What Type Of Angel Are You?

What Type Of Angel Are You?

by Sun Solace

September 2, 2009, Comments(11)
Starseeds and Walkins

"When you look into the eyes of an elemental you see twinkles of mischief or playfulness."You Might Be An

Incarnated Elemental If You...
Like to play practical jokes.
Prone to addictions.
Might have reddish hair and a Celtic appearance (ruddish complexion).
Love to party.
Are fiery and passionate.
Prefer the company of plants and animals to people.
Can't stand rules or people who abide by them.
Are reluctant healers or helpers.
Can easily manifest abundance or the complete opposite.
Prefer play over hard work.
Can't stand being indoors very long.
Prefer not to have clothes on.
Prefer outdoor jobs such as leading nature hikes, forest rangers, gardening, dog-walking
Love working with gems, crystals and other stones.
You have a high degree of creativity.
Do well in dance, theater, comedy, poetry, publishing, motivational speaking and performance arts.
Love to laugh, play and be silly.
Elementals love music and dancing
If you're an elemental, get up and groove!

"When you look into the eyes of an incarnated angel, you see sweet, pure, unconditional love."You Might Be An Incarnated Angel If You...
Have a sweet, heart-shaped face.
Say "I'm sorry" a lot.
"Look" like an angel (whether male or female).
Have overeating or weight issues.
Gravitate to the helping fields of nursing, teaching, counselors, or healing.
Lighten or highlight your hair.
Are very trusting of people.
Feel guilty saying no to others.
Seem to glow with a large aura.
Fall in love with someone's potential and try to coach them to greatness.
Tend to have codependent relationships with addicts and alcoholics.
Stay in relationships much longer than a normal person might.
Love following rules and don't like them broken.
Are really good at giving, but not at receiving.

What Are Earth Angels?
Doreen describes Earth Angels as those lightworkers who have come to the planet to help it and all its inhabitants to evolve. Earth Angels come in a variety of "forms" such as Incarnated Elementals or Wise Ones, which are listed below.

But how do you know if you are an Earth Angel? Some of the characteristics are listed below:

Feeling different, separate or disconnected from others.

Sensitivity to people, chemicals or violence.

A strong sense of purpose.

Problems with manifesting abundance or relationships.

Looking younger than your chronological years.

A ringing sound in one ear (which is high level communication that is "unintelligible).

Strangers telling you their problems.

"There's no use in pretending or lying to Wise Ones, because truth is apparent to them."You Might Be a Wise One If You...
Can affect the weather.
Are highly opinionated in a helpful way.
Are fascinated with the ancient esoteric cultures of Egypt, Greece, Atlantis, or Mayan.
Enjoy or have studied shamanism, astrology, wicca, alchemy kabbalistic healing or other ancient systems of healing and information.
Are good at manifesting, intuition and healing.
Have an aversion to the times of the Inquisition and witch burning
Have an affinity for the elemental world.
Are solemn, and serious.
Are highly sensitive to moon phases.

"Those whom they help barely notice them, yet Starpeople don't perform acts of service in order to gain accolades.Starpeople originally come from other planets and galaxies but have incarnated on Earth with a mission to spread kindness. They may express a yearning for their home planet and have a connection with star groups like the Pleiades or Sirius.

Physical characteristics of starpeople include exotic, almond or inverted U-shaped eyes. Males may be tall and have a thin frame. Interests of starpeople include UFOs, technology, and electronic devices. They have a rainbow aura and often work as energy healers.

"You Might Be A Starperson If You...
Feel like no one notices or acknowledges you for your good deeds.
Have visions of spaceships hovering above you.
Are eager to assist others but are a bit detached or "cool to others."
Love technology.
Prefer an intuitive sense of spirituality over a religious form.
Have a fascination with certain star systems such as the Pleiades, Andromeda or Sirius.
Are sensitive to crowds, people and places.
Love symbols, codes, runes, and sacred geometry.
Are task-oriented over relationship-oriented.
Are extra sensitive to and abhor violence.
Living near water is a must.

