Who Is Ashtar Sheran?

Who Is Ashtar Sheran?

by alex_light

October 7, 2009, Comments(6)
Spiritual development

Melbourne, 3rd October 2009 Who is Ashtar Sheran? By Alex Light  www.wherethelightcomes.com  

For a more advanced, updated version of this initial (older) manuscript please go to:


Ashtar Sheran is a being of Nordic/Angelic (human-like) appearance who originates from the system that orbits the triple star Alpha Centauri. This system is our closest neighbor, only 4 light years from Earth. In Sanskrit the word “Ashtar Sheran” can be interpreted as “the brightest sun”. It is believed that he calls himself this way in the present cycle in a reference to his high position as a celestial administrator attending to the interests of the central “government” of the Milky Way - his energy is closely aligned with the spiritual momentum that originates from the core of the stars (the alchemy and foundation of all spiritual life).

Ashtar Sheran is not a regular alien presence on Earth – he projects the equivalent energy, and has the equivalent authority, of a cosmic Christ. The term “government” in the context above is very different to the concept of human government and administration as presently understood on Earth. The principle of “cosmic administration” is wholly spiritual. Cosmic administration is an intelligently designed mechanism involving a myriad of beings whose primarily aim is to promote the balance and further development of spiritual gravity. This administration is almost wholly based on the ministry of love, which is the foundation of spiritual gravity and all intelligent life in the cosmos.

A good analogy to understand this cosmic quantity/quality (spiritual gravity) is to think of the vibration we feel around the area of the heart chakra. This vibration, which many incarnated humans can already feel and consciously enhance, is a reading of actual spiritual gravity. Such quantity can be measured throughout the universe as an indicator of proximity of highly spiritualised beings. Our planet also emits a certain amount of spiritual gravity (on top of its material gravity known by our science) that gives an overall reading of the state of the spiritual development of all its inhabitants collectively. Celestial observers are mostly interested in this quantity, as it determines whether a planet qualifies for certain stages of cosmic administration (for example, the incarnation of Christ attended one of such periods of extremely low spiritual gravity on Earth).

Spiritual gravity can be measured by many beings of celestial order and others, in that not only planets but whole sectors of the galaxy can be categorized according to the vibration that they produce. As we learn more about the unfolding of the “Maya 2012 cycle” based on old manuscripts available on the planet as well as on many new channelings brought by key people actively contributing to increase the awareness, it has become increasingly evident that the core of our galaxy (Sagittarius) hosts the headquarters of our government (“The cycle that animates us is of Sagittarius”). Put in a different way, the maximum amount of spiritual gravity (or heart chakra vibration equivalent if we think in human terms) is concentrated in Sagittarius. That area is also the physical center of the galaxy and has the greatest amount of matter (in the galaxy) where science believes there is a black hole. The greatest concentration of physical matter in the center of the galaxy is also related to the enormous spiritual gravity present in there as both properties interact in synergy.

Areas without physical matter will unlikely hold high spiritual gravity because it is through spirit acting upon matter that cosmic progression unfolds. This is the great cosmic mystery of interaction between spirit and matter, which seems to be one of the foundations of all cosmic development. Our solar system is located far away from the center of the galaxy (currently estimated in more than 25,000 light years away from Earth) in an area of very little physical matter distribution compared to the amount of matter found towards the inner branches. In direct association with this observation the density of spiritual gravity in our sector is also extremely low, which is equivalent to say that all living creatures (as measured collectively) in our sector are able to produce a total amount of vibration which is very low compared to the more dense areas of the inner galaxy.

There are a number of highly advanced celestial beings responsible for educating and helping planets to shift when a cosmic cycle is to be completed. Cosmic cycles normally depend on the adjustment of physical matter related to planetary orbits (e.g. the precession of the Equinox) as well as on the inherent realignment of spiritual gravity that results from the changes in the distribution of physical matter and cosmic rays. Currently we are animated by a cosmic cycle in synchrony that will bring the completion of about 300,000 years of life on Earth, including the early Lemurian and Atlantis’ greater periods together with many sub-cycles of ascension and demise. Not only Earth, but our whole branch-sector of the Milky Way is also going to be affected by the unfolding of this cycle primarily through exposure to a much higher load of cosmic rays originated in the core of the galaxy.

