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Deposit DEEP MIND DEEP HEART Mexico Cancun Retreat




*** Spaces are limited. To reserve your spot please make your deposit ASAP.
*** Deposits will become NON-Refundable from August 1st. If you need to cancel and request a refund, please notify Adeon before August 1st.
*** Second and Final Deposit to be Paid by Sep 10th, 2022.

Total Costs
9-Day Retreat Package. Integration and Adventure Tour $2700AUD ($1800USD)


Welcome to the deep dive of Esoteric Neo-Shamanism. The DEEP MIND DEEP HEART program combines practical teachings and application for awakening your healing and creative forces within. Take a total immersion into the shamanic realms, nurturing your mind, body and spirit. This program is an Initiation of deep transformation and exploration of your inner world, to facilitate the integration of your most authentic self.

Adeon Asfar is a pioneer in his respective fields of transformational healing and coaching. With 26 years of experience, facilitating thousands of workshops and retreats around the world, helping an immense and diverse range of clientele from all walks of life.

His philosophy is a simple one. That no one gets left behind. All sincere aspirants seeking change and transformation are welcome. This work is intensive, deep, and most importantly; results driven.

From myself and my team, we sincerely thank you for your trust and support, in a field that can be daunting to navigate, and we highly value your commitment to heal, grow and transform. As much as we take this work very seriously, we also value the core beauty of human nature, to have fun and co-create through the process. We all have our stories and our life journeys that brought us to this present moment, and understand on a deep level, that change is the only constant. Human beings are experts at change. And we look forward to seeing you prove that to yourself!

We invite you to join us in this year’s adventures. A beautiful blending of music, magic, meditation, nature, prayer, ceremony, creativity, and fun. Working within the context of your own positive belief systems, to support you on your journey to unleashing your innate capabilities. Not only to heal but to grow and excel in life beyond the realms of the external, to the inner realms of your own magical nature. This program is suitable for individuals, couples, and family groups ages 18+.

To ensure you don’t miss out please confirm your booking and payment ASAP.

Thank you!