Amazing Fiery Images Of Re-awakening Krakatoa Volcano!

Amazing Fiery Images Of Re-awakening Krakatoa Volcano!

by sensipeter

August 2, 2009, Comments(2)
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Fiery images as killer volcano that claimed 36,000 lives stirs once more

30 July 2009

Infamous: Anak Krakatoa caused 36,000 deaths after a fiery eruption in 1883 - the highest number of human deaths caused by a volcano everAn amateur photographer has captured new images of the re-awakening of the world's most famous volcano.

In a breathtaking series Marco Fulle, who specialises in shots of comets, has photographed the Anak Krakatoa against a backdrop of constellations such as the Big Dipper.

These stunning pictures show the latest activity during the rebirth of the infamous volcano which holds a long-standing record for causing the highest number of human deaths ever - a staggering 36,000 in 1883.

Marco, 51, from Trieste, Italy, last month captured these images of the waking monster and even caught a violent storm passing over the new cone.

The ticking time-bomb can be seen spewing ash into the Indonesian sky between Java and Sumatra where it lies on the Sunda Strait.

Lava can also be seen trickling down the side of the new slopes that have quickly grown to a towering 360 metres. It now measures half of the size of the original mound that ended so many lives.

Marco said: 'These volcanos repeat explosions like that of 1883 many times during their life. The common opinion is that Krakatoa will become again really dangerous when it reaches the size it had been in 1883. It was two-times taller than now.' 

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Me Too, It Fascinating How


August 2, 2009, 3:25 pm
me too, it fascinating how much is being interwoven ! :)

Very Interesting..


August 2, 2009, 1:07 pm
Thank you for posting, Peter. I like to keep up with earth changes! 

In Lovingkindness, Susan

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