Science Is So,,,,, Wonderful

Science Is So,,,,, Wonderful

by Eaglestalon

October 18, 2009, Comments(1)
Ascended Masters

I know this is suppose to be in the video section,
but for something like this, I dont think it matters,,

hmmm science,,
I think I understand what love means now,,



October 19, 2009, 6:13 pm
Unfortunately this is politics rather than science. There was no point in her having the flu shot in the first place and giving the shot to someone outside of the "at risk" demographic actually weakens the effectiveness of the vaccine on the whole. The very nature of the vaccine's effectiveness can even be called into question when strains mutate so quickly but when the media spreads fear, the politicians have to look like they have the answers and so allow people access to such drugs freely.

Science is wonderful and without the "scientific process" the world would be a medieval place. When it is only allowed to "prosper" if it supports temporary political agendas, it becomes driven by economics and not scientific achievement.


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