Exploring the keys of rapid awakening, higher states of consciousness and magical life experiences along the path of power. Finding your destiny in every moment and moving toward it with acts of service. When you serve all life, life serves you.

About the Author Adeon

Founder of Lightworkers.org, Shamanic Adventurer and Entheogenic Explorer. Adeon blends together ancient wisdom teachings and processes into application for a modern world. Described as a spiritual entrepreneur, mind hacker, journey guide and Rainbow Warrior. His passion is helping all sincere aspirants find freedom in living their highest purpose and healing their deepest wounds.
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  • Hi I’m deeply drawn that I found who and why I’m here ,I actually know now that I’m a light worker I would like some advice please if possible how I go forward or evolve,this timing is deeply meant I’m searching to learn more ,if possible can you point me in the right direction,I need to learn more many thanks Karen x

  • Ahh this is the best. What a way to wake up. Thanks for your message. I was researching about indigo children and clarifying info on lightworkers, and I was trying to find an old contact to tell them I think they are a possibly lightworker (not something I do everyday) and I saw a link to this little gem of a message in an archived chat from a stranger from years ago. 👏🏻Thanks for that. Nice to get confirmation we are on the right path…

  • Dear Adeon,

    I’m so touching and grateful to receive the warmth from you (despite the feeling of coldness from your winter-clothes :-))

    I’d love to wish you the well-being and peace wherever you are now.

    And please keep on with what you’ve been doing. I believe it means a lot to more and more human-being all over the globe.

    With love and appreciation from me.


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