"When you look into the eyes of a Mystic Angel, you see compassion."You Might Be A Hybrid If You...
You may feel like you resonated to more than one of these realms of Earth Angels. If so, you may be a combination of two or more. Below are some of the more common combinations and their characteristics.

BTW..if you're wondering...I'm a mystic angel.

Mystic Angels: Combination of Wise Ones and Angels. Loving, helpful and caring AND street-wise instead of overly trusting. They still appreciate rules but because they value order and organization. They are healers AND know-it-alls, with a better sense of giving and receiving.

Knights Paladin: Also half Wise One and Half Angel, but the Wise One part is a knight...those who fight for just causes and to defend the weaker. They are truthful, orderly, and can keep a secret.

Mystic Stars: Blend of Starpeople and Wise Ones. Natural born teachers who bring universal knowledge to Earth. Their teachings have global purpose of inspiring world peace.

Leprechauns: Half Wise Ones and half Incarnated Elementals. They have the wisdom that comes from living on the Earth for many lifetimes, down to earth practical approach to living, wicked sense of humor and a deep sense of connection to nature.

Merpeople: Half Incarnated Angel and half Incarnated Elemental. These people often have long curly red or red-tinted hair, have to live near the ocean and are passionate about birds, whale, dolphins and other marine life. They are often thirsty and need to drink water constantly.

Lightworkers are people who feel in their souls a divine, global mission to help the world through love, education, higher consciousness, and healing.

Those who advocate for love, light, and planetary well-being have been characteristically recognized to have certain common traits that fall naturally into groups

Other forms of starpeople also have indigo auras, and are crystal children in recent years there are new children that have rainbow auras there called rainbow children. Indigo children have ADD ADHD and are warriors. Crystals come after indigos and are here to promote peace and tranquility. If lightworkers feel they don't fit into one of the other Earth angel realms, they may possibly be a hybrid, shapeshifter, or evolving soul. Hybrid realms include the blended mystic angels (half wise one and half incarnated angel) and star-mers (half starperson and half merperson) for example.

Leprechauns (half wise one and half incarnated elemental) like to be silly sometimes and serious other times; they tend to wear green or earth-tone colors and enjoy telling stories and playing practical jokes.

Merpeople, also of the blended realms, have an affinity to water, tend to have long, red hair, have greenish eyes, and love animals like dolphins, whales, seahorses, and dragonflies.

The Knights Paladin is an Earth angel realm that represents the protective side of angels. They are fascinated with knights, armor, the Round Table and Arthurian legend and often work in the armed services or police force. Famous Knight Paladins are Michael, Uriel, Chamuel, Gabriel and Ariel.

Shapeshifters are dabblers that try different realms, learning what they can from each and bringing gifts of joy to others. Evolving souls also move on to various realms not fully identifying with one group but are aware they have a divine purpose.

For believers, these groups are not meant to create a belief of separation. The purpose is to help lightworkers feel more comfortable about their personalities, behaviors, and desires to be of assistance.

Discovering qualities of Earth angels may allow lightworkers to gain a sense of identity and understanding as they attempt to figure out their personal and spiritual purposes. There are also Otherkins that are creatures or mytical creatures in human form but there souls are not human at all. There incarnated dragons, vamps, chimera, minotaur, centaur, unicorns, merpeople, faes, and such that work with earths energies and know that they are different and not human.

Thank You!


November 8, 2010, 7:39 pm
Hi! This was sooo helpful to me! I feel like I got to know myself better and I don't feel so weird now. I've always felt detached from others. Like I'm not meant to be here. Or maybe I'm not from here, but am here for a reason. A bigger purpose! I feel I can identify with all of these. I have somewhat of a fiery personality, but I'm very sweet & pure. I love to laugh and joke. I love to color my hair and I have some weight issues. (Nothing serious though) I feel like I want to help people, I just don't know how.. Somehow I do seem to make people feel better, though. I think because I'm also 'highly opinionated in helpful ways'. I am also fascinated with the ancient systems, and I just want to learn more and more! I'm always looking up things and doing research on the internet.. I seem to look very serious, and people are suprised when they see how kind I am. I think my serious face and sometimes attitude comes from me focusing so hard or thinking really deep. I tend to get lost in thought all the time. I am very interested in UFOs and the things that are "out there"...
So I feel like I might be a shapreshifter or evolving soul... maybe? If not, I think I'd definately be a Starperson ... I have had many dreams of UFOs, I've been known to be 'cool to others' without even wanting to be.. I am very sensitive to crowds, big places, violence, people... and I love to learn of symbolism, codes & runes, sacred geometry, Mayans and ancient Egyptians. I don't worry about relationships much either. & I LOVE water! I feel even though I have Incarnated Elemental, Earth Angel, and Wise One traits, I'll take my place with the Starpeople. :)
Thank you!

