Enlightenment - The NOW

Enlightenment - The NOW

by uncut7712

August 2, 2009, Comments(5)
Ascended Masters

Anyone who has experienced the ego-less or enlightened state will know that the only way that this state can be achieved is by being in the NOW. The only difference between "past" and the present moment is the mental "photo" that we have in our minds of an event that happened. It still happened in this moment. The past doesn't exist. When we refer to something that happened in the past, we access a memory trace imprinted in our heads. Yes, things happen in succession. The earth completes one orbit around the sun and we call that a year and 10 orbits equals 10 years but it all happens NOW. We label a completed revolution and call it he beginning of a new year on our calendar. If we think in terms of how many billions of times the earth has orbited the sun it is easier to comprehend the nonexistens of past and future. Nothing has changed regarding the earth's billions of orbits around the sun and thus there is nothing to call a past event. Some events feel like they happened a long time ago but that is only because the memory trace (photo) imprinted in our minds has disolved more. The future is a mental projection of the mind. If we as human beings couldn't think or learn, but could only observe with our senses then time would be completely meaningless. Events would happen and we would just be there to observe them and see them clearly. Ego is based on past experiences (mental concepts, judgements and labels) and future projections of what it thinks it needs to achieve. The ego cannot exist in the now.



January 11, 2011, 4:10 am


I Have Read "The Power Of


August 14, 2009, 2:40 pm
I have read "The Power of NOW" and "The New Earth"and these books have really helped me understand how the Ego seems to be it's own entity and wants to be in charge and keep you so busy that evolution is impossible. Well Eckhart Tolle can help change all that so you can step out of the busy mind and BE HERE and BE NOW. It has changed my life. I am so Grateful.

May Love and Light shine on us all, Joe



August 3, 2009, 7:23 pm
Thank you for your question. It is the destiny and purpose of every human being to achieve this state. That is why we are here. It is a state of absolute peace where the sacred precence and love of God is sensed. In this state the Light is able to shine through and report back what it is perceiving. The ego is based on STRUCTURES that we build from past experiences and future goals and then identifying with them. This causes a feeling of seperation and emptyness. As you might well know, we are endlessly searching for something or someone to make us whole but whatever we find never lasts. In the ego-less state you are whole already. So, the significance for an individual would be an end to the struggle. The ego (who we think we are) feels guilty because of seperating and is thus constantly judging and condemning in order to feel more self righteous. I am taking a shot in the dark here but I am guessing that you are from a Christian background. Sin is not the bad that opposes the good but it is the "knowledge" thereof and identifying with a position on the plane between good and evil. Ego is not who you are in your essense. When perceiving our reality from ego we get a distorted view. We don't see the whole or true situation but we see it and judge it based on what we have learnt from similar situations. This causes suffering. You might have learnt that something or someone has made you feel bad in a particular situation and thus you feel bad everytime such a situation arises. So, to answer your question about how this reconciles with the reality of the dualistic world: In simple terms, if you were able to perceive the ego and recognize the behavioural patterns you wouldn't feel bad in a "bad" situation and thus you wouldn't respond from the conditioned pattern of the ego. Responding from the ego causes a response from the ego of another person and this obviously leads to unessesary conflict. Everyone feels that they are right in a conflict situation because they act from what they have learnt to be "right" an "wrong". But what is right for you is not nesessarily right for me... Keeping the ego in check allows more love to flow from oneself to others and thus only love can be returned. The closer you are to the centre in yourself, the closer you are to the centre in everyone else. Ego triggers ego and love triggers love. So, as a result of one having this experience, you and everyone around you will perceive more love and peace as opposed to endless pain and conflict.

You Insight Is Welcome


August 3, 2009, 5:11 pm
So, if one were to have this experience - what would be the purpose? What would be the significance? How is this reconciled with the reality of the dualistic world... just because the self is perceived does not insinuate one is called to be a teacher, that's just a role the ego identifies with... then, what does it imply? How should one respond?

Thank You!! The Light Has


August 2, 2009, 4:07 pm
Thank You!! The light has grown brighter! Love Light & Joy


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