9-9-09...The Final Completion- Karen Bishop~

9-9-09...The Final Completion- Karen Bishop~

by Karen Bishop

September 8, 2009, Comments(9)

9-9-09...The Final Completion

September 8, 2009


As we near the final stretch, there are still some challenges present, but with the new structuring now at the final stages, at least we now know where we are and what the road looks like…all symptomatic that things have fallen much more securely into their very new grooves and new homes. After the June shake-up, every piece of our being was dislodged and thrown every which way, and now, as these pieces ever so slowly have begun to land, we are finally finding our new grounding and new direction…one small piece at a time.

We may have had clear direction and purpose, to some degree before the end of June, but because of the massive shake-up and re-structuring that occurred, our visions may have become lost for a while, if even doubted, and we may have wondered what, if anything, we were now supposed to be doing and where we were supposed to be going.

Our prior clearer direction may also now have changed to a degree…all because of the re-structuring that needed to occur. When we indeed landed in very new spaces, so very far apart from each other, we were placed here and there, according to who we are and what we will be doing. So even though our purpose and plan was still intact, our road there and new foundation may have changed some.

A few nights ago, as I put down the novel I was reading in bed, and prepared to turn out the light, a massive non-physical being appeared at the foot of my bed. This particular star being I had only rarely spoken to at times in my life, as he (it) is at the top of the ladder, the head of the tribe, and most certainly, the top dog of my particular star family. With his presence ever looming, and larger and more powerful than I was used to encountering in my bedroom, I knew that there must be something very important at hand.

“It is time for you to decide,” was all he said. “Decide what?” I asked him. I already knew where I was going and what I would be doing next, so I was baffled by his insistent message. “Uh, oh,” I then thought. Perhaps it was finally time to depart this world, as I did know that as soon as everyone had successfully arrived intact in a very new reality, that I would be done with my prior purpose. Maybe I would not be staying around for a new phase, and the way things had been going on the planet, perhaps it was curtains for all of us, even though I had felt fairly certain of what was occurring and about to occur. Or maybe it was just the end of the road for me. But being that I do not know everything, and never have, maybe the plan had changed once again, and I was now out of the loop or something, or had not been paying enough attention. At times, I get as surprised as everyone else, and at times, I am in the dark as well. So I asked for a bit more clarity.

I have been writing recently that we need to get clear during this particular phase, as to what it is that we really and truly desire, clear about who we are and what we are going to contribute, and clear about where we want to be. So in this way, I was not really sure about what was now occurring with this message from my star family, as I believed that I had been very clear for quite some time. As more information came through, it became evident that we are simply now in the final phase of the change-over and the new re-structuring process, which will culminate on September 9, 2009. And know as well, that there is always a window of energy around any particular date, in regard to when things will occur…it does not always have to be on a very specific date and time.

Our new spaces are in the very final stages of being prepared, so in this way, we need to know where we want to be so that these spaces can be cleared for us, and most importantly, created for us. This is the last minute, final check and re-check request from above. The new spaces are being allotted now at the higher levels, and this is really, just good news and a great confirmation. I especially enjoy these rare moments, as I am not a channeler, nor do I get most of my information from non-physical beings. So in this way, I am never absolutely positive about anything, as I just look out through my eyes and report what I see and what I am experiencing…and because of free will and choice, things can always, and frequently do, change.

Our new spaces are now, most assuredly, being created and we are being “guaranteed” our slots, as soon as we decide where we want to be...it is up to us. Are we hesitant to decide what it is that we want and where we want to be because we never seem to know what will happen next, and why bother? Have we lost so much trust in the universe and the process, that we do not dare to hope for anything at all? Is it difficult to become clear, because all we have known for a while now is un-manifesting and a planet of horrors and dark, dense energy? If we knew that our desires, purpose, and plan would manifest in every way and be better than we could have ever imagined, would that change things for us? Do we dare to ever believe again?

If we feel that we are done and that everything is over, it is simply because we are done and everything is over. If we feel isolated, it is simply because we were “sequestered” for a while, while our new beds were being made, and could not then, connect quite yet. We also landed very apart from one another when the dust settled, and will not be connecting until we know who we are and how we will connect. If we feel that we are dead inside, exhausted, weary, and used up, it is because we are, only we get to be re-born once again.

In Heaven’s Gate, I refer to our rejuvenation process, which occurs before we are re-born. Being that we transmuted so much energy through ourselves for so long, many of us are really used up. We had the opportunity and could utilized this rejuvenation process during April, May, and the beginning of June, and many of us did, as we prepared ourselves for the new re-birth (and know as well that everyone is different and can experience these stages at differing times in their own individual process). But then the end of June came along, shook everything up, we had to re-structure with a new dimensional hierarchy and plan, and we are now starting this process again, but only briefly this time.

