Breaking A Crystal In A Dream?

Breaking A Crystal In A Dream?

by elucidate

November 4, 2009, Comments(1)
Dreams & dream interpretation


In this dream, i accidentally broke one of my brothers crystals. He got angry at me and broke my favorite crystal, i was wondering why he did it since i broke his by accident

The part that made me think about it is a bit after I woke up I randomly felt my bag of crystals and the first crystal i touched was that crystal. This crystal had been lost for about two weeks, I searched all around my room (including that bag, i searched it twice)

This was the second time I lost a crystal and it came back to me, both times it was my favorite crystal at the time



November 7, 2009, 9:45 pm
Your brother represents an aspect of yourself, in this case it is an aspect that is familiar to you. Crystals are value in the subconscious. This dream talks about a conflict within your subconscious. Perhaps this aspect of yourself is undermining your own intuition, your inner knowing. If you can identify what your brother represents to you (defining his characteristics and defining how you feel toward your brother), you can figure out which aspect of yourself is what you have a problem with.


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