This process is already happening. Although Ashtar Sheran is originally from Alpha Centauri’s area, a neighboring system also located in a relatively poor vibration area if compared to the center of the galaxy, he and many others from that sector have evolved in spirit to a point of great light which is comparable to what is found in the core of the galaxy. Similar developments have occurred for instance in Sirius, Pleiades, Arcturus, Orion, and others. We have also had many highly developed visitors from those areas helping humanity in many ways. What we know from Ashtar Sheran is that he has reached a level of spiritual maturity that made him completely aligned with the energy of the archangel Michael and with the celestial order of the Melchizedek. There is a considerable body of literature on the planet dealing with those orders of beings and their role on the cosmic administration, as well as many other important names aligned with this same energy (e.g. the violet flame of Saint Germain, Metatron, and others). What has arrived to us is that Ashtar Sheran and the archangel Michael partake of the same energy as manifest through a different spectrum of rays, but they could be considered as the same entity. This entity, as has also been revealed on Earth since the early manuscripts, is completely aligned with the light known as “Sananda”, or cosmic Christ. For those who are familiar with what those energies represent it would be redundant to give more information. The energy goes in circles leading to the same source.

As we understand Ashtar Sheran has been monitoring life on Earth since the planet was formed, as he had already ascended to a celestial being engaged in the advancement of spiritual life much before our planet came into existence. We believe he has started using the name Ashtar Sheran only during his recent contacts in modern times which date back to the early decades of the 20th century. Substantial revelation was given to the planet in those years, and important books and manuscripts were written in that time. We know that Ashtar Sheran made important contacts in Germany in the 1950s through the medium Herbert Victor Speer, and a book was written in German and translated into Portuguese and other languages with significant information on his mission aligned with the teachings of the old schools known as the White Fraternity. In the same period, sources from the United States also claimed to have made contact with him (e.g., the pilot George W. Van Tassel). Within that period groups of people channeling information from the Pleiades also started to refer to the energy of Ashtar Sheran, and somewhere along the way the word Ashtar Command was introduced to convey the notion of a cosmic family representing many different star systems aligned for the same cause. As we understand this word was given by many of the early channelings linked to beings from nearby star formations (Sirius, Pleiades, Arcturus, Alpha Centauri, and others), all involved with facilitating the transition on Earth towards a greater state of light and cosmic awareness. It is apparent that all those early channelings were authentic and related to a joint effort within a number of cosmic forces involved in the White Fraternity.

It was only in the last few decades that a significant distortion occurred with name “Ashtar Command”, after it started to be used with many inaccurate channelings that had nothing or little to do with the original energy. This situation reached such an extreme in the last decade that most of the young spiritual teachers on the planet who haven’t experienced Ashtar Sheran’s energy personally are completely wary of the name Ashtar Command. I have been in personal and direct contact with Ashtar Sheran since November 1997, and after more than a decade of significant research I have found only one other person currently alive on the planet who I know for sure who is in touch with the same energy in an equally direct way. This person is from Brazil (Patricia Campos), and her contacts started in 1992. Ashtar Sheran has never used the word Ashtar Command (AC) either to me or to her, and the information that has arrived is that the term stopped being used by celestial observers in the late 80s (close to the time of the harmonic convergence) when it became clear that the word AC had deteriorated to a point that it couldn’t be efficiently used any longer. My personal experience with Ashtar is that he is a teacher and administrator of the highest possible caliber and energy. The only experience that I can think of that resembles what I feel in the heart chakra when meeting him is the orgasmic bliss experienced during the process of kundaline awakening - when the channel of energy flow in the spine is open as a bridge between Earth and the sun in star fusion.


All our communications have occurred deeply in the heart chakra’s vibration. In my case it has become increasingly clear that he is training me in inner alchemy techniques related to star-fusion (kundaline awakening inside the stars, on the fifth dimension). The amount of distortion related to the term Ashtar Command (AC) got to such an unacceptable point that most people who fanatically follow the name don’t have even the slightest idea of who Ashtar Sheran is, and why the name AC was given and what it was meant to represent. But please note that it is not my intention here to judge any activities of those involved with the distortions. I believe that most of the current distortion is not intentional or does not intend to cause harm. But evidence seems to suggest that certain forces decades ago initiated a deliberate campaign to try to stop the progress of the star-seed alliance associated with the White Fraternity. However, I believe that Ashtar Sheran and many others connected with this celestial effort currently communicate with humans exclusively based on the vibration in the heart chakra. As we know, this method of communication cannot be faked and cannot be intercepted by any force.

