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July 21, 2009, Comments(2)


July 21st 2009

Crystal Grid by visionary artist Deb Graves

The Crystal Grid

by Deb Graves / Araznu

Starseeds, you are of the crystal grid. Feel the vibration within you and sing. Shine your lights brightly and illuminate what is left of the darkness. Connect yourself with the crystal core of Mother Earth and let the light of the Creator flow through you powering up the grid. Reach out to the mass consciousness and join with the Matrix.

Our time has come to flood the Earth with light. No matter what colour, size, shape that we have chosen we are here to assist the ascension of mankind.

With the coming solar eclipse much power will surge forth, be ready. This will be a time of unlimited manifesting, set your hearts desires into motion, dream as you have never before. Fill your heart with love, joy and peace and place within your desires.

During a recent meditative journey with a wonderful friend of mine (Thank you Sherry) I was shown this beautiful scene. "Home" was what it felt like and the sound of all the crystals singing their vibrations was truly amazing. I was one such crystal among the masses, yet we all felt perfectly connected in the message that we sang. "Love".


BlessingS  Deb Graves / Araznu

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Deb Graves

Thank You!


July 21, 2009, 9:07 pm
Thank you for posting this! I Am a starseed and over the past weeks have experienced many changes/shifts in energies, I have been grounding myself to the best of my ability while anchoring and communicating this powerful energy with Gaia. I have felt a kind of calling to this night, and can feel something amazing taking place within my very being :)

Beatuful image!

Many kind wishes & Much love, Carl

Singing My Song


July 21, 2009, 8:11 pm
You are singing the song of my own heart.
Holding the Unconditional Love of Home within the collective consciousness of humanity.
Together we are bringing Home home....
Thank you for posting this!!


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