Remember who you are. The time is now. Lightworkers, star seeds, wisdom keepers. Rise and Shine. You are needed. Sing your sacred songs, speak your sacred words, prayers of living light for all. The vigil of light has begun! We call in the great circle of light, from the 9 gateways of creation, to support and awaken all beings present at this time here with mother Gaia.

A unification of global ceremony, song, forgiveness and grace. We send healing and love to the fallen dark ones, that they may awaken into their true nature, freedom, life and love. We send power, blessings and support to all the lightworkers around the world, that they have the strength to rise up now, and shine the light of truth, divine will, love and compassion where it is most needed.

To all our medics, doctors and scientists, may awareness, insight, understanding, health and wisdom be yours. Let the power of your voice be heard and the truth be known. 

To our soldiers, our warriors, our braves in the military, to all the self declared leaders, governors, and politicians, to the hidden manipulators of debt based enslavement, may the light of love shine down on you all and illuminate your soul. Wake up. We see you.

And to all the Lightworkers of the world, wherever you are, Open your hearts and minds with intent and purpose. A daily practice of prayer, ceremony, meditation to connect with your guides and ascended masters of the upper world. Connect with your guides and totems of the lower world. Together we can rain the illuminating light of divine love upon Mother Gaia, clearing, healing, awakening. The time to go within and activate your divine purpose is now. Find it, feel it, know it and take action. Share, post and spread your prayers, your art, your actions and intentions. Let the world know.. Resistance is futile. In perfect love and perfect trust. Lightworkers of the world.. Let's fire it up!

~ The Vigil of Light ~ We gather in a time of unprecedented circumstances. In isolation, quarantine and displacement. As the global economy freefalls and the flood of fear and confusion sweeps the planet, we come together,


The Hue-man-be-ing is a multidimensional creation of divine magnificence. An interconnected conduit between multiple realms and dimensions of which the physical is but on of them.We are after all "Spiritual Beings having a Physical Experience"Our bodies


Welcome to the 2020 Apocalypse. We certainly live in exciting and interesting times. For any of you who have been following the truth movement over the last 20 years, the current atmosphere of fear and governmental


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