The Invitation

The Invitation

by Luminance River

January 31, 2010, Comments(6)
Love, Ascension, Ascended Masters

Quantum Note: Saturday, January 30
Channeled by Luminance River
taken from Ascension Talk

[One] Can you feel yourself as me?

[Me] Fiery, passionate. Intense. I am more clear, more of myself, more sure of who I am. This is male energy.

[One] It is my energy, beyond male. I am here to inspire people. I am here to set them on fire with themselves. I am here to burn up who they are not, and they are not who they think they are. I am here to wake up their impulses to save the world. I don't mean by traditional hero tactics of duality. The world is not a victim and neither are we. You can serve the world by being the love that you are. I am here to light a fire in your heart, to help you remember who you are and why you came here, dear beloveds. You are beloved because you are on this frequency where you can hear me and my brother sister masters. You are called from your Family of Light to act as bringers of light to all of humanity. It is so each being can remember the light that they are. You are hearing this, or reading this, because you made an agreement to hear it. You are a match to hearing it because in your soul, you know of what I speak. You are remembering the Oneness with all things. We are going to keep reminding you until you feel you are One with us. We are the same. We are the same level. You exist beyond the little shell human on earth. You are one of the One, One.

As I set fire to your heart, you are to set fire to other's hearts. Yes they are your selves too, your other selves. You set fire to their hearts by holding a mirror up to them and their light is reflected back to them, and it touches an emotional place in them that remembers their agreement, the agreement of love.

What is the agreement of love, you ask? Feel the agreement. Remember the love you have been yearning for, and know it is. We are One body. We convey the oneness to you from you/us. It can be called unity consciousness.

That is what the agreement of love could be. It is to recall our oneness and to remember and heal chards, bring back into wholeness who we know we are. Let us heal and mend individually and also collectively at the same time by seeing our wholeness that was always there under the illusion of brokenness, separation and pieces. It wasn’t true so see through the illusion. It is seeing beyond all polarities, male and female, sexual preference, color or religion, job, belief systems, family and circles of friends, attachments, possessions, health condition, story, history, and just everything you use to define yourself. This is who you are not.

She who writes this is feeling this energy as new; the intensity of my yearning, my passion. She puts the message forth through her energy as a woman, in this lifetime, how she defines herself. But every time you define yourself starting with gender, you are taking yourself from wholeness. She will remember being male, and she will remember her higher frequency self which she now feels the intensity of though me. Be stunned by the blending we are. We are each all blending our highest pieces of Self, attributes, and energies into one another so that in any situation, we are anyone. We are all one and all things. She is me and I am her right at this moment and always. This is a merging of consciousness, intentionally. She is typing down my/her message as it is a cocreation that can come through.

We have been waiting and now there is no diddling around. The transition in ascension is upon us. It is time to wake up humans by being an awake human. Can you feel fire in your cells? Can you feel a shift in you cell-estial structure?

Can you feel how we are pulling you to the higher realms? Can you see how these realms are you, and the illusion of separation is the veil we are collectively parting. We are doing away with division now. Know yourself as wholeness. We only need your agreement to come, and for you to take the first step and you will be lifted. This is not difficult dear ones. We assist you in all ways. We are always with you and always have been. It is so easy to go beyond your fragmented parts, to pull them together. It is such delight to come back into who you are. There is so much love and possibility for anything when you come back to You, your universal self that is all things.

Your cocoons are breaking open and light is coming out. You are losing your concreteness, your form becoming abstract. Be born into your wholeness that you always were. As you do, you blend into your universality. You stop being a small game playing piece and start being the game and the space and everything. You have been sleeping and dreaming for so long, and now you stir and awaken. I am your alarm clock among many right now, for those that are noticing and hearing what lies within their soul place instead of looking for answers outside of them.

You are losing your personalities. Who is willing to let go of his identity so he can be all things? Who is willing to become diffuse, like a vapor and be everywhere, everywhen? Who is willing to fly with us? Be us? To become who they really are, their master self? Remember themselves as All things and the potential for all things? Right now for she who types this is seeing that she is a small drop in the all that is, and how she identifies herself. She is beyond that small person, small personality; of a mother, a business owner, and one who struggles. She can leave that all behind instantly and be anything, anyone, having complete freedom. The choice is yours too, and it is always available. The stepping into New Energy is a choice to make now. Why would you put off being who you are?

