Through quivering hands the vessel drops,
Ancient seals now unlocked.
Sacred Earth begins to shake,
Towers tumble in the quake.
Djinn unleashed within my soul,
Do I wish or do I fold?
Knees on the ground,
Heart blown open,
Shadows rising with the fallen.
The Sword of Shiva, cuts the sky
The perfect time and place to die.
Face defeat but not going down,
Words of truth are all around.
Dead hands grasping from the grave,
Sirens singing in the waves.
Starlight shining from above,
A single flame of divine love.
Ignite the fire of my heart,
As I was right from the start.
Boiling blood and churning sin,
Releasing all I’ve held within.
I’ll burn this body temple down,
Blackened bones to be ground.
From dust to dust and ashes to ashes,
Windblown pieces to be scattered.
Oceans of smoke, lightning crashes,
Wings of fire, my heart pulse flashes.
I will rise and rise again,
Shedding shells I have no end.
A visage of terror from deaths dark womb,
Nothing left but a burnt-out tomb.
Now everywhere I go to be,
A secret perch in the great white tree.
A hanged god swinging in the wind,
My witness to the life I live.
So take a number, but don’t wait your turn,
Roll the dice and burn burn burn..

Have a lovely Full Moon eve!
Words by @adeon777
AstroData by @earth_to_coyote
Art by JianSanjin

About the Author Adeon

Founder of, Shamanic Adventurer and Entheogenic Explorer. Adeon blends together ancient wisdom teachings and processes into application for a modern world. Described as a spiritual entrepreneur, mind hacker, journey guide and Rainbow Warrior. His passion is helping all sincere aspirants find freedom in living their highest purpose and healing their deepest wounds.
Instagram : @adeon_asfar | YouTube

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