Dream 11:11

Two nights ago is saw very strongly clouds of colors. Very rich deep dark , red, blue, purple.. Does not matter if my eyes are open or close i see the same thing. Then on 11 Nov i had the following dream I give you the short version:

I could fly again. Power flowing out my hands and feet. hhaaaa now i know. it is the same power that flow's out me when I am awake. But when I am awake the center power point is my heart. Then hands but also my eyes and whole head. Any way i was flying around. I had to move my hands continually to have levitation. Also had to use the power vibration of my voice by saying special words. There was people on the ground. One guy wanted to fly also. So he said the same words as I did. Although it was the same word it sounded very flat and monotonous..When I said the same word it was rich with power and made everything vibrate.

Then some people saw a flying saucer crashing to the ground.. I turned around and saw some thing like a falling meteorite fall on the earth. People where saying. "They aliens have arrived and are landing" "Look there is a stealth helicopter following them"" I then used my power to lift my self high in the sky. There was a flying saucer approaching me and I shouted to them "Hey Hello!!" but they just flew past me. Then I woke up !! fall asleep again.

I was dreaming and was practicing the same power flying. Shoot up high in the air again. I saw two great big temples. They where in the tropical jungle but the builings where well looked after. The architecture of both temples was very very wonderful. These where big big temples with lots of side buildings. The one was a modern architecture (silver) the other one I never seen before. The roof shaped like upside down beehives. Difficult to describe but very nice very interesting architecture (yellowish walls with some Green) . So i fly to the "beehive" temple. It had a big perimeter fence and I knew that I was trespassing. I flew to the varenda and sat down at the stone table. Very nice few over the valley. Then I notice the owner in side. He did not see me but I thought it would be saver to leave. But two grounds men spotted me. They where very announed that i trespassed. I have encountered flying trespassers like me very often. They where Indian looking. Now that had some magic power to bring me down to earth. They had a black and white circle around their eyes. Their eyes where big and round and they stare at me. This was the one magic power. They made this beeping whistling noises. The vibration will disrupt my flying vibration and bring me down to earth. So I cam down and down. and then where trying to grab my feet. So there was this "vibration" fight struggle between us. I flew in to a branch of a tree and they almost got me. Then I gathered my forces and shot like a rocket out of there.


The other thing that happened on 11 November is that the electricity went absolutely nuts. The power cable of my laptop broke and the light of the fridge. The lights in my room started flickering. All the lights in our two flats where flickering and dimming out. Like there was not enough power and and the strange flickering.. I thought it might be the whole town but it was only our two flats. The next day I send for the electrician that replaced a burned out part. Now I don't want to be egoistic but it could of been because of me. Today the generator broke down.

On 11:11 I Went To This Place


November 13, 2009, 6:51 pm
On 11:11 I went to this place to put money on my visa card and after the lady cashed my check, she was trying to swipe my card and then the card system went down through the whole store!. I tried to go back the next day to the atm and my card doesn't even read now...very strange...


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