2010 Experiencing-Teleportation Through The Secret Heart Chamber – Generator Of Dimensions

2010 Experiencing-Teleportation Through The Secret Heart Chamber – Generator Of Dimensions

by Maurene Watson

September 20, 2009, Comments(1)

2010 Experiencing-Teleportation through the Secret Heart Chamber –
Generator of Dimensions
The New Ascended Masters- through Maurene Watson

Masters, in this 2010, you will disappear so deep within your new
experiences of heart creation; that you will feel like you have
finally begun to live for the dream you originally came to Earth for
in the beginning. In your own way, you will share and experience the
secret of your greatest freedom; the return of the origination point
of your Source/s through the blue-black hole sun chamber in your
heart. All your miracles, your new creations, meditations,
relationships, and joy will come and go; teleporting from this place
as you begin to precipitate your dreams, where choice will become
creation. You have never experienced this secret in a multi-conscious
universal DNA cell body before. This chamber includes an endless chain
of sources linking creation to creation; an endless chain of
creational marriages and families creating anew. All your source suns
are talking to each other and helping you choose new creations from
multiple options of experience in a heart

This secret begins to reveal itself when the soul frequencies spin
the physical cells like you’re in a vacuum cleaner being sucked into a
black hole. Many of you report that your meditations turn into a
spinning vacuum suction, like water going down the drain as you travel
through a wildly pulsing heart; as you are coming and going in your
new universe. You report feeling like you’re in a black-blue color, or
still point stasis. Some have suggested that it feels like your
birthing through lifetimes. When a black hole heart becomes conscious
it ignites itself into a blue flame chamber too birth all your ‘yous’
as one.

Well, you have finally experienced your own mystery school secret. A
conscious human heart is really a sun chamber that balances the
creator-destroyer energies through Sun Source love. This inner heart
sun has been your ultimate cloaking device and we will discuss its
requirements for body teleportation. This application directly serves
you in deleting old lifetimes, creating new lifetimes, and changing
your reality and your body at will. You are learning to travel inside/
out, through your heart sun’s black/blue hole out through the inner
earth sun’s black hole to your new universes. Black holes keep the
love of the creator and destroyer energies in perfect balance. Cosmic
Mother and Father sun black hole chambers, birth solar suns, galactic
suns and planetary sun

You emerged from particle/anti particle creation from the center of
many suns’ black hole creation chambers and lowered yourselves in
frequency of vibration to create a new free will polar matrix universe
with a multiple, flexible DNA fractal intelligence for all life hidden
in the solid, liquid, atomic and subatomic states of your water
molecule. When a sun gives birth, it spews different fractals of
conscious love water, which is the embryonic vacuum sac for all life.
A leaf sees its source as the oak tree; a pup sees its Source as a
seal; a human baby seeks mom’s love, and a mini black hole star may
look to its galactic sun as its parent source. These black hole male/
female suns had to keep their love balanced in each dimension they
created without harm, distortion of essence, divorce, or abortion.
Black holes have multiple functions and will change functions in your
new universe. Every time you enter your heart from now on, something
new will be born, changed, or recycled instantly. These chambers allow
you to: teleport, delete lifetimes; allow you to create new lifetimes;
create new anti-particle/ particle DNA fractals, create new suns,
universes. You can also recycle everything back to its original
source, bend and curve time light, create white holes, resolve
polarity matrixes, experience multiple holographic fields, change past
event horizons or agreed upon perception points. They can also reverse
in on themselves to balance creator/destroyer cycles.

Now you can understand that many of your suns became reverse or
distorted black holes that turned in or collapsed in on themselves as
fragmented or creation/ destroyer memories. This is why many of you
had felt aspect bodies, soul families, and creator families that felt
soul shattered; or like you had fragmented memories all over the
universe, which indeed all did. That is also why many of you
experienced the distorted cross seeding of your 4 kingdoms blueprints.
Creator and destroyer energies from your fractal patterns are a part
of your main studies here. When you source creation in your heart, it
looks like 2 spiraling hearts becoming conjoined in a torus, as if
Adam and Eve were sharing their half of the apple in the garden of
Eden Creation. When you created, you never intended: a crystal to be a
reptile, a human to be a tree, or a dog to be a mountain. It is one
thing to make a human child in a chamber of love, and quite another to
create the child and abuse it for your own needs. This is akin to
living off your own creations instead of setting them free to become
what their creational purpose was, which we could call soul. So when
others come to you, they may need your assist to release these old
creator-destroyer memories that hide the heart in shadow

Your mystery schools, governments, churches, matriarchal and
patriarchal races, and your renegade ETs have been arguing over this
information for millennia. All your: great pyramids, star gates, star
ships, your inner earth sun, the human brain heart, and your DNA
crystal/diamond skulls, are powered though these black hole vacuum
chambers, where fractals of star seed sperm and ovum create. Yes, you
came to master a matrix universe and you will return to a quantum/
multi dimensional sovereign sun; that has mastered polarity evolution.
Already you are on your way to greet your new Solar system sun at
galactic center, or what many of you call the golden age. You’ve
learned that the your bodies are the living cell replicas of the pure
essence fractals that made up all life from the center of your sun’s
black hole: You are the living love of the star seeded human angels
who learn how to: seed, guide, steward, enlighten, and harvest new
civilizations throughout the cosmos without doing harm. Using this
black hole and mini black technology in many different forms will free
humanity from eons of enslavement.

