How To Be Spiritual And Have A Spiritual Level Of Consciousness

How To Be Spiritual And Have A Spiritual Level Of Consciousness

by TimothyTang

September 22, 2009, Comments(2)

How to be spiritual and have a spiritual level of consciousness

Being spiritual

Spiritual people are felt to be spiritual because they are connected to spirit. The strong energies they emit are directed from their spirit that they use it to direct their everyday selves. This is how spiritual people keep things real and passionate. Their truthful-looking eyes show how their perception are linked and directed by spirit, and they are full of truth and logic.

Non-spiritual superficial people are disconnected from their spirit. The energies they emit come from their superficial selves and are weak and in confusion. Their weak-looking eyes often reveal how their erratic and conflicting perception are linked and directed by materialism and exaggerated sense of self, and they are full of lies and non-sense.

We know what is real by feeling what is real. We sense the realness by sensing the uninterrupted flow quality in vibration, since truthfulness is reflected in vibrational flow alignment. We sense falseness by sensing the interrupted flow quality in vibrational flow, since falseness is reflected in vibrational flow misalignment.

Being spiritual is to be connected to spirit. To connect and know one's spirit, one has to have the intention to feel the spirit. In order to have the real intentions to feel the spirit, one has to listen to the vibrations of spirit and use it to direct one's life. Many people do not wish to be spiritual because listening to their spirit would mean that they would have to give up their exaggerated superior sense of self, social status and materialistic lives -- their superficial notion of life and happiness. To have lasting true(fundamental) happiness, one has to listen and live by spirit, and to honor one's spiritual/fundamental needs.

Spiritual people are connected mainly to a fundamental/inner reality and they seek a positive spiritual flow/freedom/beauty. Superficial people are connected mainly to a superficial/surface reality and they seek a positive materialistic flow/freedom/beauty.

How to expand consciousness to a spiritual level

Being conscious of things and people requires one to be aware of their relations with others. This allows us to assign to them their value---how they can affect and be affected by others.

Spiritual people practice perceiving multiple superficial and fundamental connections, they are concerned with functioning in a fundamental reality. Superficial people are content only with perceiving superficial connections, they are mostly concerned with functioning in a materialistic society following social ideals.

What prevents people from recognizing real, truthful relations are: social pressure, following delusions of a self-created world, following false preconceived notions that present falseness in perception, the disconnection from fundamental reality, the unwillingness to give up the connection to a superficial and carefree life etc. One does not have to totally give up a materialistic life, since the body is afterall material and requires materials to operate. It is the quality of perception that is important.

It is the misinformation that comes from false spiritual teachings and false spiritual teachers that puts off people from following a beneficial spiritual path. This is why it is very important for spiritual teachers to guide those newly on the spiritual paths who have yet to resolve their assuming nature by correcting their misconceptions.

A list of spiritual misconceptions commonly held by new spiritual followers:

--one has to love/accept everything

There are 2 kinds of love/acceptance:
Unconditional love/acceptance applies in the acceptance of people's freewill and their true nature. Conditional love applies to compatibility, whether it involves things or people. We do not have to accept any unreasonable/incompatible reality or people put forth to us.

Many people are stagnant in their ascension because they simply accept reality without discerning and questioning the truth. They accept without good discernment the lies put forth to them. They still think that judging is blaming. This is how people's consciousness cannot expand. If they accept everything of the third dimensional reality, they would not find the reason to ascend out of it. It is those who can discern the truth from the lies in the third dimensional reality and bring out their nonacceptance of those lies, who will create the imbalance and power necessary to shift themselves to higher dimensional realities.

--It is okay to continue eating alot of meat

The practice to continue eating meat represents a consciousness that is still not broad enough and connected to the souls of animals to realize their suffering involved in creating dead meat. It is ultimately not about putting dead flesh into the body, but the indifference in one's consciousness to the suffering of highly sentient animals. Following a spiritual path but still following a superficial life reveals a lack of spiritual dedication. Again, it is ultimately not about putting dead flesh into the body but one's consciousness being willfully ignorant to what highly sentient animals have to go through, which does not reflect a spiritual consciousness. It is understandable that given the current lack of support for vegetarians/vegans, one does not have to totally give up meat, but one should at least acknowledge and be aware of what one is practicing.

They are also many misconceptions/misinformation from those who state that following a vegetarian/vegan diet would not provide them with sufficient protein. However, Quinoa is a grain that provides complete protein. Tofu also provides alot of protein, it can taste as flavorful as meat when mashed and flavored with Marmite.

True spiritual followers are the ones who cut down on their meat intake. Those who claim to be spiritual but do not cut down on their meat intake are just not serious enough to follow a spiritual path, they lack the compassion and the connection to the souls of animals. Spiritual followers who do not cut down on their meat intake are questionable for their spiritual dedication and integrity. Those who say that eating meat helps them to 'ground' are only giving illogical excuses for eating meat-- they allow animals to suffer till their deaths in order to 'achieve' their materialistic 'gains'. Allowing animals to suffer and die in order to achieve spiritual 'results' only makes one more superficial rather than spiritual.

Red meat and dairy products contain much harmful toxins. Erratic emotions and health problems from those newly on the spiritual path are definitely contributed by their heavy red meat and dairy consumption.

--One needs to pay lots of money for spiritual teachings

The best and smartest spiritual teachers are those assisted by Higher Intelligence and those around them to provide their services to the public without heavy reliance on money.

--Spirituality as an escape from the superficial world to another reality

Spirituality is not a route of escape from the superficial world but actually teaches one to more adequately deal with one's restrictions, erratic emotions, insecurities, ignorance, preconceived notions, false ideals, and exaggerated sense of self that resides in such superficial reality. If one can then show to have better control in the superficial reality, one would then have truly shown to have improved and changed in one's perception and consciousness to a spiritual level.

From What I Understood Of


September 23, 2009, 9:20 pm
From what I understood of this, that there is method to spirituality. People may become misguided. This is a good point for some to read especially if they are new to the subject.
Thank you my friend.

Good Explanation


September 22, 2009, 1:06 pm
Thank-you Timothy for an excellent teaching. Very well written and easy to read.
namaste Tara.


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