The 3 Stone Self Healing

The 3 Stone Self Healing

by Lightning Bear

October 17, 2009, Comments(7)
Crystals and gemstones

"3 stone self healing"

As we wake in the morning, it is important to have a clean sense of focus to our day. It is vital that we awake in the blissfulness of nights past and a bring a feeling of grattitude into our day.

Your days can then freely eluminate new experiences for you by the blessings you begin your day with:

To start we choose 3 stones that calls to us. These stones are guided to be with us and have their own spiritual qualities that has chosen to help us on our life journey.

The first stone comes from water, a river, lake, or ocean. Preferably moving water (not stagnate).

The second comes from the path we walk on, a hike, sitting under a tree, or one that stands out from the others.

The third from fire, light, a stone that is always in the days sunlight.

Once the 3 stones are collected we can begin to use them for our spiritual path.

I use the water stone for my dream time, before I sleep I hold the water stone in my left hand to receive the blessing of water energy for my nights journeys. I mearly visualize the energy of water entering me, the waves or movement of the water is enough.

I take the path stone and place it on my heart "Chakra" or the "Solar Plexis" and give it all the discomforts and worries that I carried throughout my day. I give it all to the stone until I feel empty inside.

The Fire stone is placed on my 3rd eye, and I visualize my life in an uninterupted dance in the light. My family, my friends, my future friends, my lifes work etc, In complete harmony. I make wishes for the world and my communities, for the children and the Elders.

In this way we begin to materialize an investment of faith into the coming days. We begin to realize the love in our lives and how prayer works for us as long as we learn to let go of self doubt, morbid reflections, and worry.

I keep my stones beside my bed, and feel our connectedness to each other.

In the days of the full moon I take each one and pour water over them to cleanse them.

We use these stone in honor for what has been freely given to us, to say "thank you" to our Creator for sharing this wisdom with the common people.

I pray that these techniques will be helpful to you in some way and share it whith others if it helps you.

This has been one of many experiences that I am happy to share with you.

Matthew Lightning Bear


Lightning Bear

October 23, 2009, 8:29 pm
Hi Lucie,
glad to hear from you. I was reading about your nightmares you mentioned and I got a glimpse of why.
The stones have the ability to mix things up in you, and like estrogen or fat in people it gets burned out of you. So, in turn the stones are loosening up old belief patterns and cleaning you out Psychicly. If you want I can ask my guides about the content of your dream and the meaning...

Thank You For Your Comment...

Lightning Bear

October 23, 2009, 8:18 pm
Dear Colossus,
thank you for your questions. It takes time to get in tune with nature, the mind has a tendency to put up walls and make you take the long way around a simple excercise. Rocks have the energy of deep earth medicine and they speak with gentle language in the human psyche. That's when it is good to find the right stones for your healing.
The other aspect of this healing is to be a child and think as children do. God is a child and some of us adults have a hard time reflecting that image so, our imagination becomes too clouded and the mental takes over.
Give time and be gentle with yourself. Try to think of happy times at a river or Ocean, Smells from the first rain, laughter at a theme park or party. Those vibrations have great potential to bring in memories that have the same energy.
Most of all try not to think and analyze everything, just let the magic feed you in the way in the way that you would like to experience it. It probably sounds strange to you but, talk to the stones brother, they are alive.
Yo Tuwa,

A Question

Colossus Life

October 20, 2009, 10:56 pm
Perhaps i'm missing something. i'm not certain what you mean when you say to imagine "my life in an uninterupted dance in the light. My family, my friends, my future friends, my lifes work etc, In complete harmony."
i'm having trouble imagining it, because of the whole 3d aspect of my family, friends, and life's work. the closest I've come is imagining those things is as currents of energy, formless, and swirling in a way that could be called a dance. is this right?
am i reading that paragraph too literally?
i see how the water stone relates to it's function, as well as i see the path stone does, but what is the connection between fire and an uninterrupted dance.
should i be imagining these dancing currents like an open fire?
i suppose what i should be asking is, do any of these questions i'm asking matter? or does it suffice to imagine pretty much anything as long as it has the intentions and feelings of integration, love and harmony?
i feel that little ball in my chest that tells me I'm over thinking this and it could lead to a worry about a lack of understanding, (if i allow it).
Aside from that, i've enjoyed this very much, and i plan to do it. if it works for me i'll be sure to let you know.
thank you for your help, your time and your posting.
i like your voice in writing and will be looking forward for more of your teaching. i've always responded well to good teachers and i can see this happening again.
Love and Light
Colossus Life

U Kno, Its Different When U

Lane White Bear

October 19, 2009, 7:01 am
u kno, its different when u actually do use the 3 stones, and then u read out that someone else has been using the 3 stone use as well, blessing to u lightning bear, we truly do what feels natural. even the third eye thing bro, i did all of this before reading your teaching, its just how i am, prepared

I Do My Stoneceremony Everyday


October 18, 2009, 7:34 pm
not really the same way like you do,but like my own intuitionway.
but must say your way inspired me very much,especially the fullmooncleansingceremony.
cool stuff!!!
oh jeah and i had terrible nightmares the past few weeks and if i sleep with my *protection*stone then i sleep much better,maybe this can be an inspiration



October 18, 2009, 7:03 pm
Thank you Matthew, that sound wonderful.



October 17, 2009, 2:30 pm
This sounds wonderful and very cleansing! Thank you for sharing!


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