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While perusing the annals of Youtube a sudden piece of Click Bait grabbed my attention. “Military whistleblower claims US has UFO retrieval program.” grabbing the bait I clicked and watched an intriguing piece of work unfold through the testimony of a familiar-looking face and a familiar-sounding name. It was David Graush, who the news piece portrays to be the first Real Military Whistleblower to expose incredible claims of UFO coverups, crash retrieval programs, and a potential Alien threat. The report claims “For the very first time the world is about to hear from a very high-level US intelligence officer who says the US Government has some of the unidentified craft in its possession and has exclusive details about the secret government program.. Information NO ONE has never heard before..” WOW, This sounds good, coming out on the back of recently released US Navy disclosure videos that were taken nearly 20 years ago, let’s see where this goes..

Ross Coulhart, the investigating Journalist conducting the interview opens up by citing Graush’s credentials and giving him the self-deduced title of “One of the most trusted former intelligence officials in the US defense establishment.” .. “Yes I was…” Graush replies.. Ross goes on “You were trusted with the most intimate secrets..”, “Yes” Graush affirms nodding sternly. And the theater begins.

June 6th 2023 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSj7QsHRxHQ

Dr. Steven Greer

As I listened and watched, intently, something about the interview seemed very off.  But also very familiar.  It wasn’t until later on in the piece the penny dropped when Graush described a secondhand account of the Alien threat with UFOs probing US Nuclear missile sites that I was reminded of the same story I had heard nearly 22 years previous. The name, the face, the mannerisms, it all reminded me of a Young Dr. Steven Greer from the Disclosure project press conference of 2001, where a first-hand ex-military witness gave testimony of his Nuclear Missle command being taken offline by the presence of a UFO hovering over the base observed through the gun sites of the military police on duty.

This was old news, repackaged with a carbon copy clone-like nature and a differing agenda.  As I listened it became very clear that there was nothing new or groundbreaking here, Graush certainly wasn’t the first ex-military or intelligence official to share such claims, and his inability to reference other true whistleblowers who had courageously gone before him came across as deliberately misleading and very untrustworthy.  Quite a contra to Ross Coulharts assessment of Graush.

The field of UFO research and extraterrestrial phenomena has attracted the attention of many prominent individuals claiming insider knowledge and firsthand experiences. One prominent figure in this domain is Dr. Greer, founder of the Disclosure Project, and now this sudden appearance of David Graush, a self-proclaimed UFO whistleblower. While both Greer and Graush contribute to the discourse on UFOs, their approaches, credibility, and overall impact on the subject differ significantly. This little comparative analysis aims to examine and contrast the work of these individuals.

1. Background and Approach:

Dr. Steven Greer, an American physician, founded the Disclosure Project in 1993. Greer’s approach emphasizes gathering testimonies from government officials, military personnel, and intelligence agency insiders who claim to have knowledge of UFO encounters and extraterrestrial technology. He aims to compel the US government to provide amnesty and release current and ex-military personnel from oaths of secrecy around any and all information pertaining to UFOs. Based upon his research of the testimony of over 250 military witnesses to the UFO phenomenon, Dr. Greer believes the US Government itself is in the dark about the true extent of the situation, and that the secrecy is being held and maintained by powers within the Military Industrial complex and compartmentalized private contractors.  He believes that the technology and truth are being withheld from the public, congress, and even presidents. He seeks to promote transparency, disclosure, and peaceful interaction with UFO craft and provides first-hand witness testimony that many of these craft that are being seen and disclosed through military channels are reverse-engineered UFOs of human origin.

David Graush has only recently emerged as a UFO whistleblower without any formal organization or extensive background. His approach involves sharing personal anecdotes and the anonymous testimony of “what he has been told” by others. He claims no direct contact with UFOs or extraterrestrial beings, instead, Graush emphasizes these individual accounts rather than collaborating with a collective group of witnesses or experts. His primary focus is to disseminate his own story and offer an alternative perspective on the UFO phenomenon.

