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September 22, 2009, Comments(3)

Crystal Chakras

I am being asked to write about the energies of the new chakras that many are beginning to sense. I had noticed an attraction to wear fuchsia pink, not a colour that was in my wardrobe. I purchased a top and found that wearing it I was feeling energies pulsating just above my root chakra. I decided to meditate and find out what was going on. To my surprise there was a huge glowing ball of deep pink between my root and sacral chakras, it had a copper ring around it rotating clockwise. As I scanned my other chakras there was also a faint glow just above my sacral chakra, I could not yet sense what colour this was to be. Above my solar plexus there were two more chakras one very faint and another a glorious turquoise just below my heart chakra. My heart chakra had a beautiful gold ring around the emerald green. Above my heart chakra there was an opalescent ball of white light with a ring that extended out towards my shoulders. This ring seemed to see saw back and forth while rotating.
I continued scanning, my throat chakra remained unchanged as did my third eye, but just above that was an incredible blue glow. (The closest colour in my paints was cobalt blue. ) My crown chakra was brilliant gold, this actually did not surprise me as I had painted this colour being infused in an earlier image back in 2008. Next I sensed around my head he filter that had been installed on a past journey on July 6th 09. It was fully activated and making sure I was breathing the perfect mixture for me. I was told that it also protected me from EMF and other harmful rays.
I asked what I could do to anchor these new chakras and was told to select crystals that felt right for each energy centre. I took my bowl of crystals from my shelf and began selecting some by colour and others by feel.
Here is the list of those I chose.

Earth Star A small black pyramid (possibly jet)
Root Chakra Garnet
New Pink Rhodonite or Rhodochrosite
Sacral Carnelean
Solar Plexus Citrine
New Turquoise Amazonite
Heart Malachite
New Pearl Herkimer 'Diamond'
Throat Lapis Lazuli
Third Eye Amethyst
New Blue Moldavite
New Crown Golden Tigers Eye
A red tigers eye also insisted that it was to be added to the mix.

I put all of these in a gold and green bag and wore them for the next 5 days. I also placed them beneath my pillow at night. (Warning...This intensified the feelings for the first two days.)

I sat and painted what I saw within the crystalline body structure. "Crystal Chakras" is the result. When I painted the Earth Star Chakra a copper pyramid appeared surrounding a black orb. I then remembered the red tigers eye that wanted to be in my bag of crystals, I see this representing the copper energy.

Crystal Chakras by visionary artist, energy reader and healer Deb graves

Yesterday September 21st 2009 I took my latest painting "Crystal Chakras to friend of like mind and also a healer. She gazed upon the image and said "this explains so much of what I have been seeing over the past few weeks. So much raw sexual energy with a drive of careless abandon."
Many people would not understand what is happening with their lower chakras and feel a need to for-fill the urges no matter what. I intend that in sharing this experience and image that it helps others to understand what is indeed happening. For being aware at this time could allow you to make informed decisions.

As the other chakras make themselves known to me I will share my visions.


Deb Graves, Araznu.

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Deb Graves

Thank You


September 25, 2009, 2:46 pm
I just wanted to thank you for the article and information.

I also wanted to tell you that I really resonate with your art work.
Thank you also for sharing that with us.

I went to your web-site. It is very nice and I enjoyed visiting there very much.

Love, Light and Blessings,


Essence Ka tha'ras


The Journey

September 23, 2009, 1:46 am
Lately I have been feeling very sexual. It's not just me!!!!


Wow Fantastic Information On


September 22, 2009, 6:02 pm
wow fantastic information on our new crystaline chakras. Great paining :-)


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