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Beautiful beings of earth, Over the last week we have arrived into new energies that will carry us through the end of the year. I’d like to take a moment to deconstruct and outline these aspects so that we may move in harmony with the essence of these alignments. It is my belief that astrology teaches us of the delicate dance between Humankind and Nature.

The planets do not impose their forces upon us, in other words, they don’t “force” us into anything – our free will is very much preserved. In fact, the challenge of life lies within the truth that we are very much responsible for our own personal growth. Similarly, nor do we want to “use” these energies for personal gain, but rather come Into a graceful cocreative union with the energies.

The stars, just like any other element, want to teach, but they also want to dance. Enter the dance as you would with any partner. Attentive. Humble. Respectful. Willing to listen, willing to sometimes follow and sometimes lead, and watch the magic unfold. Sacred union with the stars is a magical journey indeed.

Now, an introduction to a potent grouping of aspects any student of astrology would want to be familiar with for the remainder of the year 2020. This is the battle of the square between Mars in Aries and our three planets in Capricorn: Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn.

Mars in Aries: The planet of war. Raw primal life force. Attack and conquer energy. Burning desire. Enthusiasm to go after and experience. Hot, firey, passionate. Freedom fighting energy. Independent. Ignited into fight mode if held down or restricted by any external force. In Square to (an aspect that suggests tension or conflict) Jupiter Pluto and Saturn conjunct in Capricorn: Extreme levels of authority and control. Government. Rules, regulations, and restrictions. Patriarchal systems of order. Mandates. Power. Responsibility. Conventional (often outdated) outlooks and tradition.

The conversation between these elements suggests that each soul is being put to an endurance test. We are experiencing these aspects collectively on the macro scale, however keep in mind these aspects will influence us all individually as Mars will square Jupiter Pluto and Saturn in a different area of our charts individually.

On the Macro Scale: The collective will experience accelerated Mars driven energies from now until the end of 2020. Squares to Jupiter the expander are explosive (the first days of this aspect we saw the explosions in Beirut). These energies are expansive, and larger than life.  Mars to Pluto (first square is exact August 13th) deals with issues of power and the misuse of it, exposure of deeply buried secrets, sexuality, violence, death and rebirth. Finally,  Mars to Saturn provokes frustration, restriction, blockages, and limitation. This aspect can feel like the end of illusion and the confrontation with reality. This relationship illustrates a courageous journey against dark and oppressive forces – I keep getting the vision of a dove beating its wings to free itself from black netting. While the dove represents the true nature of all beings – peace and pureness of heart- this is also a call into the collective to awaken the peaceful warrior within.

There is no denying that we are at war with a special kind of darkness. Mars lights the torch and sounds the call for a chapter in history we won’t ever forget.

On the micro level: (How to work with these energies in your individual chart): This arena describes the battle between our personal will and the obstacles that stand in the way.

Step one: find transiting mars in your chart – What house is mars transiting, and what aspects is mars making to personal or outer planets? This describes the seat of the ego, pure unbridled desire, where your soul is feeling driven, alive, impulsive, impatient, passionate, and firey. This is where you want results and freedom. 

Step two: Locate where Jupiter Pluto and Saturn are transiting your chart by house. This house and the areas of life it governs are experiencing a tremendous amount of concentrated energy at the moment, and have been for some time. However, these energies are likely to feel challenging, limiting, or overwhelming in some way because of the aspects from Mars. This area might bring up a burden, and is likely to require extreme levels of focus, energy, transformation, determination, and hard work. This is the area where you are stepping into power for the long term. At it’s worst, this area may be stirring up old karma, or oppression from an external authority source. It might also feel like it’s taking up a lot of “space” in your life, as Mars tugs your impulses in another direction. Over coming months, Mars will criss cross in this space, igniting and illuminating our drive, while also asking: how bad do you want it? How hard will you fight? Will you remain true to yourself?

Meanwhile, squares to Pluto accelerate us into a deep dive of scorpionic transformation. Ancestral trauma, wounding, and confrontation is asked of many during these times. Warrior time now. Many will find themselves dedicated to facing these shadows and taking personal responsibility to heal darkness within the energetic matrix spanning back into the distant past, childhood, and/or previous lifetimes. 

Important dates of exact aspect:

Jupiter 8/2-8/4
Pluto 8/13-8/15
Saturn 8/23- 8/28

Also take note of these incredibly important dates:
Jupiter direct: September 12th
Saturn direct: September 28th
Pluto direct: October 4th
(These will be a green light for proceedings with projects, career moves, power moves, launches, deep dives, change, mandates, and events.)

I will be speaking more on these aspects continuously as we move through the rest of the year. In love, service, and gratitude, Alex
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Artist of image : Karol Bak 

Full Moon in Aquarius Aug 3rd 2020

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Awakening the Rainbow Warrior. By Adeon Asfar

Full Moon luminary, shadows in the night, heralding the age of Aquarian power, no I’m not standing alone.

From the eye of the storm I am stepping out reborn, frequency rising, the old slave way it’s dying.

Disruption in the field of the world, but my higher mind is smiling because Rainbow warriors are finding the mercurian reminder with a message from God.

Our plan is divine, and it’s found deep inside, it goes beyond space and time. You know it and show it yes, Destiny is calling you.

Dismantling my mind, with the truth being spoken, jaguar stalking and my fears being broken with my pride at my side. We stride through a concrete jungle, where anyone can hide from the old world eye.

Wearing masks, aviators and a hood of vines, sacred medicine for the people that you can’t deny.

