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Awakening the Rainbow Warrior. By Adeon Asfar

Full Moon luminary, shadows in the night, heralding the age of Aquarian power, no I’m not standing alone.

From the eye of the storm I am stepping out reborn, frequency rising, the old slave way it’s dying.

Disruption in the field of the world, but my higher mind is smiling because Rainbow warriors are finding the mercurian reminder with a message from God.

Our plan is divine, and it’s found deep inside, it goes beyond space and time. You know it and show it yes, Destiny is calling you.

Dismantling my mind, with the truth being spoken, jaguar stalking and my fears being broken with my pride at my side. We stride through a concrete jungle, where anyone can hide from the old world eye.

Wearing masks, aviators and a hood of vines, sacred medicine for the people that you can’t deny.

Crown of heaven exploding, rainbow body unfolding into a new dream time where the eagles fly high, through an endless infinite eternal sky

But the pressures on and on and on, madness and rebellion living side by side, awakening my soul to take the wheel and drive.

As I witness my reflection in your eyes so blue, green and brown, golden simmering my passion in you. I see your magnificence, love and beauty let loose.

Lady Venus walking through my front door, no boundaries can hold her, she is here to adore and explore how deep we can go, but were going to need to let go.

Old rules, old games, old lies, insane, shedding skin, shedding shells, bringing love into hell.

Uranian Avatar, game on! Next level awakening sending glitches through the AI, watching the watcher from on high, we will be breaking through to you. Yes the Matrix is true.

Rainbow Warriors standing strong, in the eye of storm where we come from. We have come, and we’re not done.

The battle has just begun, for the mind and the hearts of all as one. No body gets left behind, we just come back through from the other side.

Dreamtime walkers, remote viewer watchers, reality weavers, star seed beamers. Let your light shine.

And everything is going to be fine, and no matter what, enjoy the ride opening up your love through hearts divine.


Art by Marley Dalziel

About the Author Alex

Alex Ransom is an Evolutionary Astrologer forging a dream career from her long-standing passion for the stars. Spellbound since childhood, Alex has been studying and mastering Astrology for over twenty years. Prior to Astrology, Alex studied Philosophy, Psychology, and Yoga, and fuses all three to elevate within life and guidance within her sessions.
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