The downside of this method is that the amount of people that can be reached is probably still very low. One of the most important parts of my training with Ashtar Sheran is to learn to trust the heart chakra and to anchor the energies via this channel exclusively. When one learns to do this it becomes clear that visual stimulation is almost irrelevant – vibration is what counts. You can show light and spaceships in the sky and impress a lot of people, but if there is no vibration associated in the heart chakra, there is no spiritual gravity. I am convinced that this lesson needs to be learned by humanity before we can establish contact on a planetary level. The recent movie “2012 – We’re already in it” offers invaluable insight on the Maya awakening, but the fact that there is little or no mention to some of the concepts discussed in the present manuscript reflects well the fact that so many distortions do exist, and that many of the readily available spiritual leaders on the planet lack experience in this arena. There is so much more that could be said about Ashtar Sheran, but the essence of his message seems to be very simple. Parts of the distortion to this unfolding arise when so many writings try to concentrate the attention on spaceship activity.

There have been an enormous amount of sightings on the planet over the last decades, but we believe that only a very small portion of those can be attributed to the work of members of the White Fraternity alliance. Although we know that Ashtar Sheran is also a high commander in charge of an incredibly high number of spaceships representing an alliance of different star systems, and that some of his ships are stationed on orbit around the Earth, his ships are primarily manifest in higher dimensions and are not normally visible to the naked eye. Their core purpose is not to produce a display of light to impress a large number of people. As discussed before, his teachings clearly emphasise the use of vibration, rather than visual stimulation. The origin and agenda of those beings promoting large scale spaceship display on the third dimension is not our area of concern and is beyond the scope of this manuscript. However, as a student of Ashtar Sheran and of the White Fraternity I must say: “be careful with what you see, and always use the vibration in the heart chakra to distinguish the origin of the energy presented”. Ashtar Sheran currently has a very strong penetration in the central region of South America.

The reason for this pattern is unknown to me, although it may be possible that it relates to the activation of certain centers of energy (and portal openings) on the planet. The literature available in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German and French also seems to contain less distortion than the literature in English. In the exciting times to unfold we are likely to experience even greater distortion, but at the same time we know that any information felt as a heart vibration cannot be faked. We trust, and hope, that humanity will increasingly awake to this important unfolding from a mature perspective where ego and personality concerns will slowly be replaced by a more universal, cosmic awareness.

This new awareness is not compatible with materialistic skepticism, but it is equally incompatible with religious fanaticism. Some people may feel uncomfortable that a single individual celestial observer may hold such a high position in the scheme of things, and name himself Ashtar Sheran, as if here to convey authority. We know that many of the advanced beings from other stars in touch with key people on the planet often do not place emphasis on their names and their cosmic status. From my experience, and from what we know from Ashtar Sheran, his name is not really a personal name but an attribution to his mission in the present cycle as a representative of the central government and the unifier of a whole sector of our galaxy (“the brightest sun”). Anyone wishing to explore the origin of his energy, as discussed earlier, will inevitably have to familiarize with the energy of the Archangel Michael, and with the concept of a cosmic Christ. The authority that lies within that concept is very different to how we normally perceive authority and status on Earth.

The concept of cosmic authority (as in a cosmic Christ) is not attached to ego and personality. The cosmic understanding of the concept of governmental authority is vastly different from the human experience of often times oppressive "leadership" as experienced on earth. In cosmic terms, government is not this "I know best" kind of leadership but rather selfless service to the whole for the greater good. The situation in the solar system: some key people on Earth have received instruction pertaining to the organization of intelligent life inside the solar system. This information complements the vast awareness that has arrived from the sectors discussed earlier (Sirius, Orion, Arcturus, Pleiades and many others) which have been channeled and published in many important books in several idioms over the last decades. What we know for sure is that there is intelligent life on Venus which is likely an advanced colony of other sectors, and that they are aligned with the purposes of the school of the White Fraternity.

This is very good news for Earth as our direct neighbor is actively engaged in the same unfolding brought by Ashtar Sheran and many other star alliances. Although there is also substantial information on other sources of life that are not at all aligned with the unfolding discussed in this manuscript, e.g. unfriendly settlements on the moon and Mars as well as other types of intelligence who have had extensive contact with members of the Earth’s (human) government, the instruction that I have received is that their doings do not concern those engaged in the White Fraternity. They have their place in the universe, and we let them be. To put this in a different way: we don’t generate light by opposing to, or resisting, the shadows. We generate light by simply being, and allowing it to be. This is a heart chakra expression, and when we allow this do happen a miracle of light vibration occurs. This seems to be one of the most important teachings of the celestial order of beings, and it is the foundation of cosmic administration through the ministry of unconditional love.