Crown of heaven exploding, rainbow body unfolding into a new dream time where the eagles fly high, through an endless infinite eternal sky

But the pressures on and on and on, madness and rebellion living side by side, awakening my soul to take the wheel and drive.

As I witness my reflection in your eyes so blue, green and brown, golden simmering my passion in you. I see your magnificence, love and beauty let loose.

Lady Venus walking through my front door, no boundaries can hold her, she is here to adore and explore how deep we can go, but were going to need to let go.

Old rules, old games, old lies, insane, shedding skin, shedding shells, bringing love into hell.

Uranian Avatar, game on! Next level awakening sending glitches through the AI, watching the watcher from on high, we will be breaking through to you. Yes the Matrix is true.

Rainbow Warriors standing strong, in the eye of storm where we come from. We have come, and we’re not done.

The battle has just begun, for the mind and the hearts of all as one. No body gets left behind, we just come back through from the other side.

Dreamtime walkers, remote viewer watchers, reality weavers, star seed beamers. Let your light shine.

And everything is going to be fine, and no matter what, enjoy the ride opening up your love through hearts divine.


Art by Marley Dalziel

Group Meditation Shamanic Drum Journey with Adeon

Join me and others in this online Shamanic Drum Journey. Expand the Circle with friends and family all over the world. Clear blocks and discord with the elements of creation, the keys of magic and healing for planetary illumination. I love these pure impromptu ceremony circles. Opening up to the flow of creative expression of whatever needs to come through. Pick up the drum, bring on the rhythm, and let spirit speak. I found this played best on my phone, on larger speakers the bass of the drum is a bit much, but the phone seems perfect for me.

If you want to download this as an MP3 you can get it here:

Before beginning this journey, pick an intention of offering for the world, then hit play, relax and let the drum carry you.. flute and hang drum too.. enjoy..

Love you all.


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CANCER AT 28 DEGREES PASSAGE FROM: “Inside Degrees” by Ellias Lonsdale – great book to add to your astrology collection!! INTRO GRAPHICS BY @_SWA_YATRA_ Intro music brought to you by ASCENDANT, track is Sub-Orbital Forest, Available on Spotify 🙂

Finding and Walking the Path of Power

Exploring the keys of rapid awakening, higher states of consciousness and magical life experiences along the path of power. Finding your destiny in every moment and moving toward it with acts of service. When you serve all life, life serves you.

Reality Hacking with Solstice Solar Eclipse High Magik

Welcome to a special edition of Solstice Solar Eclipse Lightworking and High Magik!

With over 2000+ pier reviewed studies undertaken since the turn of the century, the conclusion is clear. Consciousness does and can alter physical reality.

In this video I share the fundamental principles of Ceremonial magik for both adepts and seasoned reality hackers to create powerful works of magik for creating a new dream and reality for all of humanity. Explore the deeper aspects of this ancient craft of magikal spell weaving.

*Trinity Consciousness *Unification, waking ,sub and higher consciousness.
*Elemental Aspects of Earth, Air, Fire and Water
*Principle of inertia, time and flow
* Group and Partner Magik
*Astrological Energy influences, Solstice, Natal Charts, Houses and Transits.


Comments, thoughts and questions welcome below.

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Much Love

Keep Shining


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius 6/5/2020

Eclipses are gateways that tend to mark meaningful steps in our journey like a series of celestial “bookmarks” in our story. Often the closing and opening of an era, these unpredictable portals seem suspended in time and space, equipped with their tell-tale “eclipse essence” -a vaporous veil of subtle magic and the eerie whisperings of life beyond the material.

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse comes to us in the sign of Sagittarius – the harbinger of highest truth and wisdom. The Sag moon opposes the Sun conjunct Venus in Gemini, bringing Venus retrograde themes to the forefront with dizzying intensity. This entire retrograde has had our minds criss-crossing in a disorienting search for truth, and this full moon may mark the climax of these energies. A square to Mars and Neptune in Pisces reveals a crisis of illusion, emotions, and a scattering of so many little details. A square to asteroid Ceres gives the chart the dull ache of a heart mourning separation and the changing of a season, spiritually seasick on the swells of the shift as the collective confronts the toxicity of its ethos.

Macro- Micro, we ride the tides of our own incoming realizations. We may feel like shielding our eyes from the onslaught of energies, caught between the cross fire of the mind and heart- Where to go from here?

This eclipse is about the bravery to travel the uncharted no matter how hard the road. Ignoring the ego mind with it’s billion and one white lies and tapping into the gut-level root of ONE TRUTH. Feel it, love it, speak it, KNOW it like the well trodden trails of a private forest. Because it is yours. Sag is brutally honest, unapologetic, and guided by an internal optimism anchored in trust. A full moon with a full dose of truth that hits like an arrow to the chest- a thorn dripping with medicine for the times, tonic for the growing soul.

Notice where you are now in this moment and see the truth of why you are there. Notice where we are now in this moment and see the truth of why we are here. Let the wisdom of that moment speak right to you like a prayer. This is the journey.
Art: @hheininge

Together We Can Be The Shift

Every Thought, Every Feeling, Every Action we take is creating unlimited possibilities, directing our co-creative capacities whether we are aware of it or not.

If you want to supercharge your consciousness evolution and Be part of the Shift, you need to Be the Shift.

Raising your vibration to the next level through collective acts of service, as one heart, one mind, one love. Keep shining, in perfect love and trust.


Ref: What is The Event???