*FREE* VIP Tele-Class: Navigating Mercury Retrograde In A Month Of Change

*FREE* VIP Tele-Class: Navigating Mercury Retrograde In A Month Of Change

by KellyMBeard

August 30, 2009, Comments(1)

Nan Fortune of *NAN & COMPANY*
Results through Numerology Life Maps, Angel Therapy®
and Other Tools for Conscious Creation

*FREE* VIP Tele-Class: Navigating Mercury Retrograde In A Month of Change
6:00 PM US/Pacific Time / 9:00 PM US/Eastern Time

Mercury will be Retrograde during September 2009, a month that offers potential major life changes to all of us. Nan Fortune's F*R*E*E 60 – 90 minute Tele-Class with special guest, internationally recognized astrologer, Kelly M. Beard, will give you valuable tips on how to navigate and use the energies of September 2009 in the most constructive way.

Register *NOW*
Email Nan @ [email protected]
*Enter “MERCURY” in the Subject Line
Receive Access Info Upon Registering

Nan says, "In a nutshell, September 2009 has the potential to change your life in a major way. From just a numerology standpoint, September can be an ideal time to change jobs, negotiate contracts, buy and sell property, initiate and/or settle litigation, and resolve any relationship differences. What can stand in our way? --The astrological phenomenon known as Mercury retrograde."

Click Here for Event Flyer: http://www.karmictools.com/Downloads/NanFortune-NavigatingMercuryRetrogradeInAMonthofChange.pdf

A Free Man & WoMan...

Edna Santara

September 1, 2009, 11:41 am
OnCe UpOn A TiMe There Was A Man. He Was ChoPPing WoOd And CarRying WaTer...
One Day ThIS Man BeCame EnLighTenEd...

NoW TheRe Is An EnLighTenED Man ChoPPinG WoOd And CarRyinG WatEr... A FREE MAN.

OnCe UpOn A TiMe TheRe WaS A WoMan. She Was FieRing WooD And BoiLing WatEr...
OnE DaY ThIS WoMAN BeCaMe EnLiGhTeNeD...

NOW ThEre IS An EnLiGhTeNeD WoMan FiErIng WoOd AnD BoiLinG WA-TeR... A FREE WoMan.



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