The Bonds And Cords Of Family Ties

The Bonds And Cords Of Family Ties

by debzart

June 20, 2009, Comments(2)

The Bonds and Cords of Family Ties

I am writing this from personal experience of the energies that are asking us all to deal with family matters. An energy tip off from my friend Elizabeth Peru (deltawaves) titled
CLEARING FAMILY TIES (link to tip off at end of blog) came to my attention June 19th 2009. In this tip off she tells of energies urging us to deal with family issues, Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, daughters and sons. This did not include partners, wife or husband.

I had personally been releasing and dealing with my family members for the past month and thought I was well on my path.

My husband was first to receive an indication of what was about to transpire, an upsetting email from one of his sons. So when I suddenly had to deal with unsettling energies coming from my husbands son directed at me I was taken by surprise. With my guides by my side I asked for healing for this young man who has a tremendous amount of grief, anger and guilt bottled up within him. It seems that this healing cannot come from me as it would not be accepted, so I now send out feelings of love, peace, harmony and joy to him and see him in his brightest light.
Thank you to our many friends who have sent positive energy to help us through this difficult time.
A special thank you to Elizabeth (deltawaves) for her heads up tip off and instructions on how to deal with such situations.

Link to Deltawaves tip off page CLEARING FAMILY TIES

And Then There's The Ancestors Via Divorce Lol


December 29, 2009, 3:11 am
Just reading this now....28 December I struggled to understand what was prompting my release from my ex mother-in-law over Christmas. It's capital letters...for changes of the 4th lunar eclipse coming the 31st! And I read in 2 blogs of astrological issues relating to family, ones that have to be released. I see that as a perfect justification in my case.

And when I read this today, I understand your situation...and it is a special challenge, is also a divorce-related Ancestor...your husband's son. Our Teacher here, Emmanuel explained that any family member who comes to teach us Lessons via marriage is yes, that's right...yet another Ancestor. I hope you're doing well. It was nice to read of the loving wishes you were sending him.

Nice to find 'help' here. Thank you!


Thank You For This! This Is


June 20, 2009, 3:35 pm
Thank you for this! this is the way it is done and with the highest outcome for all!

BE the LOVE that YOU ARE!!


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