Geodesic Dome Light Temple Donation

Geodesic Dome Light Temple Donation

by Adeon

September 8, 2009 is raising fund to build or purchase a portable dome Light Temple. We aim to have a number of these for use by lightworkers across the world at various lifestyle and spiritual based festivals. The light temple is made from a geodesic dome, and is covered with a waterproof cover. We already have a number of people providing us with options to purchase or self build and its looking very positive. Complete instructions for building the 33ft dome frames are here. We are seeking any solutions for production of the enclosed fitted cover.

You can see some photos of the Light Temple in action at the Rainbow Serpent Festival in Australia. We have been providing the light temple space at Rainbow Serpent for the past 5 years. This is a smaller 24ft Dome, with material cover. This dome is provided to us by the event organisers.

The Crystal Mandala

At the heart every tribe is the tribal crystal matrix of consciousness and the crystal mandala represents the physical aspect of the rainbow serpent tribe collective consciousness. As each individual brings their singular energetic into matrix, into the tribal space, they are instantly integrated through the crystal mandala into the tribal consciousness. This collective is guided by pure spirit, the divine aspect of love that connects us all.

This consciousness facilitates synchronisation, intuitive guidance and congruence with the tribe as a whole. The crystal mandala is a tool, created, shaped and worked by the lightworkers and tribal shamans to facilitate a most harmonious balance of the energies, within and without, above and below.

You too are welcome to participate. Visit the mandala, offer your prayers and intentions for the tribe, bring an offering, place your own crystal into the matrix and connect with intent. For when we connect with pure intent, a link is made between the individual subconsciousness, and the tribal collective in awareness, and in knowingness. The experience of this is the essence of magic at work. May love be your guide and peace be your path. Shine on and shine as one.

The Light Temple is the heart of the festival, located on a nearby hill overlooking the whole event. A solar powered “Garden Light” path leads the way to the sanctuary.
The light temple is a clear crisp energetic space. A fine energy. A light energy. A place for high magic to be worked.

The mandala holds and processes the energy of the event, and is set and anchored to other geometric installations at the festival. Resonating, reflecting and transmuting all energies into cohesive harmony.

  • Raises group awareness and synchronicity
  • CPU of the tribal consciousness
  • 24/7 Retreat and sanctuary. Spiritual chill out zone.
  • Multisensory Installation. See it, hear it, smell it, touch it, feel it..
  • Highlights the divine principal of the festival

NOTE: Image to right are the types of dome structures we are looking to purchase or have made ourselves within budget.

Download detailed instructions on building a low cost 33ft Diameter 4V Dome. We are seeking manufacturers who can build these domes with waterproof covers. If you think you can help build, source materials or suppliers, please contact Adeon. We would like our own covered dome for Lightworkers at Burning Man 2011

Crystal Mandala Meditation and Workshop space inside the Light Temple Dome
more pics here

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