2. Credibility and Evidence:

Greer’s Disclosure Project has amassed hundreds of witness testimonies, including military officials and government insiders. While skeptics question the veracity of some accounts, Greer presents these testimonies as evidence of a massive cover-up within the military-industrial complex, beyond the oversight of Congress and the government. Many of these witnesses have gone public with their stories, long before Graush, and many of them remain “redacted” from the public due to being bound by oaths of secrecy and national security laws.

Graush’s credibility as a UFO whistleblower relies solely on his personal account of the narratives given to him by others within the intelligence community. Without collaboration from other witnesses or substantial evidence, his claims are largely anecdotal and subjective. Skeptics often question the reliability of individual testimonies in the absence of corroborating evidence, which limits the impact of Graush’s claims. Yet in this case we have a very keen media who has chosen to raise Graush up amongst all others for his voice to be heard while ignoring far more valuable eyewitness accounts, and even dismissing them as if they didn’t exist at all.

3. Main Objectives:

Greer’s primary objective is to advocate for government amnesty and the lifting of all national security and secrecy oaths that any military personnel may be bound to, preventing them from being able to disclose what they know about UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence. He seeks to end the alleged secrecy surrounding these topics, believing that this suppressed technology and knowledge will have a radically transformative effect on our global society, the economy, ecology as well humanity’s understanding of consciousness and our place in the cosmos. Greer also promotes the peaceful exploration of the UFO phenomenon, citing witness testimony that military black budget programs are actively engaging and shooting down Alien craft for the acquisition of their technology.

Graush’s objectives center on sharing the story he has been given. He claims that it is the US government itself orchestrating the coverup and contrary to Greer’s position, that the UFO phenomenon is a threat to national security and humanity. While sharing his story, his accounts really contribute very little if anything at all to the broader discussion on the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial life. These are all claims we have heard before, presented in a new shiny package of big promises, and little to offer.

4. Impact and Legacy:

Greer’s Disclosure Project has garnered significant attention within the UFO research community and has inspired public interest in the subject. Despite not achieving its primary objective of full disclosure, the project’s testimonies and documentaries have contributed to the popularization of UFO research and provided a platform for the many insider officials to come forward and share what they can with the world. Including the real story of UFO interactions with Nuclear weapon facilities from first-hand military witness testimony. Greer’s work continues to influence the discourse and encourages further investigations into “Above top secret” secrecy, lack of government awareness and oversite, black ops military projects and the UFO phenomena.

Graush’s impact on the UFO research community and the broader public is relatively limited due to his lack of verifiable evidence, experience, and broader recognition. While individual testimonies can provide valuable insights, the absence of corroboration and support from a larger network of witnesses or experts undermines the broader impact of Graush’s whistleblower account. Nothing in his testimony provides any new revelations about the phenomenon, except to bring attention to a concerning direction of deliberate “Alien threat” fear and disinformation.

My Conclusion:

While Dr. Greer emphasizes collective testimonies and aims to achieve government support to have all these testimonies brought before Congress, Graush relies on personal anecdotes of repackaged old news, sticks with the government coverup conspiracy and has a supportive media base to get his message out there. Despite their differences, both figures contribute to the ongoing discourse on UFOs and extraterrestrial phenomena. However, Greer’s Disclosure Project, with its larger body of eyewitness military testimonies, carries a much greater impact, and its grassroots authentic nature holds much more influence in my opinion.

This David Graush piece appears to be a deliberate annexing of Dr Greers Disclosure Project and steers the discussion away from the truth and further into a controlled and dangerous narrative. 

On June 12th, 6 Days after the David Graush interview went to air, the 2023 International Press Conference for the Disclosure Project, Headed by Dr. Greer was live-streamed on YouTube.  Any word from the Mainstream Media about the real first-hand military eyewitnesses? (Crickets)

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