The Hue-man-be-ing is a multidimensional creation of divine magnificence. An interconnected conduit between multiple realms and dimensions of which the physical is but on of them.

We are after all "Spiritual Beings having a Physical Experience"

Our bodies act as a living temple, to host the other aspects of our being.  In the same manner as a chicken hatches from the egg, or a star is born from the planet, so to, our Light body is born out of our physical body (our living temple).  Our light body encompasses, and shines through our temple body, becoming our new garment, a new outer body. We see this phenomenon expressed in super conductors and mono atomic high spin elements when an atom’s energy field reaches a super luminous (Light speed) rate, it over takes the physical dimensions of the atom, just like a light bulb’s light extends beyond the physical form of the globe.

This represents a quantum leap in evolution, and occurs when the time is right.  Just as birds rest in the comfort of their nests, warmed by their mothers body heat, only to break free at the correct time and season.  So too, a light being inhabits a human form for a relatively short period of time. In comparison to the age and life cycle of the light being, 50,000 years is a relatively short period of time.

The governing factor is our consciousness that resonates through our multidimensional bodies. Our consciousness is our thought field of resonating energy, interacting within and without.

Many life cycles are required for a soul to evolve through a process within the protective shell of the physical body, then in the right time and season, the light being is born.

Many souls, along their journey may choose to inhabit different states of being, returning to the physical form time and time again to work in this environment.  Many worlds exist in this multidimensional reality we call the creation, there are indeed many mansions, all in various states of existence.

In order to facilitate this transformation, many evolved souls will incarnate into the physical again to act as guides and teachers in planetary system to help the process along.  Much like the mother bird who warms the nest with her own body heat, these evolved souls, bring light into the world, and help others find the light within themselves to shine through and engage in this transformative process for themselves..

This form and dimensional density can only handle a maximum state of consciousness, thus when advanced souls incarnate in this form, they take with them only a core of consciousnesses. Imagine trying to transfer the data and operational capacity of an internet web server into a mobile phone.  Obviously it is not going to happen.  Yet a core operating system can be placed on the phone enabling it to function and network with the web server sending and receiving information back and forth.  While they may appear as two individual systems, they are in fact one.  This is a good analogy of the lower physical self and ego, and the higher spiritual self.  Both are connected with a silver cord 😉

As the “Mobile Phone” accumulates more and more data and processes of its own, it uploads this information to the server in life cycles.  Yet eventually the Laptop cannot collect any new data  without upgrading its hardware.

So to, the human form requires evolutionary upgrades, enabling spirit to manifest and experience fully the nature of itself more and more.

Maintaining a healthy physical body, requires maintaining a healthy spiritual mind. Through dedicated spiritual practices, ceremony and meditation, we strengthen the connection between our Multi-dimensional bodies. We raise our vibration and strengthen our innate spiritual power.

The Diamond Body, the Vajra, our own personal mandala field of energy that expands around the physical. Our field becomes the dominating resonant frequency in time and space. The highest resonance is the power of unconditional love, or great love. When we tune into this frequency state, we are resonating in union with Great Spirit.

Illness, disease, suffering melts away and the presence of this field provides a calming order of sanctuary.

Below is a timeless Merkabah activation I recorded some years ago that one can do each day to power up your resonant field, and strengthen the connection between your multi-dimensional bodies.

Our energy field has been fragmented, in the same manner that a ray of light when focussed through a prism, fractures into a multi-hued rainbow, so too the Human energy field fractures as it enters this dimension of experience. The Mer-Ka-Bah lightbody is realised when these fractured energy fields are realigned into cohesive resonance and the rainbow body consolidates back into its pure unified white light state.

When each of these bodies are centred, aligned, and in tune with each other, we activate our Lightbody, which is the 7th state.  In this state it can be said we have our 12 strand DNA active.  At the point of death, that which is in resonance with creation is maintained and passes through the wheel of creation.  Any aspects of the self that are fractured and not in resonance with creation are discarded and left behind.  On the physical level we could say dust to dust, ashes to ashes.  Yet even this body remains alive, and is re-absorbed into the creation.  It is consumed by the earth and becomes a part of her life cycle.

The other bodies operate in a similar way with the soul body acting as the carrier of the other bodies.  When the consciousness of the soul expands to a sufficient state, the light of the soul encompasses the other bodies, including the physical, bringing soul resonance on a physical level, which means no more physical death.

Our ego represents a focusing tool, used by our soul for great spirit to focus energy and consciousness into single pointed awareness.  We can project our ego into our dream body in the 3rd eye, and become lucid and aware of our dream state experience.  In this state we can travel through other dimensions, connect with other multi-dimensional travelers and operate in much the same manner as we do on the physical.  Yet in the multi-dimensional state, our creation is far more dynamic and malleable.  A certain amount of focus is required to maintain the ego’s awareness in this state.

6 Bodies, 12 Strand DNA Multidimensional Lightbody

When full mastery of the 6 lower chakras is attained and focused in the 3rd Eye, the 12 strand DNA enters harmonic resonance with the divine flow, all bodies aligned, the metamorphosis is complete and the Light Body is born through the crown chakra, form one dimension, into the next. We are born form the underworld, into the upper world of the masters.

I hope you enjoyed this article. I feel now more than ever we all need to be making a concerted effort to reconnect with ourselves and with Great Spirit. A full powered light-body is the ultimate vehicle for playing the great game of life.

Love you all! Comments and feedback welcome!

About the Author Adeon

Founder of, Shamanic Adventurer and Entheogenic Explorer. Adeon blends together ancient wisdom teachings and processes into application for a modern world. Described as a spiritual entrepreneur, mind hacker, journey guide and Rainbow Warrior. His passion is helping all sincere aspirants find freedom in living their highest purpose and healing their deepest wounds.
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