Copyright disclaimer: This text is incomplete and reflects the author’s own limitations in his current understanding of this unfolding. It is hoped that this manuscript will help elucidate some aspects related to Ashtar Sheran and his important mission on Earth, in which every human being on this planet is invited to be a co-creator and a potential partner. I am happy for this manuscript to be forwarded to anyone interested in the topic, as it is important that these concepts are widely discussed on Earth. I request that anyone willing to share this text to please do so in its entirety (without cutting or removing excerpts) and to include this disclaimer and the signature link below to my lightworkers profile where the manuscript will be publicly posted and will be open to comments and criticism. This text reflects the views and personal experience of the author, and as such it is not a channeling, although much of the information here contained has been transmitted by cosmic beings. The inspiration received from many spiritual teachers through their important work (published or unpublished) to increase the awareness is greatly valued and acknowledged. In particular I am very grateful for invaluable comments and suggestions made by colleague Lightworker ‘Antimorphic’ (UK). The most accurate pictures of Ashtar Sheran available on the planet to date have been produced by the Brazilian artist and medium Claudio Gianfardoni, and many of them are available through various sources.

Peace in the name of the light


Who Is Ashtar Sheran


July 6, 2011, 11:31 pm
Melbourne, 28 May 2011

Dear ‘caridaway’ sister,

Light and love in all sectors of the universe.

I would like to thank you for your comments in reply to my manuscript. I also wanted to thank you for the light you hold, and for your work and dedication to the spiritual cause. I feel quite a beautiful vibration coming from you. I will respond to your comment in this essence, as I feel that the intention was pure.

Firstly I am not familiar with the individual you have mentioned (Dan Winter) in your message (copied below). A first search reveals that “there is trouble” in connection with that name, including matters of a legal nature. My intuition tells me that the energy is not for me, but as always what is applicable to one person may not serve the neighbor. I have a strong respect for all persons on earth who try to bring spiritual light to this planet, even when this is done in ways that I wouldn’t.

Now let me respond to your comment.

You say that Ashtar may be perceived as a computer program with no heart and soul.

Perhaps you are right. Perhaps there is an ashtar out there who is a mind-only computer program. If that is the case, I thank you for bringing this to light and ask you to help transmute this computer program so that a true spiritual cosmic light may unfold. Of this program, I know nothing!

Now, I can comment on the cosmic being called ASHTAR SHERAN, whom I know very well (no ego trip here) as I have met with him numerous times since 1998.

Ashtar Sheran is a person in all senses of the word! He is a cosmic master, spiritual uplifter, teacher, intergalactic traveler and administrator of the micro and macro cosmos, commander, brother in peace, God- knowing-adamic-immortal being who chose to serve the Creator of the whole universe forever and ever and in all dimensions/frequencies/waves. Ashtar Sheran is as old as the Universe and has a position of service equivalent to the sacred Kumaras. For instance, the Sunat Kumara as you might know was appointment to help uplift the people of Earth about 18 million years ago.

Ashtar Sheran cannot possibly be a mind-only computer program because computer programs do not posses heart and crown chakra (the principle of all spiritual life). Ashtar Sheran possesses both qualities in great intensity. His compassion, which I have witnessed numerous times through his dealings with me, is something so beautiful that can’t be put into words. It transcends the concept of cosmic nirvana, activating the heart quite strongly. It grounds you and brings you to our cosmic responsibility. The one who knows him knows the cosmic Christ!

As I often say, when in doubt about something we should fuse the heart with the intellect, and judge things according to the quality of the energy they attract. In this sense to anyone looking for the truth I would recommend an investigation of the work and lives of those who have legitimately met with Ashtar Sheran (not the computer program!) since he first appeared on Earth. George Van Tassel and Herbert Victor Speer have published very enlightening books in this regards in the 1950s, and other have followed (with different degrees of ego interference such as “Tuella” and others). Of course, in addition to careful research of things published on Earth, anyone who has achieved complete mastership of the kundaline rise can also read the akashic records for themselves, or consult with brothers/sisters from any other planet in the Solar System. They know Ashtar Sheran very well, and are great collaborators with his mission.

For an account of the cosmic organization of the solar system I can refer you to the work of George King (e.g. see The Nine Freedoms) and George Adamski. Both were pioneers with a very developed heart chakra (not computer programs!):



To continue answering your comment, certain spiritual teachers are wary of anything connected with the name ashtar because there is so much misleading and falsified information about him written in English language, particularly in the US. In this sense, many spiritual teachers who were not careful enough to study the matter profoundly and in historic perspective (including other idioms) ended up concluding (wrongly) that ashtar is a farce.

