest from the mental and have what is called the Alzheimer’s, you are still functioning. You are still having purpose. It may not be the purpose that others judge, but what is that to thee how they look upon it. You still have purpose.

I will share with you that when ones seemingly are no longer with you mentally, when they may be in a state of Alzheimer’s, there is a consciousness, an inner consciousness that is alive and well. They may not be able to communicate that, they may not be able to do all of the things that they have done in other years, but there is still an inner consciousness that is alive, an inner dialogue that they carry on with themselves.

Now, they may not express it, so you may not know it, but it is there. As long as they draw breath, there is consciousness. So sometimes when you look upon one in some of your rest homes and you see them just sitting there, you think, “Well, they are pretty much finished.” They are not finished. There is much that is yet going on in their consciousness that you do not see. They are completing certain things that have puzzled them throughout a lifetime, and now they have time to sit and contemplate. They may not be able to express that to you, but that doesn’t matter. It’s their own consciousness, not yours, so you don’t have to know it, but they are doing their own work. As long as you draw breath, as long as there is life being expressed, there is purpose.

So what are you waiting for? Are you waiting for someone else to give you permission? Well, I’m going to take that one away from you. I give you permission as of right now to do whatever you have hoped, dreamed, wanted to do in this lifetime. I give you permission to feel free to go sailing through the rest of this lifetime in choices of happiness, choices of creativity where you know your power of creating that which is pleasant. I give you permission.

Now, when you were small, it was advantageous that you get permission from the parents to do various things; otherwise, there might be a bit of reaction on their part. But you are now grown past that stage, and you give yourself permission. You have permission from the one who has the power to give you permission.

Whatever you want to do, follow the inner guidance. That is truly your strength, the power of choice to follow your inner guidance. If something does not feel right for you, it is 99 percent of the time due to timing. It is not that the dream, the hope, the vision is wrong, but it has to do 99.99 percent of the time with timing. So, as I have said many, many times to you, “Patience.”

Cultivate the strength of patience. Know that all is in your divine order. Everything is unfolding for the best. If you have felt that you have been held back from doing something, allow yourself to understand the gift of timing. We have talked about how you have built that into your reality, this reality, as a nuisance, but also as a safety net.

So listen to your inner guidance and ask of yourself, “What am I waiting for?” It may be timing. So you use a bit of common sense along with the impulsiveness of creativity to fashion for yourself the very best outcome.

But I do ask of you to ask of yourself, “What are you waiting for?” Be clear about what you are waiting for. Maybe what you are waiting for is staying in the future because there is yet something that you want to complete where you are, without the vision yet being manifest.

Now, I know ego says, “That doesn’t make sense,” but it does make sense. Sometimes what you are waiting for is the timing, and that is one of the most difficult challenges, is to have a vision, to want to get on with it, to know the creativity, to know you have the power to do it, and then to acquiesce to the higher self of timing and to be patient and to trust. But while you are waiting and while you are trusting, start working with positive attitude, start putting aside some of the savings, start changing the thinking so that when the timing is right, you can move ahead quickly.

You are all putting everything in order, whether you can see it or not. Sometimes there is disappointment because it doesn’t come as quickly as you would like it to. Sometimes you look back over the years and you say, “Well, all those ideas I had a decade ago, two decades ago, well, they were great ideas, but didn’t happen. It doesn’t mean that it isn’t going to happen. The important thing is to know patience, to know trust, and to begin as if you were going to move right into that vision on the morrow, and get the energy amped up so that when the timing is right, you and anyone else that may be working with you or that you invite to work with you will be ready also just to move quickly ahead and manifest.

There is a divine timing about everything, and that is very challenging in world issues, in this reality of the world, because seemingly you have to all be in concert pulling this cart up the mountainside, all pulling together. In truth, you are. There is an evolutionary shift that is taking place, and you are all pulling the cart up the mountainside together, even though it may look like many are pulling it backwards. But in truth, you are making progress with it.

In truth, the shift has already become visible. You can see some of the changes that are happening. So take heart from what you can see, and then trust that what is unseen is unfolding as it must in the divine plan.

That is why I have spoken to you so often of being the beholder, of being able to step back from whatever seemed to be right in front of you and to watch the drama, watch the choices, and to see how everything does work together, even though you thought you wanted such and such, and then you didn’t get it, and something better came along.

And you said, “Wow, I am really glad I didn’t take that apartment, because this house is much better. A week ago, I would have taken that apartment, and it would have been okay, but the house is much better.”

