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Group Meditation Shamanic Drum Journey with Adeon

Join me and others in this online Shamanic Drum Journey. Expand the Circle with friends and family all over the world. Clear blocks and discord with the elements of creation, the keys of magic and healing for planetary illumination. I love these pure impromptu ceremony circles. Opening up to the flow of creative expression of whatever needs to come through. Pick up the drum, bring on the rhythm, and let spirit speak. I found this played best on my phone, on larger speakers the bass of the drum is a bit much, but the phone seems perfect for me.

If you want to download this as an MP3 you can get it here:

Before beginning this journey, pick an intention of offering for the world, then hit play, relax and let the drum carry you.. flute and hang drum too.. enjoy..

Love you all.

Finding and Walking the Path of Power

Exploring the keys of rapid awakening, higher states of consciousness and magical life experiences along the path of power. Finding your destiny in every moment and moving toward it with acts of service. When you serve all life, life serves you.

Welcome Alex from Coyote-Star Astrology

Alex Ransom is an Evolutionary Astrologer forging a dream career from her long-standing passion for the stars. Spellbound since childhood, Alex has been studying and mastering Astrology for over twenty years. Prior to Astrology, Alex studied Philosophy, Psychology, and Yoga, and fuses all three to elevate within life and guidance within her sessions. You can find her on Instagram @earth_to_coyote | YouTube.

To Get your Natal Chart, Relationship charts or a reading inquire at

Alex and I met during my last tour of the US in 2019. After receiving an incredible Natal chart reading from her we got into discussing developing a collaborative workshop together, which we launched in March of 2020, held in Melbourne Australia (My home town). Alex has an incredible talent for interpreting the stars, I’ve had many readings in the past, but this one was different.  Highly accurate, with a list of dates to take away and pay attention too.  I really love the way she also brings focus to finding your life purpose, and things of the past to release.

So looking forward to all the wonderful insights and guidance Alex brings to

Reality Hacking with Solstice Solar Eclipse High Magik

Welcome to a special edition of Solstice Solar Eclipse Lightworking and High Magik!

With over 2000+ pier reviewed studies undertaken since the turn of the century, the conclusion is clear. Consciousness does and can alter physical reality.

In this video I share the fundamental principles of Ceremonial magik for both adepts and seasoned reality hackers to create powerful works of magik for creating a new dream and reality for all of humanity. Explore the deeper aspects of this ancient craft of magikal spell weaving.

*Trinity Consciousness *Unification, waking ,sub and higher consciousness.
*Elemental Aspects of Earth, Air, Fire and Water
*Principle of inertia, time and flow
* Group and Partner Magik
*Astrological Energy influences, Solstice, Natal Charts, Houses and Transits.


Comments, thoughts and questions welcome below.

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To get your NATAL Chart and For latest astrological updates check out Alex from Coyote Star Astrology Instagram @earth_to_coyote or check her out on Youtube :

Much Love

Keep Shining


Together We Can Be The Shift

Every Thought, Every Feeling, Every Action we take is creating unlimited possibilities, directing our co-creative capacities whether we are aware of it or not.

If you want to supercharge your consciousness evolution and Be part of the Shift, you need to Be the Shift.

Raising your vibration to the next level through collective acts of service, as one heart, one mind, one love. Keep shining, in perfect love and trust.


Ref: What is The Event???

Be in this World but Not Of It

How do we navigate these challenging times? Big changes are in the air, the divine plan just keeps unfolding, and wow is this river of creation flowing super fast right now.

Heres some insights to help you keep your head above the water and remember the bigger picture of who you are and why you are here!

* Be in this world but not of it!

* Remember you are a multidimensional spirit having a human experience

* TimeLine Divergence

* Lightbody Upgrades and much more..

Comments and feedback welcome.

Keep on Shining!