There is an excellent analogy here, and it’s called religion.

Religion on earth has been so corrupted from its original principles that it became a circus of horror show. Many people of pure hearts, who struggle to find the truth, see all this mess out there and erroneously conclude that God must not exist, as human religious is obviously flawed. Even people as intelligent as Stephen Hawking may not necessarily perceive spiritual radiance as yet. Isn’t it a remarkable example of almost a cosmic paradox?

Finally you mention that there is no such being as ashtar in the records. This is correct. Even more so the full name Ashtar Sheran, which is his complete function-name. The reason is that this is actually the first time ever in the history of Gaia in which this galactic function has been activated. Ashtar Sheran is indeed a name function, which means the “commander in chief of the inter-galactic Christ-consciousness space fleet” (Ashtar) who “is on mission to transmute the regressive 666 material third dimension involution into a 999 code of fifth dimension spiritual uplift on a given planet” (Sheran). This is what each separate name means. Such functions have never been used before on Earth, hence it is not in our records. Having said that, Ashtar Sheran is strongly associated with the archangel Michael and Sunat Kumara (of those there is plenty in the records).

For further reading I can recommend:

I) I Rode a flying saucer, and The Council of Seven Lights by George Van Tassel 1952 (the first person to be contacted by Ashtar Sheran)



The best recent publication on the planet about Ashtar Sheran has been released in 2009 by Paulette Reymond (available in German only). A reading of her book is a must for any serious student of the topic.


To finish my reply, we need Ashtar Sheran’s information more than ever. His message is of peace and good will amongst all forms of intelligent life in the universe. The humanity of earth has not learned this lesson yet, and we should thank every day and night of our lives for having cosmic help of this caliber. An ego trip, as you imply, would actually be to presume that we don’t need to learn from the available masters. There is no greater proof that our cosmic family cares about us than this, and they want to see us awakening!

Another very important point connected with Ashtar Sheran is that his function (as described by his name) was activated in 1952 as an emergency response to prevent the complete destruction of our planet via nuclear war which would have happened otherwise. This is again unique in our history, because in the past we were allowed to destroy ourselves. This is the first time ever in which the galactic council has approved that nuclear weapons are not to be used to destroy Gaia under any circumstance. If it wasn’t for this compassionate being who undertook the galactic function ‘Ashtar Sheran’ we would not be here communicating today. The literature I have suggested above has much to clarify in this direction from a historical perspective.

I hope this helps.

Light and love,
Alex Light

Zen 2012~Dan Winter


April 13, 2011, 1:29 am
If you are an aquaintence with Dan Winter as I am then you must know that he refers to Ashtar as a HIVE Mind computer which is all Mind and no heart and soul. This is why people are wary of anyone calling themselves Ashtar. There is no one being or entity that is called Ashtar on record other than Asheroth or Ishtar also known as Inanna the Sumerian version of the female aspect of creation. The bottom line is that attachment to the creation and to the idea of being the creator is an ego trip. A message is just a message. If we were all perceiving from the heart we wouldn't need Ashtar's information to begin with.

Nameless Doesn't Translate Well


January 5, 2010, 2:15 pm
I have been in touch with an awareness since childhood, a consciousness beyond human comprehension as I've tested truths shared over the years. I've been fortunate to have had a few mentors that helped me through the trials and tribulations of this human experience. I honor humanity, but the level of understanding is far short of making sense common. Rather, humanity seeks to identify and label every experience under the sun in terms that it can relate to, if there are any.

In the case of Ashtar Sheran, or simply ASHTAR, it is like trying to explain quantum mechanics to a pre-schooler. There is no framework or personal experience from which to perceive, let alone understand, the nature of the intelligence and status of such a consciousness. A consciousness it is, nevertheless. An acquaintance, Dan Winter, referred to ASHTAR as the acronym for the cosmic computer. Based on my personal experience which had been only with various beings of consciousness, non-physical and nameless, it made a great deal of sense at the time (2000). The messages from these beings (for lack of a better nomenclature) was always of the highest order; heart-consciousness expressed as intrinsic points of order in universal consciousness... cosmic consciousness.

