Guruji Krishnananda Speaks - December'09

Guruji Krishnananda Speaks - December'09

by Allin11inAll

January 4, 2010
Abundance Philosophy, Spiritual development

Excerpts from Guruji’s Sunday Lectures)
(Compiled by Shoba K Rao)


When you are in contact with the Rishis you should contain the excitement, otherwise the mind becomes active and starts projecting the things that you like to receive. The communication then either ends or gets distorted.

Whenever we meditate in an energy field, the Core and the Field get strengthened. The deity of the Field takes care of all our material and Spiritual needs. If many people sit and mass meditate for a long time in a place they can create an energy field in that area.

In the present times, Spiritual guides can guide people only when they are aware of the new laws, new ways, the new information about 2012 etc.

Unless we know the answers to certain questions like: Who are we? Where do we come from? etc., we will be taking the wrong routes or we may never begin our Spiritual journey. When we begin the journey we have to go beyond, to experience and manifest the experience.

Do the Rishis exist? Unless you know the answers to such questions, and you are convinced, you can't talk to others about these things.

We struggle in Sadhana if the Spiritual condition of the world around us is not good, or if there are disturbances around us, as we are linked together. In spite of that we have to meditate and channel Light to bring relief not only to ourselves but also to others. It's a part of Sadhana. Periodically we have to introspect and pull ourselves up.

Judging people and developing strong feelings holds us back and takes us down. Locate the good points in people and establish relations from there to the Soul-level.

From 21st December 2009 lot of powers from the dark forces will be taken away, making transformation easier for every one. There will be new choices and challenges.

Intense healing of the earth begins. Hereafter whenever you practise Pranayama inhale blue light, hold the breath, and exhale blue light.

Henceforth, whenever we make a very genuine effort we will be rewarded, and whenever we consciously deviate or commit a mistake we will be punished.

The presence of a Meditator in a bus averted a serious accident. That is the power of Meditation! Sometimes people grumble that they are not making progress.

People in the beginning stages are expected to be patient. Before asking questions, they have to study, listen, read, understand and meditate for some time. People who join us get the shield after meditating for three months in the Chakra activation Stage. This is meant for protection from dark forces. We have to trust the Rishis and move on.

Spiritual aids really do not improve the quality of Meditation, as meditation occurs at a deeper level.


Vishwamitra Maharshi gave me very clear instructions to be passed on to a person. Within five minutes I got a call from that very person who said that he had decided to follow the instructions exactly as passed on to me by Vishwamitra Maharshi!! We can contact Vishwamitra Maharshi for guidance on any issue.

When we shift our awareness and expand it to experience Light, God and Vastness, then we learn to ignore the petite details of life. We have to keep our awareness expanded even when we are not meditating, and try to see the whole life from a higher perspective and enlarge our vision.

It is observed that Humility is totally absent even in the people who meditate for long hours. Being humble is being Spiritual.

We choose Light/the New Age by choosing the right thoughts, emotions, actions, goals, the path and of course the right Guru, from the level of the soul. It is then transformation occurs.

After taking up Meditations some change their mode of dress, maybe sometimes they wear beads. But the changes should not end with Rudrakshas and beads.

You must recognize the surface level activities in the Spiritual industry and go beyond them and make a choice from the level of the soul. Vishwamitra Maharshi says, “That is enough. I will help you to sail through this very difficult period of Pralaya-2012.”

Everyone goes through pain in life in one's own way. Pain brings maturity. If we understand pain, accept it and contemplate, then the pain teaches us lessons. We learn those lessons fast.

When people do not get all the answers to their prayers immediately, some lose faith and some stop Sadhana/the pursuit of Truth. They restart the pursuit after years or lifetimes. If we really love God, we never lose faith. Every failure is an opportunity for a bigger growth.

How can Rishis say what exactly is going to happen in the year 2012? It depends on you and each one of us. If each one transforms the destiny of the world gets altered.