Same thing with careers. You start out when you are small, when you are a teenager, and people ask you, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Some of you have ideas of what you want. Oftentimes you don’t really know, because that which you move into doing hasn’t been created yet. That career, that area of expertise hasn’t been created. But you start out and you do one area of something, and then you have opportunity, sometimes others will give you a nudge and they’ll say, “You’re no longer needed at this place,” and you say, “Oh, now I have to find something else that will bring me the golden coins,” and you move on to somewhere else where you can develop other creative abilities that you have that will allow other abilities of yourself to come forth.

Look at your life, this life, and see how you have been guided. Everything you have done in this lifetime has led you to right here where you are right now, and the same will be true of the future. You can trust the future, because you know who holds the future: you do.

You look back on your life and you see the things that sometimes you judged to be maybe wrong choices or not the best choices at the time—that’s what you judged at the time—but then you look back now and you say, “Well, if I hadn’t done that, and if I hadn’t met a friend or so, I wouldn’t have known about and I wouldn’t have gone, etc.,” which has led you to where you are right now.

So everything in your life that you have fashioned and put together has been the right choice. It has led you to this place. And this place, even though you may say it has some of the drawbacks, challenges, things that possibly could be judged as not so good, this place is leading you on, preparing you for even better positive choice.

Every moment you have choice. Every moment you have the power to choose where you want to abide. No one can take that away from you. They can take everything else away from you—the dwelling place, the career, the employment, even to ask of you that you release the body—but they cannot take away your power of choice of how you perceive what is happening.

So think upon that. Make your choices with awareness. Make your choice with trust and patience if the timing does not seem quite right. Follow the inner prompting that you have, because it comes from your Self, that inner prompting that has led you to this place where you are right now.

So if you have a certain feeling about something, follow that feeling. You wouldn’t have that feeling if it were not a message, a nudging from higher Self. You will know when it is time. But meantime, as beloved elder has said to you sometimes, “You know, while you are planning for the future, move your feet.”

In other words, start preparing. Put aside some of the golden coins. Start changing the attitude about, “Oh, well, I’m too old to do.” Never too old. “Well, all of the ones in my family, they’ve always released the body around this time, so therefore I probably only have a year or two left, and what good is that. Can’t do much. I might as well quit right now.”

Well, where’s the peace and joy in that? As long as you draw breath, you have power. And as long as you know that you have that power, you can make choice to live in peace, in joy, in enlightenment, in a wakeful state, awakening to who and what you are. It doesn’t mean that you won’t walk with the brothers and sisters and that you won’t be seen by them to be human, unless of course you choose to show them a bit that will rattle their cage…and you can do that.

Some of you will do that in even the next several years of your timing. You will reach out the hand, and there will be a bunch of grapes in the hand, and they will say, “How did you do that?” And you will say, “I just thought it, and they appeared,” because all is energy. But I get ahead of myself.

You will do all of the things that I did and even more. You are already doing. Your technology allows you. The technology that you bring forth allows you to do much more than I did. You do healing in different ways. You remember the old ways, that all is energy, all is thought made manifest. But then you bring a little nuance into it and you bring some technology into it, and you allow others to know that they serve you by bringing technology into it.

Nothing is ever done by chance; it is all by divine plan. So ask of yourself, “What am I waiting for? Is it someone else to tell me to go ahead? Am I waiting because my inner guidance tells me that I should wait?” Listen to it if it is telling you. If the inner guidance is saying, “Get busy,” if you can’t do A, B, & C, do D, E, & F while you’re waiting for the ABC to come together.” Above all, make your waiting pleasant, awakened, happy, knowing where your power lies.

Do not put off until the morrow your happiness. It is right there at the end of the fingertips, right there to grasp and to live, to come truly alive. That is who you are: alive, awake, joyful.

So be it.


Amanda Klein

June 16, 2009, 5:17 pm
As always, Jesus gives us the perfect message and the perfect words. His love and truth come through this message perfectly. Oh how we love him so. We are blessed to have a teacher and guiding light like Jeshua. He truly is the open door.

Thank You

Lisa OConnell

June 16, 2009, 1:53 pm
This is absolutely wonderful, full of humour and hope. Thank you for sharing.

Thank You For This Beautiful


June 16, 2009, 1:52 pm
Thank you for this beautiful words as they came to me on this my birth date. Thank you and all my love to you and brothers and sisters. Thank You :o)



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