The voice I heard as a 6 year old has continued throughout my teens and adult life. Because I'd prayed to know truth and was willing to die for it if necessary, this voice called me to task in my first year of college at 18. During a meditation I literally was asked if I was willing to die for what I believed in (Christ consciousness - synonymous w/ cosmic) and opted to do so. I let go as I felt a slight tug and found myself free of my body, turning to look at my physical body laying across my [honors] dorm room bed. I turned back to look where I was going and found myself immediately engulfed by white light. The feeling was/is indescribable, although I've tried many times.

I asked if there was more, as the impetuous teen got bored quickly, and felt a slight movement that resulted in a new view, now surrounded by a sphere of pinpoints of light with an indigo background. The voice picked back up again (it had been silent since the original question), revealing my mission and purpose in this life and its results. As the voice completed its message I felt a rush of energy and found myself back in my body taking a huge breath. I kept my eyes closed for few more moments as the feeling of complete harmony and union with creation gradually dissipated and I became aware of my body once again.

Now I had several experiences over a two year period a decade previously, which seemed to prepare me in some way. I would watch myself get out of bed at night, open and climb out my bedroom window, cross our neighbor's back yard, scale the fence on a 10-acre pasture and as I walked into the center rise up toward an orange cigar-shaped cloud. At that age I had no knowledge of extraterrestrials, but I was fascinated by science fiction. Just before moving away from the area in 1981, I was walking through a metaphysical book store when a book fell off the shelf, landing open on the floor with its cover facing up. I don't remember the title, but the text I found immediately upon turning the book over described the orange clouds as being the most common contactee description during that period.

My point here is this: humans need descriptions, structure and ways to separate and define into categories for their experience to be understood. An experiencer of higher vibratory realms, such as the ones occupied by what we've come to know as the Ashtar Command and/or Galactic Federation. These are simply other realms of consciousness that we are incapable of understanding without direct experience, and even then find it extremely challenging to articulate the understanding imparted. What has never been experienced is a shock to the system, so to speak, and oftentimes provokes fear and resistance rather than an openness to greater awareness.

In this greater awareness, prompted and promoted by contact and messages from this realm, we have access to understanding the interconnectedness of a multidimensional consciousness available to us here and now. This consciousness inspires life-friendly action, expression of truth as a component of our personal integrity and to act in love always. This 'Command' is not bound by hierarchy, yet there is structure and leadership that requires one to adhere to a strict internal code. It is not insistent upon acquiescence, but to allow oneself to be open to garnering cosmic understanding beyond anything available on earth now is a result. Science is in process of confirming an expanded view of consciousness and creation, complete with the theory of multiple dimensions.

I stand as an example and humbly serve in the capacity of my calling, to facilitate a new world order. This new world order is one of spiritual foundation, recognizing the connectedness of all things in the web of life, irrespective of name or title that inhibits the expression of love. In truth, I've never claimed a title and none of the beings or entities I've encountered has done so either. However, the nature of the activity requires some articulation in human terms. Hence, the use of terms such as the Ashtar Command, Galactic Federation and the Great White Brotherhood and names associated with specific vibratory stations in the hierarchy of the dispensation or dissemination of cosmic consciousness. Nevertheless, the movement toward a unified planetary civilization is currently required for our future sustainability.




October 13, 2009, 8:25 am
Thank you for the profound and deep analysis.
The concept of spiritual gravity seems to fit the situation quite well.
Very good to point out contradictions.
Like Alpha Centaury (AC) being part of the outrange of the milky way..
I have no problem with hierarchy.
Ken Wilber has written about the inescapability of them.
Government as a servce to others is what some of our leaders had to be reminded more often.
The spiritual development of people should be nr.1 task.
I am member of jugglers against gravity by the way.
I think the english language is not entirely able to express
precise what the fact is here.
and it is far more controlled.
Lately I bought a book from Paulette M. Reymond about Ashtar Sheran.
She lives in Switzerland.

May the love of the creator protect and bless the White Fraternity!
and you two


Hahaha "brightest Sun". This


October 11, 2009, 1:02 pm
Hahaha "brightest sun". This being really thinks it's a god? Ashtar is a joke people. Universe strike me down right now if I'm incorrect!!!

Perhaps If These Enlightened


October 8, 2009, 2:50 pm
Perhaps if these enlightened beings would drop the hierarchic sounding titles like 'Galactic Federation' and 'White Fraternity', more spiritual seekers would be able to take the idea seriously. As it stands now, it's no wonder that almost nobody has ever heard of them, including in the Lightworker community. Never once have I heard a Shaman or medicine person bring up these groups. Very difficult to take this stuff seriously for the simple fact that spiritually enlightened souls don't label themselves with such silly names.


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