Right now, you’re all spawning off from your old origination points of
consciousness to and as new sources. So, we could say that Source is
calling for its return. It happens now in a moment of free play; in
one swirling sun moment after the next, as you travel through your
heart. Was this the same way you felt when you first fell in love with
creation? Love is a heart magnetic and returns back to its source so
that it might choose to experience and know more of Itself again.
Consciousness is love coming to know itself again and again and source
is now merging your atomic body back into the subatomic body field?
That means that in this moment, all source black hole suns are calling
all their creations, fragments, parts, pieces, and selves in all
kingdoms home back to the one love and the one life. This is balanced
love in all new fractals/cells and bodies, because the cosmos is
impelling its next sun heart; calling for new white hole universes to
birth in freedom based on the mastery of free will. Whatever was
created: plant, reptile, a thought form, or grain of sand must find
its source creator, master, or slave and is that not any one of you
gods who dwells upon the earth now? Presently, you are humanity’s new
guides to help those who must quickly are sorting themselves out to
see who goes through the wormholes into the new

For those of you going into the new universe; this brings up the
issue of benevolent entanglement. You understand through your gamma
sun brain now, that you are one within the all of life and will serve
each other and build the new universes in the sharing of your gifts,
through sourcing your own blue hole heart creations. The heart rules
again and you will teleport back and forth till the old universe can
no longer feel or see you and you seemingly disappear into the

But, you will create without a destroyer-creator conflict, and this
freedom alone will feel like you’re actually physically flying in your
creations. This ancient militant destroyer/ creator became built into
the matrix through reverse black mini black hole creations where
choices were just different forms of slavery disguised by power
sources outside the inner essence/soul source of a creation; thus
infecting its marriage system, and causing an anti-love program. Your
multi-diamond gamma ray body, with its protective reflectors, has put
an end to this through its spinner vacuum cleaner in the heart, which
generates new DNA and new dimensions in/out of the heart’s blue needle
hole, so you are no longer creating or lost inside another’s source
matrix, since all cell body memory can return to its

This is why mutual new holograms or new over soul families are
creating all the new earth eco-systems together while stewarding the
new children. There is room in the heart to receive new fractals of:
music, sound, art, nature, techno, or mathematic light patterns of
multi-triangulation points of many heart vectors sharing. They come
together in imaginative, desired, intended, free will miracle action
moments with others in your new universe. In sharing you’re the orb
sun spheres in your heart, you will disappear more and more from
matrix experiences because you will move faster and faster beyond
fractured, refracted, or arched light love, into tantalizing choices.
Then others must reflect off your beautiful heart sun or find their
own black hole to incubate their soul in. Now you can understand how
the unconscious shadow heart finally becomes conscious. Again, this is
black hole technology that recycles all to its next frequency or
returns it to its original source. This returns black holes to their
balanced zero point energy to generate new dimensions. We are not
promoting black holes as another religious dogma, but as a light
physics understanding of direct manifestation from Source love. It
means the black hole in your heart can recycle anything in its blue/
black violet flame chamber to usher in your new life. Your bodies will
continue to raise their frequencies until they become their own free
sun hearts with the ability to create with or independent of any other
god on/in the New Earth group experiences. Some of you have called
this cosmic consciousness, an ascended master, or fulfillment. When
your orb has finished living all its flower of life patterns, then it
is free to travel the universes and interact as heart consciousness,
choosing and changing the body at will, to accommodate the experience.
Your pure conscious heart body can create any desire or reality you
choose because it is patterned after a sun’s black-blue vacuum
chamber; and remembers full body

So how do you travel and generate new dimensions in this golden age
dream body of yours? How then, does the star seed of spirit; solid
state holy water molecule teleport into a gaseous super fluid state,
like gems and precious metals melting together in liquid light? This
happens when the hypothalamus, or your plasma gate gland which fuses
new star material, turns on its switch to cycle the heart’s black hole
to create in its anti-graviton vacuum chamber. We have said before
that this happens because the multi-D pineal/pituitary cell forms a
base multi 6-8-12-24-48-60-72 cycle brain wave spin and allows the
hypothalamus to activate the autonomic nervous system to allow spirit
to run the body. The Vegas or spirit nervous system takes over the
functions of: sleep- rhythms, hormones, fulfillment satisfaction,
mothering, maternal instincts, weight, blood pressure, thirst, and
begins light conversion of mass into light body states, where your sun
body can travel on scalar wave torsion/spin fields; electrified plasma