Do not misuse the name of the Rishis or this background.


You don't have to believe just because I say, but because you know it as true by your own experience. You must use your intuition, choose ways, follow and also accept the consequences.

In Meditation we have to enter stillness, as many new things happen then. Thinking or analyzing pushes the Spiritual part i.e. experiencing, to the back seat. We have to be careful about this.

Never compare or discuss your experiences or techniques.

We have to accept lethargy as it is a natural obstacle, make effort to get over it, and shouldn't cry about it. Establishing a rhythm in the system reduces lethargy.

We have to build up a rhythm in our entire system. Take care of your physical bodies by practising Asanas, exercises, taking healthy food, resting well, keeping this body clean and dressing cleanly. Thus we build up a rhythm.

Similarly take care of your mind by not worrying and not allowing any type of agitation. Practise Pranayama and Shambala Principle number One. Spend time amidst nature, listen to good music. Build up a rhythm.

Intellect can be taken care of by reading, thinking, contemplating and allowing the thoughts to expand, by thinking of the entire humanity, by thinking big. We have to dream. It makes us grow and keeps the intellect healthy.

We have to take care of ourselves as souls, by experiencing Stillness, Light and Oneness.

Spirituality is God-given, Religion is man-made. Pursuing and exercising powers is the third aspect. Paths and ways built up by the dark people destroy us virtually at all levels. Be careful.

The essence of Sadhana is trying to connect to the core of either an individual or of the Universe. It brings us new knowledge and energies.

Energies have intelligence, which seeks the permission of the individual before it enters. They burn the Karmas and cleanse, also give us knowledge, strengthen us and help us to transform. All this happens at a different level.

We have a great responsibility to understand the information about 2012 thoroughly. Be very loud about the point that the world will not end and we can save ourselves and also the world by just choosing and transforming. Read, practise, experience, have the wisdom as you are expected to guide others. Unless we meditate we cannot grow and sail through 2012.

We take up Spiritual practices for Spiritual growth; we also become healthy. Healing is a part of Spiritual growth. Everytime you don't get what you ask for; but you will get something better that you don't notice. God knows better.


Most of what I say is understood though it may not be accepted. But let it not hold you back from meditating and practising the techniques that are given to you. Follow the techniques blindly. You will grow. Rishis monitor to educate, support and help you grow. Be aware that there is a parent watching you.

In this system of body, mind and intellect, there are constant fluctuations of moods, which is natural and we have to accept them, deal with them. Let us be kind to the system, be lenient with it.

It is the mind which is always moody. Spread Ananda. When the mind tastes bliss/Ananda, it will cooperate wholeheartedly. Ananda also helps the mind to stabilize and mature.

Artificiality is untruth. The dark forces will be waiting to penetrate the apertures in your system and execute their agenda. Be very careful.

It becomes imperative now to have contacts with Rishis. Many times the mind projects images and messages and we feel satisfied and happy. Check every time, but never stop communicating with them.

We must begin the practice of communicating by telepathy, communicating from soul to soul, from our core to the other core. You can contact me; write your experiences, your difficulties. I will check and let you know. But there will be more help at the other level, the Astral level.

All the people in certain dark groups are interlinked by energies, the purpose being to prepare a kind of workforce. But at some point they can't make progress individually, the whole group has to progress. Here we don't want a workforce that is not free. You must ask questions, learn to rebel very positively. These are the subtler points.

Sentiments, emotions, a little anger and also a little jealousy are not negative but are natural human traits. But extremes of the same are not good as they turn out to be weaknesses.

Avoid rituals, not worship. You have to follow the higher ways passed on by the Rishis.

Practise more of Saptarshi Pranayama. It brings lot of clarity and there are many other benefits.

We have always said Life continues after 2012. There will be great changes. We can survive them provided we follow certain simple things. That part people don't appreciate and don't try to read or know. Only after the TV channels have created the scare about 2012 people try to listen to us.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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