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WINGS OF FIRE. Full Moon in Scorpio

Through quivering hands the vessel drops,
Ancient seals now unlocked.
Sacred Earth begins to shake,
Towers tumble in the quake.
Djinn unleashed within my soul,
Do I wish or do I fold?
Knees on the ground,
Heart blown open,
Shadows rising with the fallen.
The Sword of Shiva, cuts the sky
The perfect time and place to die.
Face defeat but not going down,
Words of truth are all around.
Dead hands grasping from the grave,
Sirens singing in the waves.
Starlight shining from above,
A single flame of divine love.
Ignite the fire of my heart,
As I was right from the start.
Boiling blood and churning sin,
Releasing all I’ve held within.
I’ll burn this body temple down,
Blackened bones to be ground.
From dust to dust and ashes to ashes,
Windblown pieces to be scattered.
Oceans of smoke, lightning crashes,
Wings of fire, my heart pulse flashes.
I will rise and rise again,
Shedding shells I have no end.
A visage of terror from deaths dark womb,
Nothing left but a burnt-out tomb.
Now everywhere I go to be,
A secret perch in the great white tree.
A hanged god swinging in the wind,
My witness to the life I live.
So take a number, but don’t wait your turn,
Roll the dice and burn burn burn..

Have a lovely Full Moon eve!
Words by @adeon777
AstroData by @earth_to_coyote
Art by JianSanjin

Good Rising Affirmation

Good Rising Lightworkers

The sun is rising and its time to start the day. Don't you just love that in-between time between the Dreamtime and the waking hours? Here is a perfect start to the day.

Download the MP3 via YouTube, and play this before you get out of bed! Enjoy.

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Good Rising Affirmation. By Adeon and Master D.

I Am grateful for this opportunity to be Alive and be of Service, Here and Now. I Am Now Open, Grateful and Willing, to receive and share all the Goodness, Prosperity, Abundance and Wisdom of the Multiverse. I Open, Access, Call In and Receive, Prospective Understanding, Wisdom and Guidance. I Am ever Present, Patient, Compassionate and In Future Embrace. I Now Experience Expanded Conscious Awareness and Access, The Ultimate Truth, Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom of the Multiverse. Here and Now, My Personality, Body, Mind, Conscious Reality, Light body, Soul and Spirit, is Integrated into the Fulfilled I Am that I Am, With Grace, Ease And Efficiency, through I Am that I Am, I Now Flow in My Highest Personal Good and Joy and the Highest Good Of All, With Infinite Love and Gratitude, From the I Am that I Am, with Sovereign Authority, through my Spirit, Mind and Vessel I Am Alchemised Harmony within the Collective Consciousness In Humility and Gratitude, I Consecrate and Dedicate my Life to be the Open Door through which Infinite Abundance will Flow to All Humanity. I Gratefully Accept the Gift of Infinite Abundance in All That Is. I Am Now Open, Grateful and Willing to Welcome any opportunity to provide my services to Any and All Beings. I Respect and Appreciate My Creativity and Mastery in Abundance and Joy. I Am Now Open, Grateful and Willing to Empower Authentic Expression and Transcendence of the Highest Potential I Now Embrace and Experience a Harmonious Lifestyle, Health and Energy which leads me to Creative Adventures. I Am well provided for in Infinite Abundance, and, through goodness, I Pass On and Share this Great Abundance with Others. I Now Design My Expression Perfectly Aligned with My Personal and Universal Truths of Love, Compassion, Unity and Uniqueness through all Densities and Dimensions. I Am a Creator, Open, Grateful and Willing, as I Am. I Create a Great and Bountiful Life by Vibration and Frequency and I Choose To Be Healthy, Productive and Wise. I Create a Frequency that Supports the Safe, Probable Worlds and I Direct My Energy towards what I Intend to Experience. I Flow Through Life with Clear Conscious Intent to Weave My Energy throughout the Worlds I Encounter. I Fully Realize that a Multitude of Probabilities and Belief Systems Exist Side by Side with Mine and In Mine I Am Safe, In Mine I Am Guided, In Mine I Love and Trust My vessel of goodness, I know My Cells are Precognitive and that I Am a Co Creator of the Multiverse. I Know I Am a Valuable Being, I Know I Am Loved, I Know I Receive The Impulses, The Signs, Signals and Guidance to Realize that I Am Always in the Right Place at the Right Time for my Highest Good and that of all those around me. All this I know, and for this I Am most grateful. I Am Grateful for; Here and Now, for All That Is, Consciousness, My Awareness and My Being. The Soul that I Am, the Spirit that enables me, Connecting my Heart, my Higher Self and My Vessel. Perfect Health and Expression My Intuition, Guidance and for All the Knowledge and Wisdom. My Acceptance of, and Total Surrender, to What Is. Forgiveness and Synchronicity The Flow, Truth, Perspective and Understanding. All the Lessons, the Opportunity and Experience of This Density. Abundance and Plenty My Talent, for My Voice, for My Vision The Perfect Codes, Nutrition, Energy and Hydration The Power to Manifest, The Power of Regeneration, The Power of Procreation for The Harmonious Relationships in My Life. Unconditional Love and Joy. I Am A Beacon of True Light. I have Seen Through the Eyes of Eternity and Know Whatever Is, Is Perfect, and has A Purpose that Serves My Best Expression. I Value this Message In and Through My Own Source Connection, In Accordance with The Highest Good of All that’s Involved and My Highest Personal Good and Joy, with Grace, Ease and Efficiency. Right Here and Now I Bless This Message with Pure, Faith, Love and Joy.

