Time to rock the Melbourne Underground

Calling in All Dance Floor Lovers, Rainbow Warriors, Freedom Fighters, Multidimensional Superstars and  The Galactic Tribe of Awesomeness.


For a Celebration of Community Support, Art, Music, and Tribe for some serious High Frequency FUN Raising.

All Star Line Up to Support the Cause!

Jonny Sonic - The Potbelleez

Amber Savage
Australia's Leading Lady of Hard Trance, Well loved and respected around the country, she's earned such titles as #5 DJ in Australia, featured in the national Top 10 three times and held on to #1 female DJ for 5 consecutive years as voted by the people in Inthemix's Top 50 DJ poll.. After playing the First GENESIS event in 2018, my whole reality shifted towards living my highest dreams, the magic keeps flowing, and it wouldnt have been possible without the love, effort and vision of Mark and the GENESIS Crew. I Love you all!

Ozzie Kay - Tribadelic
FRONT LINE WARRIOR OF THE PSYTRANCE ARMY. FOUNDER OF TRIBADELIC. Few words can articulate this mans commitment to the Australian Trance Community, no event of this kind would be the same without his dedication and Magic.   

DJ Krusty
Krusty. A well-seasoned Melbourne based DJ/Producer, Krusty has  been sculpting mystical electronic musical journey’s mixing  trance, ethno techno, deep oriental house, psy dub and worldy chill-out regularly since the early 90’s. He has performed at gatherings and festivals all over Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and America sharing his sonics with psychedelic dance party people. Krusty has composed and released psychedelic techno music under a number of project monikers which include House of Pagan Christians, Organic Madjik, as well as DJ Krusty remixes on vinyl and CD. During this time he also helped create the Green Ant music label, which released Australian psychedelic electronic CD dance music for over 10 years.

You.Me - Deep Rooted Productions
You.Me has a true passion for music and the art of mixing. Hailing from Melbourne, his art has taking him into the international arena playing at infamous venues in the UK, USA, and South Africa. From Pacha London, Arcadia in London Bridge, London's Infamous Lightbox and the O2 Brixton Academy, to The Wire Club in Leeds alongside some of House's & Techno’s most respectable names. Now a resident Dj at Deep Rooted Productions at venues all across Melbourne from My Aeon, Pawn & Co, New Guernica and everywhere in-between. “Happy to support a great cause, and looking forward to seducing you onto the dance floor with some deep tech house groooves!”

Rising With the Phoenix. Keaton Horan has been smashing dancefloors for over a decade, and his latest incarnation as Kay-Cee has delivered a dancefloor experience that will blow your mind. "Dont Hold Back" from the Potbelleez was one of the first Tracks I ever mixed. Can't wait to share the stage with this amazing crew, and give back to you all the love this Tribe has given me and MORE!

VDMO Visuals 
Grigori Vdmo Kstati aka VDMO VISUALS - Joins the Lineup. The Man behind the curtain, bringing mind blasting visuals to big screens across the Australian and Global EDM scene. A feature VJ Artist who has graced the stages at Interstellar Groove Festival, Prognosis, Infusion and Rainbow Serpent. No one could forget his collaborations with TAS VISUALS on the Sun Temple Stage At Esoteric Festival. Super Grateful for this man's support and throwing his Visual Alchemy into the Mix of GENESIS in the SONIC TEMPLE.


$$$ This is a BY DONATION Event! $$$

Get on the GUEST LIST to ensure you don't miss out on entry. Donations accepted on the Door but capacity is Limited!

Performers, Artists, and Industry Support is most welcome. Please add your energy to the mix on our Facebook Event.

Scorpio Full Moon. Solar Eclipse Shamanic Cacao Dance Ceremony. feat. Sacred Summit (Timmus) Adeon Asfar, Aurora Celestial, Gavin Sri Amneon, Angie Gocat, Nirvana Waters, Kylie Bayens and Kevin Scholten. Healing the old ways of love, through the 9 gateways of creation, A Shamanic Trance-n-dance journey into ecstatic tribal beats and beyond.

Want to thank our amazing Aerialist and performance coordinator Lady Karina Todd for pulling together a lovely little ensemble of performance artists. Karina will be performing in the Sonic Temple with some delicious Hoop-star Aerials.

A heavy hitter coming all the way from Sydney this weekend, Stacy, AKA Luna Wolf 🐺 is gracing us with her powerful performance art! Being the brains behind Performance troupe “Amazon Art” harnessing the warrior within, she has three key aspects she holds sacred: Power - Passion - Purpose. She truly is not one to miss as she moves organically with her fire sword and fire palms as well as showing incredible strength and beauty on the aerials. Come and check her out whilst she’s prowling on both stages for this Saturday!

Next up on our list of talented performers is Matt Spear AKA Bro With The Flow! This legend has been flowing for 5 years and fallen in love with the personal growth and community around the flow arts. Sporting both LED and Fire acts as well as being a key fire safety boss you’ll see his entrancing movements on both the Firepsyed and Sonic Temple stages this weekend!!

Raising The Funds and Raising the Frequency 

Mark Ludbrook AKA MK1 is a true electronic dance music superstar. He has been providing crowd care services for the Electronic Dance Music scene over the past TEN years. His services have saved lives, saved events and ensured a safe party experience for all of us. Now he needs our help for some serious medical support and healing. We hope you can join us for this Fund raising , frequency elevating event. Every booty on the dance floor will help!

A dedicated Husband and Father of four great kids and a promoter of Safe Music Events across many genres. This Fundraiser, Video Collections and Information has been put together by his friends in the community to show a little about the Man behind the HighVis and High Vibes. We hope you enjoy these little glimpses of the Man and the being that you are supporting.

On Dec 27th 2021, Mark began a sudden and rapid decline into paralysis, starting from his feet moving upward. After many tests and examinations, the experts still have no answer or remedy for the cause of this medical mystery. To this day he remains in a constant battle with the PAIN and the PARALYSIS.  This is the only feeling he now has from the chest down.

HEALTH UPDATE : Since the Inception of GENESIS, Marks health has started a slow but steady turn around! High Spirits and Collective Love is working its Magic! THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT! We got this!

For deeper insights into Marks Journey from Dance Floor Superstar into his Battle with Full Body Paralysis. Check out His Story.

When I asked Amber Savage to give me one reason why you should be here. (Apart from not suffering the FOMO) She summed it up with these very True Words..

"Because we're combining two of the highest vibrational experiences into one. Music/Dance and Giving/Service to Others. This is the Feel Good Stuff we are made of! Aaaand because we know how to party!" -Amber Savage

Raising The Funds and Raising the Frequency 

Fund Raising Mission 

Establishment of a 24/7 Health and Wellbeing Center in Ballarat, not only for Mark but for the broader community.

Our mission is to help Mark move out of the hospital and into some new accommodation with the appropriate medical support. We have been donated a beautiful location for this purpose, to setup a space of healing, not just for Mark but for those in need. All help is welcome.

  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Easy Access to Loved ones
  • Pain Management
  • Support Staff
  • Healing Food
  • Expert Medical Support


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