by lightworker

September 5, 2007

Be aware that we are working on lightworkers now and things dont work properly always Before you contact us, please read the FAQ below to find your question/answer. On the bottom of the page you will find a contact form.

if ($user->uid>0){
//$result = db_query("INSERT INTO {guestbook} (author, recipient, message, created) VALUES(%d, %d, '%s', %d)", $user->uid, $uid, $message, time());

global $mlc_msg;
//print $mlc_msg;

function mlist($view, $co, $title, $type, $p2, $link){
$a = showview("",$view,$co, array($type,"all",$p2));

$pic = '

//$more = ' more ';
//$add = ' + ';
$b = "
$title $more $add
$c = '

return $b.$c;
print mlist("contentlist",50,"Issues","helper","436");
print mlist("contentlist",50,"Site helper profiles","helper","430");
print mlist("contentlist",50,"Philosophy","helper","434");
print mlist("contentlist",50,"Technology related","helper","433");
print mlist("contentlist",50,"Other","helper","437");

//watchdog("test1", "test4");
//print showview("",'contentlist',200, array("helper","all","all"));

Send a email to us here!

We are fascilitators who simply provide a platform for collaboration and a focal point to unite our energies and intent. But it is you the lightworkers, who are truely the integral part of this body of light. We welcome you, we honour you, as the divine being that you are. Welcome Lightworker.. //Stop group emails all together, we had lots of trouble/spam with that
//$result2 = db_query('UPDATE og_uid_global SET og_email = 0 WHERE og_email > 0');

//Set expired timestamps to 0 so it wont show on event lists
//$result2 = db_query('UPDATE content_field_timestamp SET field_timestamp_value = 0 WHERE field_timestamp_value < '. (time()-60*60*12));
//$result2 = db_query('UPDATE content_type_event SET field_timestamp_value = 0 WHERE field_timestamp_value < '. (time()+60*60*24)); //Set timezone to 0 when timezone is NULL, this is a correction of a programming error
//$result2 = db_query('UPDATE content_field_timestamp SET field_timestamp_offset = 0 WHERE field_timestamp_offset IS NULL');

$result2 = db_query('UPDATE content_field_timestamp SET field_timestamp_offset = 0 WHERE field_timestamp_offset IS NULL');

//signup seems not work with repaet events so this opens all events
$result2 = db_query('UPDATE signup SET status = 1 WHERE status = 0');

//Make all expired auctions sticky, that way we can put them in a different category
$result = db_query('SELECT * FROM ec_product_auction WHERE expires < '. time());
while ($obj = db_fetch_object($result)) {
//print "$obj->nid
$result2 = db_query('UPDATE node SET sticky = 1 WHERE nid = '. $obj->nid .' AND status = 1 AND type = "product" AND sticky = 0');

print mlc_data();


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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