This turns your body into a bluehole plasma reactor which sits in an
antigravity vacuum inside your own heart: a model that will replace
nuclear reactors which destroy atoms, while plasma fusion energies can
replicate/fuse and fold your subatomic cells into new creations. But,
when you want to teleport, you must travel through your body’s heart
sun, through the center of the inner earth black hole sun, where
particle/antiparticle are one, and then you can go out on:
holographic time line curvatures, loops, event horizon wormholes, or
multiple potentiates, which originate in the plasma anti-graviton
fields; that travel exponential to your heart frequency in its vacuum
spin every time you create. So, you will begin to travel through your
own heart and through the blue hole in the Inner earth sun and then
out. Eventually, when your orb no longer has need of spiraling 8
tetrahedrons or new soul fractal geometry to create/build in the
multiple universes, you will be free to travel in your own sun orb
again, and come and go in all the new universes; and even visit matrix
source suns if you desire. An orb body has its own inner black hole
which acts as its own inter-D anti- gravity

Note, that even Earth is getting married and creating a new family
and a new dream also! She is quickly changing her electro-magnetic
chemical activity over to the plasma core, which is raising frequency
deep in her inner sun core and birthing new planets, stars, suns, from
her blue hole chamber through you, as she sheds your dense memory
veils through earth changes. Presently the Van Allen photon belt
around your planet, which looks like 2 spiral hearts conjoined, keeps
her poles stable as she shifts her magnetosphere into higher heart.
This will shift out the old earth electro field as the plasma core
births. Gaia continues to detoxify her polarity war/skin body and
stabilize her spinal poles and tectonic/cranial plates, just as you
are, through your spinal heart brain. Now you travel with her as the
new midnight sun at the center of your new universe as Gaia marries/
aligns with the galactic, solar, and cosmic suns to birth your
multiple universes. Now you understand why your bodies are powerful
free energy sources that are powered by the cosmic, solar, and
planetary suns. These suns which feed light frequencies into the
magnetic field around your universe and directly into your own torus
heart bubble. Your spirit’s body genius, who disappears or folds up
the 3rd and 4th density frequencies, has walked you into your new

This will put extreme pressure on old unconscious, controlling, or
reverse black hole earth technologies. Many of the Tek communications
around your planet may not be able to keep up with your heart’s new
model for your new earth technology; using conscious heart black hole
technology with conscious plasma magnetics. This is already being
shown in your satellite and computer systems. Humans with an
unconscious heart technology may rapidly begin to forget you, forget
who they are, or go through a cell death process. Again, all sources
are calling back all their creations due to this awakened cycle. Any
entity or energy, or fragment, which is not fully soul infused or soul
purposed, must now migrate to its source as

Let’s travel now! Imagine yourself in your heart’s blue hole
driving in your spin vacuum orb. You travel through the source of your
planet’s black hole, transmitted on magnetic waves which are not
carrying any mass or energy, only liquid light information, and
traveling at speeds 10 billion times the speed of light. Flying and
Levitation combine like riding a bicycle on ocean waves, surfing
gravity gradients while trying to find the magnet at the top of every
crest wave to hold on to, before the vacuum inside the wave takes you
out to sea again. Your orb levitation/magnetic spin field, generates
and paints other new rainbow fields to detect and communicate within
other new designs as you pass through horizon libraries. It uses
wormholes to exit and enter universes after looping or stringing light
waves, in different dimensional potentials, though planets, galaxies,
or other system suns and using the vacuum field of the body’s heart to
return. You may seem to flash, or appear and disappear, or shrink in
light wave patterns of information. As the generators for the
intention fields of new dimensions all around, you are being shielded
in your heart’s cloaking device against lower frequency
electromagnetic fields; in that a vaster spinner field can reveal a
wormhole or another mini big bang entrance point. This is so you do
not get caught in the past, but can view it through your shielding,
while interacting with all the highway arc angels around you. You
encounter mini black hole creations, shimmering laser light angles,
changing dimensions, melting and solidifying of various star liquid
materials, and cold and heat that do not disturb your radiant field.
You might see memory ghost fields of the past, as mass less spinners
of on/off flickering sensations, but know they are no longer part of
your reality; for you no longer have a past. However far you spiral
out/in, you know you will come back changed and what you observed will
also have changed. Whatever you create is not locked in and can be
changed again and again through your conscious heart that has
limitless freedom; or by those you created it with. Enjoy the center
of your new galaxy and ride out on a comet’s tail? Did you redirect an
asteroid so it does not collide with your spiral field? Did you notice
the light field chambers of new heart suns, new heart worlds or
universes? Now you can continue on your journey experiencing one
multiple lifetime after another while still inside your own light
vehicle. So, this 2010 let your heart become lighter and lighter, till
the touch of a finger lifts the sky as you hear the hum in the inner
earth and join her in her heart.

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September 20, 2009, 10:14 pm
Wow! This resonates good, but then I got lost.......too advanced for me, but exciting...Thanks!


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