Activating Your Divine Power

Parabel Visions

As we transition into the Time of the 6th Sun, we need to ask our selves, “Are we Ready for our next phase of consciousness evolution?”

The Key lessons and learnings of the 5th Sun was a time governed by the Egyptian Neteru Set. This Dark Lord of the Underworld represents darkness, deserts, shadows, and power. During the time of the past age, humanity has been crossing the Dark Sephiroth of Daath, which bridges the central pillar of the Tree of Life from Tiphareth (the Heart) to Keeter (The Crown). This is the path of Gimel (The Camel) that crosses the vast wastelands and deserts fueled by its own inner resources.

The Tarot Card for this transition and path upon the Tree of Life is the High Priestess. In summary, This card represents the passage into the sacred temple, giving birth to desires, guided by sacred lore. The merging of physicality into union with the divine. Its card number is 2, only 1 step away from One.

In The Egyptian Mysteries, they say there was a time when the Sun (RA) Vanished from the heavens, so Osiris went on a quest to reclaim the Sun God from the Underworld. Upon the Horizon he had to face Set (Think Sun Set) who refused to let him pass. A fight ensued ending after Set destroyed Osiris, dismembering him and scattering his body parts all over the world and hid his lingam where it would never be found. It was Isis who later gathered up most of the parts of Osiris and resurrected him in the Underworld, forging him a new Iron lingam in the process (Thank you divine feminine).

Horus, Son of Osiris and Isis, avenged his father’s destruction by taking flight into the heavens and transformed himself into the Moon, and once again illuminating a world of darkness. This acts serves to remind us all that we are each a reflection of the divine.

These are trials of Power. Real Power, and where we place our power. The Teaching of Set is to Let go of all external forms of power. His lesson is not to seek that which is already within you. There is no true power outside of yourself. The Kingdom of Heaven is Within.

As we make this transition, all external forms of power that we once relied on are going to reveal they're true emptiness. In this modern world, these institutions of a past age have now become a barrier to global evolution. Where have we placed our power and authority? Who are we going to listen to now? Who are we going to trust?

As each of us is an individual aspect of the divine, each of us unique and beautiful, with different paths and lives to lead, we each are being called to our own divine power source within. Just like the High Priestess, Governed by the Sacred Lore, pregnant with the desire of divine co-creation.

If we continue to ignore this inner divinity and continue to choose to take our guidance from external illusionary power sources, then Set will be there to greet us. This archetype is there to destroy you and send you back to the underworld, to work it out and try again next eon. Yet Set gives us a supreme gift. Reminding us that even in the darkest night the light of the divine shines bright within each and every one of us. His lesson is to show us, that all external power sources are false and will only lead us to destruction. We need to tap into the divinity within. We need to choose this for ourselves.

This is the source of true power, this is the shedding of delusion. A bang on time Apocalypse aka Revelation/Revealing that will enable us to utilize our inner co-creative power and transform ourselves and our world in accordance with divine lore. God is within all and is a part of you. Always has been, always will. Have you worked that out yet?

The time is now to reclaim your sovereignty, to remember who you are, why you are here and open up the gates of heaven within you. To align mind heart and soul with your path and purpose. You have always had the power to direct divine will into creation. Now is the time to start using it!

Use it or lose it. Resistance is futile. Its time to power up, or go take a peaceful rest in the underworld, while the rest of us get on with manifesting heaven on earth.