We speak through her, vibrationally and beyond words. You can speak to one another this way too! You can also hear guidance from us. It is hearing all parts of you speaking to the you within. Let the knowing happen and the parts of you link together in connection. Hear one another telepathically. Open yourself to channeling from each other, knowing as you know from us, from who each other speak vibrationally, reading thoughts that way, from higher self to higher self. Whole communes with a whole and emptiness to emptiness. Light meets light. Yes, dear ones, it is akene heart energy. No, the energy doesn't travel, just is all pervasive because it is All that is! Can you tell how excited I am for you to get this and feel it beloveds?

You are All that Is so there is no travel. There is no sending or receiving love anymore. You are it. That is because the illusion of being in parts, being separate, and being different parts is going away. No sending is necessary when there is no separation.

New energy that you are creates from stillness and beingness instead of doingness.
You are the universe. You are what you create and you are creator. Of course the universe loves and supports you as you are it. Laugh at the Law of Attraction ideas of receiving and manifesting from outside of you, because you always were it, the universe, but didn't know it. There is no relationship between. How can there be relationship when nothing is separate?

You are each other and everything. This is our message, simple and to the point, always.

She filters what I say with her experience, through this lifetime that she recalls, but she has been more, many more lifetimes of experience, as you have. This message is to encourage she and all of us to stop filtering, and we are learning to do so.

Remember who you were and by this we mean different selves that reincarnated as you and more importantly, remember who you were before the division started happening. It is time for addition of many things together which equal one. Go back to that state of being which is love. Remember your greatness. Remember the whole that you are. Be empty, wholes and holes from which all things can spring and be created from you.

Burn the personality identity suits which you try to hide in as you define yourself. They minimize your greatness and magnificence. Stop filtering your experience with your experience in the past. See with new eyes always, in each moment.

Magnify your nothingness and get rid of what no longer serves, such as doubts, as well as characters you don't enjoy playing. Stop playing the game of you, as the small you that you have thought you are. Give into the feeling of not knowing. Be okay with figuring anything out in the moment. Preconceived ideas have no place. Feel my passion and intensity and confidence again, but in who you prefer to be, letting go of who you are not. Let go of what no longer serves. Allow the flow of change. I am sharing this with you vibrationally now and now and now.

You are not small. You are not powerless. You are loved and love, and All that Is. You are beyond what you can possibly imagine, so make the stretch and see your largeness, your vastness and to the infinity that you really are. Feel the pure potentiality that brews within you, the quantum possibilities. Be willing to stretch your idea of possible while you undefine, unlimit and free yourself of who you think you are.

-- ONE, 2010

Taken from Ascension Talk

'One' was channeled by Shannon, an ascension student going by the vibration of 'Luminance River' on AT, only yesterday, launching soon


Personality=identifying With


February 5, 2010, 4:36 pm
Personality=identifying with the small self/ego/limited version that has agenda.

Personality as one's soul essence vibration is the loved and cherished and reflected into the world without bending for anyone.

Personality as that which runs on conditioning can be let go of.

Thanks...for Appreciating.


February 5, 2010, 4:34 pm
Thanks...for appreciating. Yes stillness is so powerful!

Personality Is Merged With Other Aspects


February 1, 2010, 6:10 pm
Quote: “You are losing your personalities.”

As we expand our consciousness we encompass more than our self’s perspective. We still retain this individuality, but increasingly merge it w/ the other aspects of our extended energy field.

Our individuality/personality remains as an important & honored portion of our extended energy field, just as our other aspects are that were provided us, as useful learning experienced, but we gain additional interests. We shift our perspective to a broader range than when before we expand our consciousness as we become focused on additional issues that just those which involve self.

Quote: “Burn the personality identity suits which you try to hide in as you define yourself. They minimize your greatness and magnificence.”

We need not throw our our individuality/personality or disrespect it in any way. Fully respecting ALL elements of our energies including our self/personality/individuality is absolutely necessary to enlightenment. Expanding our consciousness is an additive, not subtractive process.

Quote: “You are not small. You are not powerless.”

Can’t be said enough.

Love It!!!!


February 1, 2010, 3:59 am
'magnify your nothingness' - whoa!
'New energy that you are creates from stillness and beingness instead of doingness' - oh yeah!
wow- this really sums it up :)
thank you.

Glad You Liked


January 31, 2010, 2:01 pm
Glad you liked it..cell-estial. Words that mean two things are fun.

Hi Spirit


January 31, 2010, 7:12 am
out of all that is typed in this message, "Can you feel a shift in you cell-estial structure?", is the one quote that strikes me the deepest. It is in the Cell-ular level that the Cellestial resides for certain. THis is something I have had a challenging time explaining to anyone... thank you for this.


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