In this way, we may feel physically uncomfortable again, with more symptoms while we align with these very new spaces. The new process involves some grieving and sorrow for the loss of the original plan, but this passes in time (personally, I still become highly emotional from time to time, because of how things turned out, but am finally making some progress), spinning and dizziness, extreme body aches and pain, pain in the feet, allergies, neck and upper back pain, sleepiness and fatigue, spaciness and strange time warps, a strange inability to read or write, or even comprehend what words mean, a general emptiness, feeling tight, squeezed, and overloaded, nerve pain, and intestinal bloating and cramping, to name a few. Gee, is there any physical or emotional symptom not present? As always, it is never a good idea to assume everything is related to the ascension process, as medical attention can certainly be warranted at times.

We are also filling up once again with light and energy, and this always creates digestive problems, bloating and belching, and a feeling as if we are balloons that have just been blown up and full of air. Some of you have also written to me about the hot flashes, so here is the vibe on those: We burn off the old as we prepare to move forward. This can manifest as intense hot flashes, that occur many, many times in a day. Have a negative thought or lower vibrating experience, and they will arrive in earnest. Years ago, I used to have massive heart pain and palpitations whenever I had a negative or lower vibrating thought! I have to laugh as many months ago, a nurse contacted me saying that I was simply experiencing menopause, but as the ascension process creates so many of these menopausal experiences for all of us, no matter our age or gender, we have come to know that it is not real and true menopause in the old 3D way, but simply the old and now familiar ascension process.

Some are already experiencing a flow and new ease with manifesting, while others are not. When energy comes in, it always hits the denser energies first. In the beginning stages of ascension, any health situations or weak areas within us, were usually affected much more severely by an energy shift or surge because they are much more dense or lower vibrating. My re-built leg used to really get clobbered. This is the process with energy. Now, this scenario is occurring again, but in regard to our arrival into a new space.

So then, those at the top of the heap, or on the top rungs of the ascension ladder, are not experiencing much quite yet in regard to manifesting. This is because they have been at it for much longer, have much less density, and thus, feel energy shifts much later than others, and sometimes, never at all (but not this time…). In addition, what these old war horses are preparing to create, is much more massive and affects so much more of those in the new reality, that their spaces and creations take longer to manifest and gel. But rest assured, with the knowledge and experience gained by these way-showers, we will be oh so grateful to have them at our helm.

There is no judgment here. Each of us chose our paths before we arrived, and thus, if we willingly follow our path and plan, and agree to open and expand, we will find ourselves precisely where we planned to be at any given time during this process. Some agreed to reside on lower rungs in order to affect the masses, and others agreed to go ahead. All in perfect and divine order.

The biggest roadblock at this time to moving forward, is negative thinking, doubt, and a cynical attitude, and it would be a miracle if many of us did not possess these feelings. As we are the ultimate creators, and holding so much more light now, how we think and feel can really make a difference.

After September 9, 2009…the final completion…there will indeed be an opportunity to really anchor in to a new space, and as always, it is up to us.

With much love and gratitude,

Shared with all love, Rosalie xo



November 6, 2009, 8:58 pm


Freespirit Destiny

September 9, 2009, 8:12 pm
Blessings to you for this Blog... I can relate very well with this and also am feeling a lot better now than a couple of weeks ago the cards were most definitely thrown up in the Air....

now I am clearer once more


Happy And Reassured To Read This Today


September 9, 2009, 1:56 pm
Thank you Karen and thnaks to Rosalie for sharing it. Love and light to you both.



September 8, 2009, 11:41 pm
This helps, tommorow will be a very special day for all of us.



September 8, 2009, 10:52 pm
Thank you Rosalie! 999 HUGS to you XXXXX

Thank You Karen


September 8, 2009, 6:54 pm
thanks sis,

this message really helped me out..

i love you and all so much..


oh and thanks Rosalie for sharing it:)

Thank You


September 8, 2009, 4:00 pm
Thank you Karen...as always your message is interesting and truly resonates with me...and surely with many others. We all feel these shifts and changes... but we follow our path...no matter what...no way back... we just go on.

Thank You Karen..........i


September 8, 2009, 2:48 pm
thank you Karen..........i needed this realignment.




September 8, 2009, 8:58 am
Thank you so much for sharing this with us. It touched me on many levels.




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