As we transition into the Time of the 6th Sun, we need to ask our selves, “Are we Ready for our next phase of consciousness evolution?”

The Key lessons and learnings of the 5th Sun was a time governed by the Egyptian Neteru Set. This Dark Lord of the Underworld represents darkness, deserts, shadows, and power. During the time of the past age, humanity has been crossing the Dark Sephiroth of Daath, which bridges the central pillar of the Tree of Life from Tiphareth (the Heart) to Keeter (The Crown). This is the path of Gimel (The Camel) that crosses the vast wastelands and deserts fueled by its own inner resources.

The Tarot Card for this transition and path upon the Tree of Life is the High Priestess. In summary, This card represents the passage into the sacred temple, giving birth to desires, guided by sacred lore. The merging of physicality into union with the divine. Its card number is 2, only 1 step away from One.

In The Egyptian Mysteries, they say there was a time when the Sun (RA) Vanished from the heavens, so Osiris went on a quest to reclaim the Sun God from the Underworld. Upon the Horizon he had to face Set (Think Sun Set) who refused to let him pass. A fight ensued ending after Set destroyed Osiris, dismembering him and scattering his body parts all over the world and hid his lingam where it would never be found. It was Isis who later gathered up most of the parts of Osiris and resurrected him in the Underworld, forging him a new Iron lingam in the process (Thank you divine feminine).

Horus, Son of Osiris and Isis, avenged his father’s destruction by taking flight into the heavens and transformed himself into the Moon, and once again illuminating a world of darkness. This acts serves to remind us all that we are each a reflection of the divine.

These are trials of Power. Real Power, and where we place our power. The Teaching of Set is to Let go of all external forms of power. His lesson is not to seek that which is already within you. There is no true power outside of yourself. The Kingdom of Heaven is Within.

As we make this transition, all external forms of power that we once relied on are going to reveal they're true emptiness. In this modern world, these institutions of a past age have now become a barrier to global evolution. Where have we placed our power and authority? Who are we going to listen to now? Who are we going to trust?

As each of us is an individual aspect of the divine, each of us unique and beautiful, with different paths and lives to lead, we each are being called to our own divine power source within. Just like the High Priestess, Governed by the Sacred Lore, pregnant with the desire of divine co-creation.

If we continue to ignore this inner divinity and continue to choose to take our guidance from external illusionary power sources, then Set will be there to greet us. This archetype is there to destroy you and send you back to the underworld, to work it out and try again next eon. Yet Set gives us a supreme gift. Reminding us that even in the darkest night the light of the divine shines bright within each and every one of us. His lesson is to show us, that all external power sources are false and will only lead us to destruction. We need to tap into the divinity within. We need to choose this for ourselves.

This is the source of true power, this is the shedding of delusion. A bang on time Apocalypse aka Revelation/Revealing that will enable us to utilize our inner co-creative power and transform ourselves and our world in accordance with divine lore. God is within all and is a part of you. Always has been, always will. Have you worked that out yet?

The time is now to reclaim your sovereignty, to remember who you are, why you are here and open up the gates of heaven within you. To align mind heart and soul with your path and purpose. You have always had the power to direct divine will into creation. Now is the time to start using it!

Use it or lose it. Resistance is futile. Its time to power up, or go take a peaceful rest in the underworld, while the rest of us get on with manifesting heaven on earth.

About the Author Adeon

Founder of, Shamanic Adventurer and Entheogenic Explorer. Adeon blends together ancient wisdom teachings and processes into application for a modern world. Described as a spiritual entrepreneur, mind hacker, journey guide and Rainbow Warrior. His passion is helping all sincere aspirants find freedom in living their highest purpose and healing their deepest wounds.
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