In Doreen's Opinion


November 22, 2009, 1:50 am
In Doreen's opinion, I would be a wise one...yet, I have been given a different descriptive name, not that it truly matters. Thanks for posting, it is interesting.

Guardian & Warrior Angel.


November 11, 2009, 7:38 pm
Guardian & Warrior Angel. Wore Gold & white. Served the Throne. Cheers

What Earth Angel Are You

Sun Solace

September 26, 2009, 8:02 pm
Dear Reikilady,

I am a mystic angel too. I feel it fits me the most. How did you know that you were different. I know I am not from here too. I feel I am from plieadies. Can you help me out and understand I am new at this finding out I am a mystic angel. I am overweight too its hard. I am 235 pounds and trying my best to lose weight. Please right back I need to know what it is like to be an angel and wise one.



September 19, 2009, 9:17 pm
I feel like I'm a mixture of nearly everything up there!! Incarnated Elemental, Incarnated Angel, Earth Angel, and Wise One. I resonate with at least half of the qualities listed for each of these.
I can be all of these. I find myself changing alot. Some days I am one type. Some days I am another. Also, it depends on who I am with. I think I may just be evolving. I feel like I am much more. Coming to a realization of Oneness. The integration of everything. I am no longer one personality. I am all and also none. We are all One. There is no seperation, for that is all illusion. Ego. There is only Love, Oneness.
Anyway, I know this. But, I'm still evolving. So I find myself coming out of it often and sifting through other aspects of Self.
Thank you for you post Sun Solace!! :D

Thanks For This!


September 5, 2009, 3:38 am
I guess I am 60/40 incarnated angel/wise one, so a mystic angel. It is comforting to know there are others like me. I am delighted to be here, and love studying the old ways, but I know I am not "from" here.

Lol I Still Feel Like Am No


September 4, 2009, 6:31 pm
lol I still feel like am no one thing.. even with the hybrids! Which is typical of me! Whenever I take tests and things I always come up as a mix of everything... There wasn't really one thing there that did not resonate with me lol... ahhhhh... If I have come to any conclusions over the years it's that I am somehow connected to unicorns/angels/elementals/nature based religions/atlantis/lemuria/pleiadies/elohim

which kind of makes me more confused haha! Oh well, remembering who you are is fun ;)



September 3, 2009, 5:14 am
Hello everybody,
What kind of angel am I? Seems like I AM a mixed up angel. LOL!
Peace my friends,

Well I'm A Blend...& That Explains It All Lol Lol Lol


September 3, 2009, 1:19 am
...been at this a looooooooooooong time, this evolution...and from what I read above, by the time I'm done...I'll have been many in carnated elementals, angels on & on...with thick wavy red hair now fading to grey, blue eyes, mirth, worth, affinity for addictions and those so afflicted...water needs...I drink all the time...it's late, I'm confused by labels...and just live into Who I AM, a happy lightworker/warrior of passion, conviction, compassion... Enjoyed this assault on my sensibilities because I'm leaving more confused than when I started to read. Thank you for so much info...Glad for some frivolity, dear Sun Solace--mustn't take ourselves too seriously.

Love Love LOVE It!
Im Sure


September 3, 2009, 12:22 am
love love LOVE it!
im sure you helped out a lot of confused people hehe...thank you for this post!
love and light

Very Helpful.


September 2, 2009, 1:30 pm
Thank you...
Especially for those who are just about to get into this realm.


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