The sun is rising and its time to start the day. Don't you just love that in-between time between the Dreamtime and the waking hours? Here is a perfect start to the day.

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Good Rising Affirmation. By Adeon and Master D.

I Am grateful for this opportunity to be Alive and be of Service, Here and Now. I Am Now Open, Grateful and Willing, to receive and share all the Goodness, Prosperity, Abundance and Wisdom of the Multiverse. I Open, Access, Call In and Receive, Prospective Understanding, Wisdom and Guidance. I Am ever Present, Patient, Compassionate and In Future Embrace. I Now Experience Expanded Conscious Awareness and Access, The Ultimate Truth, Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom of the Multiverse. Here and Now, My Personality, Body, Mind, Conscious Reality, Light body, Soul and Spirit, is Integrated into the Fulfilled I Am that I Am, With Grace, Ease And Efficiency, through I Am that I Am, I Now Flow in My Highest Personal Good and Joy and the Highest Good Of All, With Infinite Love and Gratitude, From the I Am that I Am, with Sovereign Authority, through my Spirit, Mind and Vessel I Am Alchemised Harmony within the Collective Consciousness In Humility and Gratitude, I Consecrate and Dedicate my Life to be the Open Door through which Infinite Abundance will Flow to All Humanity. I Gratefully Accept the Gift of Infinite Abundance in All That Is. I Am Now Open, Grateful and Willing to Welcome any opportunity to provide my services to Any and All Beings. I Respect and Appreciate My Creativity and Mastery in Abundance and Joy. I Am Now Open, Grateful and Willing to Empower Authentic Expression and Transcendence of the Highest Potential I Now Embrace and Experience a Harmonious Lifestyle, Health and Energy which leads me to Creative Adventures. I Am well provided for in Infinite Abundance, and, through goodness, I Pass On and Share this Great Abundance with Others. I Now Design My Expression Perfectly Aligned with My Personal and Universal Truths of Love, Compassion, Unity and Uniqueness through all Densities and Dimensions. I Am a Creator, Open, Grateful and Willing, as I Am. I Create a Great and Bountiful Life by Vibration and Frequency and I Choose To Be Healthy, Productive and Wise. I Create a Frequency that Supports the Safe, Probable Worlds and I Direct My Energy towards what I Intend to Experience. I Flow Through Life with Clear Conscious Intent to Weave My Energy throughout the Worlds I Encounter. I Fully Realize that a Multitude of Probabilities and Belief Systems Exist Side by Side with Mine and In Mine I Am Safe, In Mine I Am Guided, In Mine I Love and Trust My vessel of goodness, I know My Cells are Precognitive and that I Am a Co Creator of the Multiverse. I Know I Am a Valuable Being, I Know I Am Loved, I Know I Receive The Impulses, The Signs, Signals and Guidance to Realize that I Am Always in the Right Place at the Right Time for my Highest Good and that of all those around me. All this I know, and for this I Am most grateful. I Am Grateful for; Here and Now, for All That Is, Consciousness, My Awareness and My Being. The Soul that I Am, the Spirit that enables me, Connecting my Heart, my Higher Self and My Vessel. Perfect Health and Expression My Intuition, Guidance and for All the Knowledge and Wisdom. My Acceptance of, and Total Surrender, to What Is. Forgiveness and Synchronicity The Flow, Truth, Perspective and Understanding. All the Lessons, the Opportunity and Experience of This Density. Abundance and Plenty My Talent, for My Voice, for My Vision The Perfect Codes, Nutrition, Energy and Hydration The Power to Manifest, The Power of Regeneration, The Power of Procreation for The Harmonious Relationships in My Life. Unconditional Love and Joy. I Am A Beacon of True Light. I have Seen Through the Eyes of Eternity and Know Whatever Is, Is Perfect, and has A Purpose that Serves My Best Expression. I Value this Message In and Through My Own Source Connection, In Accordance with The Highest Good of All that’s Involved and My Highest Personal Good and Joy, with Grace, Ease and Efficiency. Right Here and Now I Bless This Message with Pure, Faith, Love and Joy.

About the Author Adeon

Founder of, Shamanic Adventurer and Entheogenic Explorer. Adeon blends together ancient wisdom teachings and processes into application for a modern world. Described as a spiritual entrepreneur, mind hacker, journey guide and Rainbow Warrior. His passion is helping all sincere aspirants find freedom in living their highest purpose and healing their deepest wounds.
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  • I am 72 years Though I came to know about 20years back I couldn’t enter it but now I want to use my life ( may be very short ) to meditate and know my SELF before vacating my body . Hope I will be guided

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